Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites - TGIF Edition

Happy Friday, friends!!! And TGIF, amen?? ;)  We are ready for a weekend at our house!

First up on my list of FAVORITES is this pic of my favorite three mustangs on Griffin's very first spirit day!!!

So stinkin' sweet!!!

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Next up is the Heritage Saddle Bag from Urban Southern...

I talked about my Urban Southern Market Tote last Fall...

... and somehow the bag has gotten even better since then!  The market tote is large and in charge and carries #allthethings and I am obsessed with it!  I was excited/nervous when Urban Southern sent me the heritage saddlebag to try out because where was I going to put the three juice boxes, change of clothes and 4 pairs of sunglasses?!?! :) 

I've mentioned several times that this "season" for me has been all about getting out of the baby/toddler phase and I feel like this bag totally fits right into that theme.  I do love a big bag, but I don't NEED one and it's been pretty freeing to just tote around a smallish crossbody.  "No, Mason I can't carry three beanie boos, a deck of Pokemon cards AND your purple Natives"

I received this bag in May and carried it all summer.  I wanted to really use it a bunch before fully forming my opinion and the verdict is in -  I ADORE this bag!

It's still large enough to hold my "essentials" which include my wallet, my iPhone, sunscreen, a Sofia the First figurine and sunscreen, but it isn't bulky AT ALL.

It has a brass ring on the back that you can use as a handle and I'm pretty sure I've received a compliment on this bag every single time I've carried it.

Here it is on an early-morning errand run...

... paired with a maxi dress to coordinate with my mini-me...

... ready for an outdoor concert...

... and at the rodeo ;)

I LOVE it with black...

... gingham...

... and if you're looking for me on the weekend this is probably what you'll find :)

If you need some  Urban Southern in your life you can use the code MOM15 for 15% off any purchase!  They just released a black collection which I am totally drooling over!

Other FAVORITES from the week include afternoon swims...

... practicing spelling words on my laptop/tablet from school...

... and this t-shirt ;)

One of Luke's homework assignment from speech recently has been to read aloud.  We haven't had him read aloud on a regular basis in several years (he reads independently every night), but listening to him read to me and Dave as well as reading bedtime stories to Mason and Griffin has been a FAVORITE part of our nightly routine.

Griffin's FAVORITE snack is cheese and when we have to cut her off for the day it can be quite dramatic ;)

I linked to my FAVORITE new beauty product on Wednesday, but messed up on the link.  Oooops!!!  If you want to try out an inexpensive and really light toner that minimizes pores you can check it out  HERE.

We all know and love instagram husbands... well... nothing beats a teacher husband ;)  Here's my FAVORITE #teacherhusband sorting pounds and pounds of m&ms into ziplock bags for an activity I was doing over measures of central tendency.  God bless teacher husbands who sort and bag m&ms, cut laminated things and listen to us whine/brag about our school kids.

This little cutie hanging out in my room before school is my FAVORITE!

And after school crazy dance parties are my FAVORITE too ;)

This week has been REALLY full but also really fun and I'm hoping yours has been the same.
Happy Friday friends and HAPPY (almost) weekend!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you for always supporting my blog and THANK YOU to Urban Southern for the beautiful bag to review!


  1. Love your clutter free home!! I just love the style you c

  2. Great bag - they need to hire you for lead marketing! Enjoy the weekend ahead :) I hope you guys are out of the rain bans from the hurricane.

  3. I haven't left a comment in a long time, yet I wake up and read your blog daily.
    Love your home Andrea!! It's so clutter free and love the style you have! I love everything about it! Love Love Love!!!!! <3
    Also, your such a darling mom! and sure looks like a fun Teacher as well!!
    I enjoy your blog! always makes my day!!! keep it up!!!! :) :) :)

  4. Happy Friday, Friend!! I agree with Amanda...they need you in the marketing department. :)

  5. Awww Griffin's first spirit day, how fun!!

  6. What a gorgeous bag! And how sweeet of Dave to help with the M&Ms. xoxo

  7. Those bags are seriously so cute!! I love both the tote and the crossbody!

  8. Love that cross body!!!! And your three little mustangs are so cute!

  9. Your precious little mustangs! That picture is screaming "put me on a canvas".❤️ So that leather cross body...YES! No wonder you love it. It looks cute every single time. I'm with Griffin. That pretty much sums up how I felt when I was informed I needed to be dairy free for a bootcamp I did. #givemeallthecheese Happy Weekend Andrea!

  10. my daughter is the same way about yogurt pouches! I think she would eat one every hour if I let her! Lol

  11. I always love your style! And that tote bag has left me swooning! Thanks so much for the link up every week. Have a fabulous weekend.


  12. Your gingham dress is AMAZING! Love it with that cross body bag, too. And, I love a good teacher husband...I'm no longer in the classroom, but mine always was a willing participant in whatever task I gave him to do. They're the greatest!

  13. Nothing beats a teacher husband! That bag is so cute and I am in love with their new black line!

  14. I bought the chambray maxi dress you showed recently and I LOVE it. However, I'm so sad about how thin it is, because I have no idea what to wear under it. Do you wear some type of slip under yours? I would love to know how to make it work because I do love it and don't want to have to return it!😩 Thanks in advance!

  15. Those blue balls in the M&M picture, were they by chance little globes?? If so, HOW CUTE and where did you find those???

  16. Gosh. Love all your outfits in the pictures of the purse. So many good maxis.

  17. I love the saddlebag! I am totally checking them out now- love the black shirt that you pictured it with too- fun way to show it with lots of options~

  18. I've never heard of Urban Southern and now I have to check it out. I need a new bag! And your kiddos in their spirit t-shirts are the cutest! ;)

  19. The toy in your bag isn't from Sofia, it's Stuffy from Doc McStuffins ha! Is it sad I know that?! ;)

  20. I love #allthethings this post!!! That bag (both of them) are soooo cute! And poor Griffin and her cheese addiction!! I feel the same way. ;)

    That Inspired Chick

  21. I love that Heritage Saddle Bag! Too made I am only carrying diaper bags these days...... #blessedbutimisspurses

  22. Love the bag! Their quality looks (and sounds) amazing!

  23. Absolutely love the way you style your Heritage Saddlebag. Thank you so much for being part of our family and sharing the Urban Southern love!

  24. Love that bag and that gingham dress - so cute!!! Love that you had sweet help from your hubby to get the m&ms ready! We are ready for the weekend here for sure!


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