Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This and That

I feel like today is going to be a catch-all post.  Like those Sunday night dinner where you pull out all the random tupperware containers from the week, put them all out on the counter and have a plate of random things :)  But in blog form!

First up is our little front entry "makeover" if you can even call it that.  I've been looking for a table to go in this little spot for months.  It wasn't high on the priority list so I just kind of kept my eyes open when I was out and about.

This was the front hall last Spring...

... and this is it now!

I found the table while I was checking out at Homegoods and it was love at first sight.  It's actually a rolling cart and the wood is aged and not "perfect" and it fit right in.  

The wood signs on the wall and on the bottom shelf are from  Vine and Branches and the lamp and cake stand are from Homegoods.  The fiddle leaf fig I picked up at Home Depot for $12 and you can see how much it's grown! I'm crossing my fingers that the ones I've grabbed on Amazon start doing just as well!

In the living room I've made a few changes as well.  This was last Spring...

... and now!

I've removed the rug, replaced the pillows, moved the lamp from the entry way into here and restyled shelves.  I ordered a new table for in between the chairs but wasn't in love with the size, so I'm keeping my eyes open for something a little bit larger. 

I also FINALLY got my favorite picture printed and hung. 

When your mom is trying to take a picture and you're a PRO photo-bomber :)

The trays that we use for EVERYTHING are back in stock on Amazon and they're even cheaper than before!  $8.20 for a set of four!  Click  HERE to get a set of your own!

Anthropologie is running a sale right now where all their sale items are an additional 30% off AND there's free shipping no matter how big or small your order is!  WOO HOO!!!

I've had several people ask about teacher gifts for the start of the year and as always, my number one recommendation is gift cards!  A gift card for their morning coffee, afternoon diet coke run or dinner for their family.  A movie gift card for them to take their family out on the weekend or one to their favorite store to treat themselves to something.  BUT... if you aren't wanting to give a gift card here's a super fun and affordable idea you could tie up with some twine or ribbon and be ready to gift!

I ordered the  hand soap on Amazon and it's about $3.50/bottle.   The dishtowel I thought was cute for teachers (because GERMS!) and it was $10.50.  Cute gift for under $15!  I bought a couple of extra package of hand soap and am keeping my eye out for cute linens (like the ones from the Anthro sale above!) to keep my little teacher/hostess gift bin stocked :)

When I posted this picture in my Day in the Life post a few weeks ago I had lots of questions about  the Witch Hazel I was using.  I had several people recommend it and so I ordered it and I am totally in love! I use it daily - usually twice a day as a toner/cleanser.  It's light and isn't drying at all and I feel like it's definitely decreased the size of my pores.  It's cooling and the scent is so pretty!  I put it on a cotton ball and use it in the morning before I do my makeup and then at night after I wash my face and before I put on moisturizer.  In the summer I'd also use it after coming in from outside if I felt sweaty (gross) and loved it!  It's under $10 and is one of my favorite products!  It also comes in cucumber and lavender and I think both of those sound wonderful as well.

I've talked often about how much I love the routine of the school year, but something that I've never been great at is the after school backpack dump.  We've never had a designated spot for backpacks and they always ended up on the kitchen floor, on the window seat thing in the kitchen, on the floor of the dining room, all over the back hall, etc.  UGH!  I adore our back hall, but there isn't a spot big enough for three hooks (we have long counters on either side) and this school year I was determined to find a solution for the after school chaos.

We shuffled some things around in the garage last weekend and set up an "unloading zone" for shoes and bags.  The kids literally get out of the van, take off their shoes (and put them on the shelves) and throw their bags in the top bin.  They take their lunch boxes and water bottles out and put them on the kitchen counter and then after dinner we will go get folders and homework and all of that out of their bags.  Granted... this little system has only been in place for a couple of days at this point but we are LOVING IT!!!

The bins are designed for sports equipment but work perfectly for their bags!  I originally wanted hooks, but this is even easier!  We'll put the hooks up later for jackets and such.  Right now the bottom bin has small umbrellas in it, but as the weather cools down this is where we'll put hats and mittens.

You can shop the shoe racks HERE and the backpack bin HERE.

And no... our garage isn't pretty ;)  

So there you go!  A whole lot of random! Here's hoping that I answered a few questions and tied up a few loose ends :)

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

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  1. I'm loving your garage spot!! Those backpacks everywhere make me crazy too!

  2. I love, love, love your garage!!! What a brilliant idea!!

  3. Great idea for backpacks! Love your new table too! It looks great and your fiddle leaf fig is doing amazing. Wow! I killed an air plant so I am not sure I can do abig plant like that! Xoxo Erin

  4. Oh, that is is so smart! And love seeing that photo framed! Xo

  5. Your hallway makeover looks great! I've been looking for a table like that too. Maybe I need to check Home Goods.

  6. Yes! The garage spot is a perfect idea! And it actually IS pretty cute, especially with the rug!

  7. Our backpack landing zone is just outside of our garage door as well and we LOVE it. Keeps the clutter out of my kitchen.

  8. I like how your mind works! Great ideas!
    Our son moved back home for a couple of months to save up money, and our garage is full of his things. It's nice to see a nice neat garage:)

  9. I love your entryway table! I feel like our Homegoods has gone downhill and I'm not able to find as many treasures lately- boo!

  10. Love your fiddle leaf figs! I've been wanting to buy some for our house, but I've heard they're so finicky! p.s. the witch hazel is linking to the cute tea towel. But, I may need both! :-)

  11. I love the new table in your front entry!
    What ever happened with your leaking dishwasher and your wood floors in the kitchen?

  12. I ordered those trays! Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  13. The Witch Hazel link isn't working, I do like the towel though but my pores need the witch hazel

  14. I've been glued to Pinterest at night lately trying to figure out ways to organize our school chaos! Your garage is definitely giving me an extra boost to make it happen!

  15. This could be my favorite post ever. Love all your creative ideas!

  16. Lots of good randomness and that Mason is the cutest photo bomber!

  17. Love the table & your fiddle leaf has done great! Good thinking on drop off spot. We have area in one of our entry room closets for jackets, bags, shoes, etc. Total game changer! I may have to make one of these for me in garage bc I hate tracking yuck from shoe bottoms in my clean house/floors! If only it got cold enough here for mittens & hats!

  18. Great ideas - the bins are fantastic - going to do fir my crew too

  19. Hi! Love your blog. Just a head's up, the witch hazel link goes to the dish towel.


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