Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Halloween/Fall Decor

It's FIIIINALLY October and despite saying that I really wasn't going to put out decorations this year the mood hit this past weekend and the kids and I got everything out and ready!

Jack Bauer was cracking us up!

 On the shelves in the living room I added some of our little masked pumpkins, a few Halloween photos in frames and a couple of velvet pumpkins.  

 The pumpkins I've picked up in several different places over the years and the trick-or-treat sign is from Vine and Branches.

On the little end table is the "pumpkin that started it all" ;)  The very first holiday decoration I bought when Dave and I bought our first house.

The haunted house and ghost were a Homegoods find several years ago and the little planter box looked like this on Saturday...

I loved the natural wood finish, but it was way too much wood tone so I stained it black.  The pumpkins are real and I added those in.

The mantle started off simple enough with just the  burlap banner... but it hung SO LOW and I felt like it really needed to be more "full" so I grabbed the ghost garlands from Homegoods and ordered the black pom poms from Etsy HERE.  The bats were leftover from when I used them at our old house (I cut them out of black card stock) and I just taped them to embroidery floss.  The shutters were from the wet bar of our old house (seriously! we found them in the attic and LOVE them for Halloween!).

If you need a banner  this one is SUPER LONG!  

The little tiered stand has a mini tile from HERE, an apple candle and a little pumpkin coquette...

... filled with caramels ;)  I'm the only one who likes them so I don't have to worry about the kids snacking on them and they're my evening TV-watching treat.

In the corner of the family room is our Halloween tree and I have to confess that it's kind of a hot mess :)

Several years ago I made super cute ornaments with pictures and dates and glitter and all of that and since then I've had good intentions to catch up on more recent years but it just hasn't happened.  The kids decorated the tree and decided just to stick the printed photos that I had grand plans of turning into ornaments in the tree :) 

They've had the best time pulling them down and looking at them, rearranging them, reminiscing, etc. 

In the kitchen I added a few little festive touches and the stack of  kids plates that they like to pick from.

These little coquettes are absolutely precious.  I think they make fabulous decor and I love using them for dinners as well.  I reheated leftovers in the oven in them the other day! hahaha  They just make everything festive!

In the cabinets above the little desk area I kept things kind of whimsical and fun...

... that Halloween plate is my favorite!  We made it when they were 3.5 and 6 months and I adore it.

The little tray has some fun napkins that the kids grab for lunch boxes or dinnertime.

The dining room is more "fall" than Halloween...

Mercury glass pumpkins and candles mixed in with greenery and I called it a day.

They're pretty during the day, but at night they're GORGEOUS!

I picked mine up at Homegoods, but Kirklands has some that are similar!

Upstairs I have a few felt pumpkins on the kids art table...

.... and a simple little note on their chalkboard sign.

I've linked up a bunch of decor item that's either what I have OR similar in style (as in... I would totally add it to my decor!).  If you have any questions about where various things are from please don't hesitate to let me know!

Thank y'all so much for stopping by and I hope that you're having a festive October so far!

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  1. Your house looks great and oh, so cozy!

  2. I LOVE your decorations! I also love that sign my the stairs!

    I dream of living in a house more than a few years. Due to my husbands job we move every 2-4 years.

  3. Your house is so cute and cozy for Halloween!! Love it all, friend!

  4. I love your house year around, but it is my FAVORITE during Halloween!!!!

  5. I love everything about this. You have such a natural touch in the decorating department :). Your home is cozy and inspiring. xoxo ERIN

  6. Super cute! I especially love the felt pumpkins on the art table and the "fall sweet fall" sign : )

  7. Andrea, its gorgeous!! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  8. Those caramels are one of my favorite fall candies!

  9. I think I've probably said this before, but every time I see your decorate your home for holidays, I always think how your kids will look back so fondly on this time. My kids are older now, and they still are happy when I pull out my fall bins and start decorating:) We've had so many good memories of our holiday times.

  10. Thank you so much for the link to the coquettes! Every time I saw them in your post I kept thinking "where did she get those?" We need a candy dish and I think they'd be great. :) And, by the way, your decorating skills are INCREDIBLE. About how many items do you buy each year? I would love to start decorating for Halloween but I have next to nothing ...


  11. Wowza!!! I love everything about this post!

  12. i've wanted some of the felt pompom garland ever since you first showed it years ago and i hit the jackpot at hobby lobby of all places a couple weekends ago!! the same colors as yours!! they also had black/grey/white combo and another one that is just a neutral tan color. i was SO excited and bought every one that they had! haha. i can't wait to use them! i LOVE these home tour/holiday decor posts because our style is identical and they always inspires me to make a few changes here and there. have a great day! xo

  13. Love all of your decorations! Decorating my house for fall is my fave :-)

  14. I love your Halloween decorations! I follow quite a few decorating/DIY accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and, regardless, your home is always my favorite! My daughter has been asking for Halloween decorations, so I may have to figure out how to incorporate some of these ideas into my own home. :)

  15. I LOVE your masked pumpkins!!! Do you by chance remember where you bought them?

  16. I always enjoy your decorations. Could you ever do a post about how you organize/store your decorations? Sometimes I err on the side of decorating less, because the storing of decorations can seem overwhelming to me.

  17. Love your decorations! Love the coquettes! Is the one on your stove the 3/4 quart?

  18. The pumpkin cookware and mercury glass, greenery....as always, you hit it out of the park with the beautiful styling:) Thank You for sharing your home, these holiday tours always make me feel more festive and heck, more positive:)

  19. I absolutely adore your decorations. What a beautiful home!


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