Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Recap - First Haircut Edition

Happy Monday, friends!!! It's my last "official" day of freedom before school starts and guess where I am... in my classroom! :)  #teacherproblems

We had a great weekend that started off with...

... an impromptu haircut for Griffin!  Having her hair cut has been on my to-do-list for quite a while... a summer spent in the pool combined with her waist length curls was getting to be way too much to deal with on a daily basis.  I cut Dave and Mason's hair on Saturday morning and just decided to go for it and cut hers as well.  It was such a quick decision to just "get it done" that I didn't take a single before or after photo... just the one above of all her beautiful curls on the counter.  She's loving it and we're loving not having to battle "rat's nest" daily :)

After the haircut we headed to Miley's birthday party.

Y'all know I love a cute gift...

This past December Manda planned Miley's party and walking in and seeing it all put together so beautifully was bittersweet.

That sign, y'all.

We sang and watched the birthday girl blow out her candles...

... and while it was precious and so so sweet it was also heartbreaking.  I miss Manda so much and wish more than anything that she had been there to watch Miley blow out her candle.

I've realized this year how happy and sad often go hand-in-hand.  Bittersweet is really the only way to describe it.

After pizza, cake and lots of playing we attempted a group picture... and by attempted I mean snapped about 4000 pictures in the hopes that one would turn out.

We spent the rest of Saturday hanging out, organizing uniforms and painting (not house painting... even though that would have been a good idea since it's been on my summer-to-do-list for the past two summers).

Sunday morning this girl was looking WAY too big for my liking ;)

Sunday evening we had my brother, sister-in-law, parents and nephews over for dinner.

Baby Davis was three weeks old yesterday and we were in baby HEAVEN!!!

Griffin was just as smitten as she was on day one...

... and Luke was the official "baby whisperer" :)

Mason even warmed up and held him!

We ate, played Thomas the Train, swam chicken danced...

... and took a cute cousin pic!

Luke (9), Mason (6), Davis (3 weeks), Beau (almost 2) and Griffin (4)

We ended the night with a movie, snuggles and staying up late since next Sunday night we'll be resting up for the first day of school!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Miley's birthday was SO SPECIAL! I am so happy you and Manda took the time to plan it in advance. xo

  2. I am coming to the fact that my son needs his first haircut and it is kind of breaking my heart. I know he is going to look like a big boy once it is cut.

  3. What a sweet picture of the five grandkids!

  4. What a great weekend! Have the best week, Andrea! You are going to rock this school year!

  5. You are the wrapping queen! Where did you get that necklace on the box? Can you share - my daughter loves the necklaces I've gotten her that are similar off Etsy. Thanks!

  6. Can you share the name of G's hair clips again?

    1. Not to answer for her...but if these are the same ones she posted about before, they are from Ryan and Wren on Etsy. I ordered some too and they are literally the only ones that stay in my niece's hair. So perfect!

  7. Happy Back to School - your kids are so blessed to have an amazing, loving teacher in their life! I am so thankful for amazing teachers! I love the party and got choked up at looking at those pictures. My Aunt died when my cousin was just 18 months old. My cousin, Madelynne, and I are really close and this week my mom and I are taking her to college. What you said is just right - sad and happy go hand-in-hand and it's bittersweet. So thankful I can celebrate this chapter with her but gosh darn it, I wish her mom was here to do it! Happy Monday my friend! xoxo ERIN

  8. Bittersweet really is the only word to describe that. Her party looked perfect!


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