Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day In The Life

A couple of weeks ago Shay did a "Day in the Life" post and I called her to tell her how much I loved it and she said I should do one myself... so here it is!

I picked last Wednesday since it was a pretty "normal" day for us (and Dave wasn't working that night).  

My day started a little before 5:30.

I made a cup of tea (I drink a LOT of tea) and sat down at the computer to finish up an Algebra lesson for later in the morning.  I made sure my blog post published and lesson planned for a few days ahead.

I took my bedhead pic for the #eandajanchallenge on Instagram...

Usually Mason sleeps until at least 7:00, but on this morning he was up and playing Legos while I worked.
6:30 and I was checking my email on my phone and getting ready.  I have a Matilda Jane problem.  Obviously.

Dave woke Luke up around 6:30 and asked him to get dressed.  Yeah right. (sidenote... those pics on my wall are all sideways... I'm trying to figure out what to do on that wall. hahaha)

I was getting ready and Luke came to tell me he was ready. He's not a morning person.

Griffin was in her bed squealing so I went in to check on her.  She was casually hanging out :)

Meanwhile, Dave was getting breakfast ready and he put Mason (who had been up since 5:30) in the high chair because he was throwing a fit over nothing.

My little Motley Crew at 6:50 a.m...

I picked out Griffin's outfit for the day...

... Luke brushed his teeth...

... and I gathered up all of our bags before heading to the van.

We left the house at 7 and headed straight to the donut shop to pick up some donut holes for my small group.  Luke picked out a chocolate covered sprinkle donut, but it was a tough decision. :)

 Second stop - Starbucks.  Mr. Ron was on a business trip, so the stop was pretty quick.  Is it sad that they see me come in and have my drink waiting for me by the time I get to the counter??? 

My car clock is 5 minutes fast (Dave is a weirdo!) and by 7:20 we were on our way to MCA.

My classroom is in a portable building (classroom tour coming on a later day!) and we were pulling in around 7:30.

Garrett Lee is an AWESOME Freshman (who I taught for 7th and 8th grade, I have his brother in 7th grade this year and they go to Church with us) and he meets Luke in my classroom to walk him to class almost every day.

Luke left for his classroom and I got ready for my first period class.  
Honors Algebra 1 from 7:45 - 8:30

After Algebra 1 I had an 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and they were taking a test that day... hence my Smartboard when they came in :)

While they took their test I prepped for my Small Group and answered a few emails... 

On Wednesdays we have Chapel every other week and the weeks we don't have chapel we have Small Groups.  I have 9 girls in my group (6th, 7th and 8th grades) and they're AWESOME!  It's such a great time to connect, pray for each other and take a little break from the day.  I usually make a snack for them (because of course it's better with food!), but the night before I was out and so I didn't have time to make the dessert I had planned.

After Small Group I had a group of rowdy 8th graders crash my room..

... and then I taught two more Pre-Algebra classes and 2 Math 7 classes.  

Lunch is at 12:45 and usually the other teachers and I eat in the lunchroom, but on this day our PTF had a luncheon for us in our Middle School workroom.  AWESOME!

After lunch, I went back to my classroom and graded papers, made keys and prepped for the next day.

Every other Wednesday I volunteer in Luke's art class.

The kiddos were working with modeling clay and Luke made me a ring and bracelet :)

After art I graded more papers and got everything out and ready for Thursday.

At 3:45 I picked Luke up from ESS (extended school supervision) and found him playing blocks with a bunch of boys :)

Luke needed a potty break before we headed to the van and so I snapped a bathroom selfie so y'all could see my outfit and crazy hair at the end of the day.

In the car around 3:55 ready to go pick up Mason and Griffin from their babysitter.

Mason LOVES Miss Lisa and this is him EVERY day when I go get him. "MOOOOMY!!!"  The only times he doesn't run to give me a big hug is if he's still working on his smoothie (Lisa makes him a special smoothie every day... fresh fruit, almond milk and half and half. hahaha)

I got everyone loaded up in the van and then we had to make a quick detour to see some "AWESOME CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES!!!" :)

We made a Sonic run (mama needed an iced tea!)

... and when we got home Griffin was EXCITED to get out and play (and yes... that's her bow around her neck. ooops!)

We got home and the boys took off to play and I put Griffin in her pack and play while I got changed (she's too mobile for me just to put her on the floor) and she screamed the entire time. 

I threw my clothes and the mail on the bed so I could rescue G :)

... all she needed were some snuggles :)

Boys were still playing, Griffin was in the exersaucer and I got dinner started.  Meatloaf, potatoes, etc.

Dave got home and we got the kids dinner ready.  Miss Griffin saying her prayers...

After dinner sillies :)

After dinner it was bath night!

Once Griffin was out, the boys put in tub colors and ate cookies in the tub.

PJs for everyone, bottle for Griffin and 20 minutes of movie time for the boys.  Griffin was down around 7:00, Mason 7:30 and Luke 8:00.

At this point I stopped taking pics, but I took a shower, graded papers, and watched TV with Dave.  I was asleep around 11:00.

So, there you have it!  A day in the life of me :) 


  1. I love, love, love, love this post!!! Even though I feel like I know what you do every day, I really don't, so I loved seeing everything!! We need to do these more often!

  2. Your post made me miss teaching middle school! I love staying home with my son, but boy is teaching middle school a fun/wild day:) Your kiddos are adorable by the way!! What kind of tea do you get at Starbucks??

  3. I LOVED this, Andrea!!! But...to be totally honest, I'm tired after reading your post!!! Rest up this weekend, girl!!

  4. This is one of my favorite posts you've ever done!
    Love this glimpse into your everyday life :)

  5. Whew! I'm exhausted!! I so remember those days, although I didn't work when mine were little!
    I can tell the middle schoolers love you, and what a great teacher you must be! Such a blessing not only to your own family, but many others You are a very busy mama, and I appreciate you taking care of me on top of all that you do! Thanks!

  6. I need a nap now! I also have 3 kids. But they are 18, 10 and 5. Not sure if I could have done the so close together thing! Needed a break in between each one! Now my little sister has a 2,1 and due next month! All girls! She is amazing! Awesome post! Your blog always puts a smile on my face! Thank you for sharing your family!

  7. Luke's all ready for school look (not a morning person) I LOVE....Mason in the highchair I about died and Griffin saying her prayers, sweetest thing ever!! Loved this post!!

  8. You're a busy busy lady but your day looks like a whole lot of fun xx

  9. What a day!!! Love seeing y'all's day in the life posts! I'm not a mommy yet so it makes me excited! I can't wait! Only a few more months! ;)

  10. Holy cow, I feel really lazy after reading that :) I've always been curious about MCA so that was neat to see a little of what goes on. I want my kiddos to go to a Christian school here in McKinney, but the only way would be if I taught or worked at one (not sure I could go back to teaching though). My hubby teaches Algebra at Allen High (freshman center)...you guys are smart :) This may be a stupid question, but where can I get the dye (is it special) for the bathtub? And does it really not leave any color on the tub? My son (about Mason's age) would love it. Love reading days in the life of people...not sure why they're so intriguing. I need to do another one.

  11. Thanks for sharing your day in the life with us!! I thought have one kiddo and a hubby to corral with a career was enough, but man, you're a true hero!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I thought corralling a kiddo and hubby with a career was tough enough, you are a true hero!!

  13. I love following your blog because I am a Middle School Pre-Algebra and Algebra Teacher as well! You truly seem like a such a fabulous teacher and Mom.

    Do you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers? I love the way you set up your notes and would be very interested in purchasing them if you are willing.

  14. Such a fun post! I feel like you got so much accomplished!

  15. Nice to see another teacher mom's schedule :)

  16. What a fun post, Andrea! I am always so intrigued to see how everyone else spends their day, but I totally don't know how you and Shay function so well on only 6 hours of sleep! I can do it for a while and then it totally catches up to me! You go girl! :-)

  17. Very cute! Love hearing about your day. Especially loved the sunglasses, never seen anything like those. :-)

  18. Wow!!! You are one busy lady! I haven't been reading your blog and following you on IG for that long, so I loved seeing your day!!! You truly make it all look easy. :)

  19. Ok so I totally LOVED reading this! Such a fun post to peek into an every day of another mama! <3 And you have the BEST time management skills ever!

  20. I love day in the life posts! I don't know why (I feel like I am not that nosy lol) but it's so interesting to me to see what other peoples lives are like. I love that your post was so real also as in you shared the good, the bad and the realistic. Thanks for this post! I loved reading it!

  21. Baby prayers AND baby bath pics??? Too. Much. Cuteness!


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