Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Day in the Life

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today is one of my FAVORITES - Day in the Life!  I LOVE getting a peek into other people's days... working moms, stay-at-home moms, empty nesters, college students, etc.  Seeing how similar/different people's days are from my own and getting to see other people's routines is so interesting to me.

So here we go!  I actually took pictures of a random Thursday a few weeks ago because I was going to use the post earlier when I remembered that I had this Show and Tell day on the calendar.  I had already taken all the pictures so I'm running with it. ;)

I've mentioned multiple times that I am NOT a morning person.  I wish I was, but I just can't make it happen. I tend to sleep in as late as I possibly can and am a habitual snooze-button-hitter.  I joke that it's a good thing that I married Dave (who IS a morning person) because he's the only alarm clock that can actually get me out of bed - and most of the time that involves him throwing off all the covers, pretty much pushing me out of bed and reminding me that I have a job I have to get to :)

I only wash my hair once a week (typically) which absolutely SAVES me during the work week.  I wash my hair Sunday mornings and can typically make it a full week before washing it again.  I shower or take a bath at night - but don't wash my hair.  This dry shampoo and this dry shampoo volumizer are my absolute favorites.

While I threw my makeup on and did my hair I ate a piece of toast and had a cup of tea.  My current breakfast habit is the cinnamon sugar toast from Trader Joes. 

While I was getting ready the kids made their way downstairs and all found me for morning snuggles :)

We lay the kids clothes out in our room at night and they all come downstairs to get dressed.  After they're dressed they can watch a show and this was Griffin's day to pick the show.  They watched a My Little Ponies while I fixed her hair.

Dave is my morning rockstar.  I mean - he's amazing all the time - but in the mornings he does our uniform check (making sure shirts are tucked and belts are on and skirts aren't on backwards), double checks backpacks for supplies and signatures and all of that AND finishes getting lunches ready.  This is really why I'm able to get up so late - because the only person I'm really responsible for in the mornings is myself (#blessed).  We leave a little after 7, but Dave typically doesn't have to leave until closer to 9 so he's free to be really hands-on in the mornings (AND he cleans up around the house and puts away laundry after we leave!) 

I put on a little bit of makeup, took my hair out of the messy bun and threw on something comfy because I knew it was going to be a long day. 

OH MY WORD!!!  It was 55 degrees and I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it!

Locked, loaded and ready to go by 7:10! (we were still in the driveway!)

The chilly morning called for a sweatshirt!  The boys aren't in this picture because when we get to school they kiss me quick and then take off together to go trade Pokemon cards and hang out with their friends before the bell :)

This girly tags along with me to my classroom where I get my laptop ready to go, light my candle, open the blinds and pretty much "open for business" :) 

I teach an 8th grade class first period and then have second period off which is when I'll answer emails from the night before, upload my notes to our online classroom, prep upcoming notes/lessons, refer to my planner for the days activities, grade papers, etc.  It's 45 minutes but it FLIES by.  This also happens to be the time when Griffin's class has a morning recess out on the circle so while I work I get to watch her skip around with her friends. 

3rd, 4th and 5th periods I teach three back-to-back classes and then have a 25-minute lunch break.  And when I say break I mean monitoring the lunch room  with my co-workers :) hahaha  I have lunch duty twice a week and the other days I'll typically eat in my classroom while entering grades or I'll read a few pages in a book just to have a little bit of a noise break.

After lunch I taught two more classes and then the last period of the day is my final planning period.  I was in the middle of putting grades into my online gradebook when this cutie showed up!  His class was coming back from the library (next door to my classroom) and he popped in for a squeeze :)

The rest of my afternoon looked like this...

I LOVE stickers - it seems cheesy, but anytime a student gets an A on any paper (quiz, homework, in-class assignment or test) I stick a sticker on their paper .  You might be surprised by how excited middle schoolers get about stickers.  Some have a whole collection going and they get pumped to see what new stickers I have ;)

... and I'm happy to report that since I documented my day I've quit Diet Coke!  I LOVED me some Diet Coke and after I had Mason I stopped drinking it completely.  I picked up my soda habit again last year but decided it was time to cut it out again last month.  I had a few caffeine-withdrawal headaches, but nothing too major.

On Thursdays Luke has Honor Choir after school from 3:30 - 4:30 and then Mason has football practice from 5:00 - 6:00.  It sounds super busy, but it's all on campus and they LOVE our after-school care (ESS) AND they have older kids who help them complete their homework while they're there so it's wonderful.  

Typically on Thursday I would walk down to ESS around 4:45 to take Mason to get changed and walk him out to the field for practice, but Dave was off on this particular day so he grabbed all the kids from ESS and was helping out at football practice while Luke and Griffin played on the playground and I was powering through grading and planning with the help of these ladies...

Nothing feels better than having ALL the grading done, entered and ready to be passed back - am I right?!?!

Loaded down and ready to head out...

5:31 and shutting it down for the day.

There are 2/3 of my cuties out on the playground...

... and 1/3 on the field!

This was the point of the day where I realized that my wedges were NOT going to cut it and I spent the next hour barefoot :)

The weather was gorgeous and the kids were having the BEST time so after practice we let them play while we hung out and talked with some of the parents.

Next thing we knew it was almost 7 PM! 

I had planned on making dinner, but at this point we decided to ditch those plans and grab tacos instead.

I have no memory of what was on our menu plan for that night but I can guarantee you it wouldn't have been as good as these nachos...

While we ate we quizzed Mason on his spelling words and memory verse for the week and after dinner we walked to the grocery store to pick up some flowers for Griffin's teachers birthday the next day.

Decisions, decisions

She decided on pink flowers and a Belle balloon (duh!)...

... and then we had to haul this kid out of the book aisle :)

When we got home I hopped in the shower while the kids emptied backpacks and washed their yumboxes and then the kids started through the shower rotation.

We kept showers quick and then we read a few books and the kids called it a night (it was around 9 which is later than normal for the kids)

This is the point of the evening where Dave and I did "crap pickup" as we lovingly call it :)  We went around and picked up all the junk that just kind of accumulates... piles of school papers, laundry on the floor, etc.  Since we ate out that night I didn't have to, but typically this is when we'll start the dishwasher along with the washing machine, start the roomba and try to do a housekeeping task or two (wiping down bathroom counters, dusting the family room, cleaning the floors in the kitchen, etc.).  We try to do something every day and then it doesn't really pile up on the weekend.

By the time we were done picking, up the clothes were ready to go in the dryer and then I hopped on the computer for a bit while Dave made lunches and listened to sports :)  I try to do a lot of my blogging on Sunday nights, but Thursday night I always have to finish up my Friday Favorites post so I did that and then Dave and I watched The Office and folded laundry and called it a night around 11:00.

So... there you have it!  A very unglamorous and kind of chaotic day in our lives :)  I hesitated to share this particular day because it wasn't as "typical" (i.e. we didn't eat at home or have our normal family time after dinner, the kids were up later than normal, etc) - but I think we all have days like that!  And it was a GOOD day!

And in case you'r'e curious you can check out previous day in the life posts below...

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Love this day in the life! I am a mom and teacher too. Some days are typical, but some day just ARE NOT. I love that you shared an atypical day.

  2. Those nachos though!!! Haha! I can't even move on. I'm stuck on the nacho pic. :)

  3. I am a bit jealous of your hair game! ;)

  4. What a full day!! I love hearing about your days as a teacher/mom!!

  5. I'm most jealous of those nachos....and that you have had a 55 degree day!!!

  6. Love how you & Dave work so well as a team!

  7. Girl, you are definitely #blessed to have your husband's help in the morning! I'm super jealous as mine's out the door before they get up. But, I'm also envious how amazing your hair looks all week. I tried to refrain from washing mine for longer periods of time a few years back and even after a month it still looked like a greasy mess. :)


  8. I love day in the life posts!! :) but really I am just amazed that you only wash your hair once a week and your bangs never look greasy!!! That's truly amazing 😉

  9. I LOVE these posts, Andrea. I am a teacher too and I love the similarities in our days. So fun!

  10. I enjoyed seeing a work day for you! Teachers are so amazing! It's so fun to see how everyone has totally different work days. Mine would be totally boring to capture because I do accounting work from home.

  11. These are my favorite posts. I’m also married to a Dave hat happens to be a morning person. I remember when we first met he would text at like 6am to respond to my 11pm texts. I wasn’t sure this would work. But it sure is nice having a morning person around. He also teaches one class a semester at the local college and I keep telling him college kids want stickers too. I taught 4th/5th and still have an abundance of stickers. So far he’s not buying it :)

  12. I miss the days of when my girls were home and we had days like this but now I see how great my girls turned out and how wonderful they are doing as adults and I think "yep I love my life now"! Enjoy all the stages. They truly do go by so fast. I am just over here waiting to be a grammie some day! LOL

  13. I am so jealous you are able to do that with your hair! Especially with wearing bangs. I have tried several dry shampoos, and my hair just feels more dirty...I wish I could make it work! Day two not washing my hair I regret by lunchtime. How fun and what a blessing that you and the kids are all at the same school.

  14. I'm growing my hair out now so I can go longer between washes. I have dark hair too. Do you not run into the issue of your hair looking gray from the dry shampoo???

  15. Those nachos are amazing and my pregnant self is drooling! I'm not a morning person either! I wish I had your energy level. My kids are 9 & 8 and they WRECK the house every day. We are constantly reminding & working on it but I think they're just naturally messy people.

  16. Yes on the grading!!! Nothing feels better than having it graded and entered! #winning your school is so similar to mine! I teach high school but I'm able to see my kids throughout the day! It's definitely a win-win situation!!

  17. You're one busy mama! Love your fall outfit & 55 degree weather 🍂 Thanks for sharing!!

  18. These are my favorite posts too! I am so envious of your hair routine! Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us!

  19. Love these posts! I’m a teacher too and I enjoy seeing how your day plays out


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