Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Recap - Sunset Edition

Happy Monday, friends!  We had a really low key weekend which was needed by everyone at our house.

Friday morning the kids looked so cute and it was such a gorgeous morning out I tried to snap a picture before they headed off to class, but then a car pulled up in carpool with a golden retriever hanging out of the window and all bets were off ;)

Can you tell which way the dog went? ;)  About 3 seconds later the boys were halfway down to their rooms and Griffin and I were headed to my classroom to drop off my things before I walked her to class.  

I spent the morning outside with my classes - letting them work in small groups around the courtyard because the weather was so nice.  It was perfection!!!  

I've shared a little bit about Mason's struggle with sight words last year and just being really hard on himself in general and when I got this text from his teacher I'm fairly certain I let out an actual squeal.

He's been working SO HARD and we're hopeful that a few successes will catapult his confidence to reflect his abilities - because the kid is SMART!!!

Friday afternoon Mason went home with a friend to play but was home in time for Pizza Friday and after we loaded up on carbs my house looked like this...

... and Mason was passed out in the other room ;)  School is tiring, y'all!

Saturday morning we woke up and started cleaning right from the get-go.  I always get in this "mood" once school starts back and this year was no exception.  I tackled cleaning out closets, donating some unused decor items and clothes, dusting and then deep cleaning bathrooms.  It was a productive morning!

While Dave and I worked the boys played Duplos (these are the BEST toys... seriously!  We invested in a bunch when the boys were little and they STILL play with them!) and Griffin treated us to a few different "shows"...

Helping mommy clean out her closet means you get to try on #allthesparklythings ;)

It was advancement Sunday at church which meant new classes for the kids and Griffin came out loving her new class!  

Look at these three big kids!

After lunch Griffin waited "patiently" for Ashby to come over...

and I swear she'd only been here about 90 seconds and they had already formed a band :)

 Luke built them a stage, they put on the first of MANY costumes and we blasted Trolls, Beauty and the Beast, Sing and Little Mermaid for a solid several hours.

PS - I tried to narrow down these pictures... but then I would look and see something cute in each of them... so if you don't want a WHOLE LOT of cuteness just keep on scrolling ;)

Thank God for girlfriends, am I right?

This is what happens when you dance all afternoon :)

After naps and dinner we headed out to the golf course to throw some rocks in the lake, cruise around the course and see the sunset...

The sunset was no joke last night....

While we enjoyed our time this weekend, the news of the devastation taking place in Houston and countless other coastal cities was on our hearts and minds constantly.  The photos coming out of Houston especially are unbelievable and the magnitude of what's going on is almost hard to even comprehend.  We spent a lot of time yesterday praying for those who lost so much, the people who are on the ground helping and for the rain to stop. 

We have several friends and family members and friends of co-workers who have been directly affected, but needs aren't even assessable at this time.  Homes and cars are underwater, but until the rain stops and things start drying up they won't even know where to begin when it comes to putting their lives back in order.  

That said, if you're looking for a way to help now I can't say enough great things about Mission Regan.  The organization is run by wonderful friends of ours and Josh and his engine company just went to one of the areas that's been hit the hardest and Mission Regan will be providing aid and assistance as needs arise now and in the months to come. 

You can click  HERE to read more about Mission Regan and to make a donation.

UMCOR is another amazing organization where 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need of disaster relief.  You can click HERE to read more about them and/or make a donation.

I'd be humbled to pray for you, your family, your friends, etc. who have been affected by Harvey.  If you'll send me an email ( my family and I will be praying!


  1. Ashby got in the car and said "it was the best day ever, Mommy!". Ha! I'm so glad our girls are besties!!! xo

  2. I've been praying for everyone affected by Harvey. The pictures are heart breaking.

  3. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous, friend!!! Xo

  4. I could not get enough of the videos of Griffin and Ashby yesterday! I love that they are such good friends! I texted friends who live in Houston yesterday to check on everyone and was so sad by their responses. Everyone is so worried and I so wish I could deliver food and supplies to their houses right now. Praying for everyone!

  5. My heart is so heavy for those affected by Harvey. We lived in the Houston area for 9 years and I have several friends who have been affected. I have one friend who lives right where it hit when it made landfall and she does not know about her home yet. It's heartbreaking. I'm so thankful for your friends and their organization that will be there to help.

  6. My heart is so heavy this morning with worry for those impacted by the hurricane. I have some dear friends from Japan who are in the thick of it right now. Praying adamantly, but still sick with worry. Seeing Griffin and Ashby full of joy is such a welcome moment of peace. Thank you for sharing that joy with the rest of us!

  7. Love those pictures of the girls playing! And thank you for the links at the end for ways to help those affected by Harvey. The images on the news and social media are devastating.

  8. This is our first week of school and I already feel as exhausted as your kiddos look in your Friday photos! Thanks for sharing the link about your friend's charity. Prayers are going out to wonderful volunteers like them and for everyone affected by the tragedy this weekend.

  9. Thank you for mentioning Houston. It is so crazy and scary here and it's so nice that y'all took some time to pray for everyone affected by Harvey.

  10. Oh my gosh Ashby & Griffin are so cute!! And yes, what is happening in Houston is just devastating, I can't even imagine


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