Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekend Recap - Fair Day Edition

Happy Monday, friends!  Friday was our "Fair Day" and even though we woke up to drizzles we were bound and determined to head to The Arboretum to see the pumpkins.  On the way there the rain started getting bad and the traffic was worse and when we pulled into the parking lot it was coming down SUPER hard so we had a quick change of plans and headed to the Perot instead.

There weren't any pumpkins, but there was twirling...

... racing...

... creating....

... matching...

... looking (cautiously!)...

... and escalator riding.

They played weather guys...

... and geologists...

... and passed out on the way home.  

Friday afternoon we did #allthelaundry and celebrated with movie (and popcorn!) night.

Saturday morning we hit the ground running pretty early and by 11:00 I had been to Wal-Mart, we had cleaned out a TON of toys from upstairs, re-organized the boys closets, reworked our game room a bit and were at IKEA to get a desk for Mason.

Lunch on the go ;)

Love this crew of mine!

This was Mason's room this summer...

... and this is it now!

I picked up the rug for him back in August and I like it so much more than the red.  The desk is the PAHL desk from IKEA and we grabbed the lamp ($10) and utility cart ($25) from IKEA as well.

A few little changes and he's set!

I mean... has he ever looked this big?!?!  And then Dave had to be all, "just think... he'll be sitting at this desk filling out his college applications one day!"  #shutup ;)

We moved the art table from Mason's room into the game room and moved the kitchen into the attic and we're loving  it! 

This was the playroom this summer...

... and now!

Saturday night my parents came by and we headed to the park and rode bikes in the driveway until the sun went down.

The boys are really into freezing stuff (read: legos, cars, action figures) and then chipping away at the ice to get the things out so they were also busy chiseling out some Batman guys out of ice blocks (so random, I know!)

We got cleaned up, snuggled up and I finished our Halloween decorating while the kids watched a movie.

Sunday I was cracking up at Mason's Captain Underpants drawings in church...

... and then THIS happened.  

And yes... this is the result of a well-timed toot joke thanks to daddy ;)

We spent the rest of Sunday getting ready for the week, hanging out outside and enjoying being at home playing snap circuits and War...

We are SO EXCITED that it's October and can't wait for all the fun that this month brings - we're just hoping it brings cooler weather too!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Her smile is the best! What a fun weekend.

  2. Well timed toot jokes get the BEST laughs. As does a well timed toot. :)

  3. I'm so glad you had a great plan b on Friday!

  4. Ah! So many sweet pictures! I love Mason's updated room!!

  5. Love Mason's room/desk area. It has inspired me to fix a desk area for my 1st grader :)

  6. What a great weekend! LOVE the snap circuits, I showed my husband your Instagram stories from yesterday and we both agreed, we want some for ourselves!!! We're both engineers and love to tinker with stuff like that :)

  7. What a fabulous weekend, my favourite kind, love masons new look Room, definitely more big boy and playroom changes are great...very happy spaces ...happy family 😊


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