Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today my favorite person turns 34!!!  Dave doesn't get a lot of "screen time" here on the blog, so I thought it would be fun to share 34 things you might not know about him in honor of his special day!

1) Dave never missed a single day of school from kindergarten through High School graduation.

2) But he did have ISS one day because he skipped lunch to go to McDonald's with friends.

3) Dave's favorite color is blue

4) But he has to be convinced to wear a blue shirt with blue jeans because it's "too much of a good thing"

5) Dave can fall asleep anytime and any place

6) But, unlike me, he wakes up refreshed and in a great mood no matter how long he naps

7) Dave grew up in Texas without air conditioning

8) But he says it "wasn't that bad"  #ohmyword

9) Dave and one of his friends entered a Donny and Marie talent competition in high school.  They did kind of a "Stomp" thing and did really well!

10) But they placed second in the nation and didn't win a trip to NYC

11) When they entered the competition we weren't friends yet, but I remember talking with my friends about the "cute guys" whose video was being shown on the announcements in the mornings :)

12) Dave disliked lettuce of any kind for the first 32 years of his life

13) But this past year he decided to give it a try (again) and now enjoys salad!

14) This exact same thing happened with sour cream and now he can't imagine life without it

15) Dave's first car was a 1991 Crown Victoria that previously belonged to his grandma

16)  But it was the coolest car ever because it got us to Taco Bell and the mall and had a bench seat in the front so we could sit right next to each other

17) Dave hasn't been to the mall in about 10 years

18) But he's probably been to the grocery store twice already today :)

19) Dave grew up with "outdoor dogs" and always said he wasn't really a "dog guy"

20) But Jack Bauer is snuggled up next to him pretty much every night and he doesn't seem to mind

21) Dave is not a big reader

22) But he always asks me to tell him about the books I'm reading and says that's good enough for him

23) Growing up Dave always wanted to be a police officer

24) But he found his niche in the service industry and is absolutely incredible at his job!

25) Dave never had braces and still has his wisdom teeth

26) But his teeth are perfectly straight!  (fingers crossed this is the case with our kids!)

27) Dave loves coconut and pineapple

28) But hates peaches and plums

29) I've always known Dave as "Dave"

30) But his entire extended family calls him David

31) Dave is super-dad and has dealt with more blowouts and cleaned up more accidents than me

32) But he HATES puke... when the kids were little and would spit up he'd have to shower and then would continue to repeatedly ask me if he smelled like spit-up

33) Dave doesn't drink alcohol (neither of us do... it's not really for any particular reason... we just never have and don't really have a desire to)

34) But he can bartend like nobody's business and make you any drink you can think of

Happy Birthday to our "Hey, Dave!"  Love you to Maine and Back!


  1. I love this idea! Happy birthday Dave!

  2. Happy Birthday Dave! Hope y'all have a great day of celebrating!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I love that you call him Dave and the rest of his family calls him David. I have the same situation with my husband, I call him Dave and everyone else calls him David. Well except our mutual friends who call him Dave because I do! :)

  4. Ah! Happy birthday Dave!!! Dave is one of the finest men I know! I hope you guys have a great day!! (And I'm sure you'll eat something fabulous on the east side of town like you always do ;) )!

  5. Oh my gosh, Dave had a life without sour cream?! How did he survive LOL! My hubby has great teeth too, so jealous of that but hope our kids inherit it!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dave!!

  7. Loved this! Happy birthday, Dave!

  8. Happy Birthday to Dave! You make an amazing couple:).

  9. Oh I love this sweet post - I am an August 1983 baby too! Happy Birthday to him. My hubby is similar with reading....he actually read a book on audible with me this summer in the car. I think that might have been his first book for the year besides reading the bible ;). xoxo ERIN

  10. Happy Birthday, Dave!

    I never had braces either :)

  11. Good for you guys for not drinking!

  12. Happy birthday Dave! I'm also the designated puke cleaner-upper. I have no idea how that happened!?! Great idea to honor his birthday too. :)


  13. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Dave!
    (We don't drink either and sometimes feel like we're the ONLY people who don't!) :)

  14. Happy birthday Dave! Glad to hear he now likes lettuce. That means there's still hope for me lol. I give it a try about once a year.

  15. Dave is pretty amazing! What a lucky woman you are! Happy BIrthday Dave!

  16. Happy Birthday Dave! This was a fun post. :)

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!! <333

    (Dave hates puke?! I thought I was the only one! Stephen has already been designated as future vomit patrol)

  18. Happy birthday Dave, a rockstar husband and dad!

  19. Happy birthday, Dave! And GOODNESS, he sounds so much like my Brian!

  20. I loved this! Happy Birthday Dave!

  21. Happy birthday, Dave! I feel like Dave and I could be friends. I, too, had outstanding attendance in school. I missed 2 days ever in my life. Once because I was visiting a college with my brother (and just felt like skipping school) and once because I was mildly ill. I had already ruined my streak, so I just went with it. And also, I too, didnt know about the wonders of sour cream until I met my husband. ANNNNNNND... I call my husband Michael. When I met him, I asked if he was "Mike" or "Michael." He said Michael, so that's what I call him. But seriously, EVERYONE else calls him Mike! I was lied to! Ha!

  22. #1 and #33 are me as well. And quite rare!

  23. Happy Birthday, Dave!!!! My favorite Dave story is when Carter and I were leaving Luke Dreff's birthday party....it was pouring down rain....and he offered to go get my car for me. He's just so dang thoughtful and sweet!

  24. This post was very sweet. And that story Sheaffer shared, how nice! Shows how great of a person he is! And I don't even know him!


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