Monday, July 10, 2017

Colorado - Day 3 - Fun in Vail

Tuesday was our first full day in Vail and we decided to just play, explore and relax in Vail Village. 

 There's a free bus that runs all day long from one end of Vail to the other and one of the stops was at the end of our driveway.  We never waited more than 5 minutes and the kids got the biggest kick out of riding it.  That morning we rode a couple of minutes to the main stop in Vail Village and made our way to the Pirate Ship Playground.

Sass and a half.

The creek runs right next to the playground and there's a great little area for sticking your feet in or crossing it right there.  The kids were DETERMINED to do it despite the frigid water...

Luke made it across, the littles and I attempted it together and I ended up falling backwards, twisting my ankle and STILL have the bruise on my foot almost two weeks later.  Oh... and my pants were soaked.  #momlife

We hiked a little bit up the trail along the creek, threw some rocks and talked about all the pretty flowers and plants...

At the base of the gondola we happened upon some corn hole and took a few minutes to have a snack and play a bit.

We set off to find a spot for lunch and I feel like everywhere we turned it was prettier than the spot we had just come from...

The kids asked to "just get our feet wet" in the fountain and we obliged...

... and then this happened :)

I'm a big fan of natural consequences and so we explained that if they got soaked they'd have to eat lunch like that and he made his choice and didn't complain one bit!

If I could move in to Vail Village tomorrow I'd do it in a heartbeat ;)

We walked a bit, shopped a bit and then indulged in a HUGE pizza (and cheese fries).

After lunch the kids had a little fly fishing lesson and it was so cute!

They listened well, took direction and actually did great!  I definitely think we'll do fly fishing (for real) the next time we go.  

When we got back to the house we all went out back and the kids pretty much just played in the yard.  They made a game out of collecting pinecones and accumulated a HUGE pile!

They had some iPad time out on the porch...

... and it ended like this...

Nothing better than a cool breeze, comfy chair and sound of a rushing creek for a great nap!

Luke and Dave played several rounds of backgammon...

... I read... and then it was time to head to Ford Amphitheater for a free concert.

It was such an awesome location and the weather was PERFECT!

We picnicked and listened for a while and then headed out to the playground.

There's a beautiful garden connecting the amphitheater and the park... perfect spot to twirl apparently :)

Ford Park is AWESOME and the playground is pretty unreal.

We decided to walk back to the house and found a sweet little spot for a break along the way.

Again with the fountain...

The kids joined in a little soccer game in the square, we met a sweet dog and then it was back home for some games and a movie...

 And by games and a movie I mean this...

And last but not least... here's a little video I made for our day in Vail :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!

PS - Don't forget that tomorrow is show and tell Tuesday and we're going to share our FAVORITE recipes!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! Your new blog layout looks fabulous! Exciting :)

  2. Ahhhhh!!!! This day looks absolutely perfect!

  3. Did you save the pine cones? They'd make some great Christmas decorations! :-)

  4. This makes me want to get in the car and head to Vail RIGHT NOW!!

  5. These pics are beautiful!!! The village doesn't look crowded at all!

  6. I love the new blog layout.

  7. Haven't even read the post yet but wanted to say I love your new layout- blog is looking fantabulous! :)

  8. Love the new look! Beautiful pictures as always!

  9. This looks like so much fun!!! What gorgeous pictures!!

  10. Love the video! Griffin dancing at the end is a hoot! Enjoy the rest of your summer! I have three more weeks before teaching begins again! :)

  11. I want to go to Vail! Love love love the new layout!

  12. Looks like absolute perfection!

  13. Wow! It's just stunning there! Makes me want to move, too!

  14. The picture of Griffin twirling with the mountains behind are giving me Sound of Music vibes. :) Love the new blog layout!

  15. I'm sorry I didn't even notice the layout until I came down to post a comment! But it does look beautiful, I went back and looked at it more carefully. :) Anyway, my original comment was going to be that I love the last picture of all 4 of them asleep on the couch, it's such a cool family picture, with feet on faces, mouths wide open and just a tangled mess of love and family. Thanks for sharing pictures like that with us, and Vail looks so beautiful!!

  16. I love your new layout! It looks fantastic! I loved following along with you guys on your trip! I just love vacay recaps!! Always some of my faves!

  17. My heart Vail is gorgeous! Earlier this year there was a chance we were moving to Colorado for my hubby's job but after lots of time in prayer, God closed that door. It is so beautiful though!

  18. Did you share the website for the house you rented? It looks like perfection!

  19. We went to Vail last summer and I tried to find that pirate ship park but couldn't-but we found the one at Ford Park and I totally meant to email you about it! It's so awesome! I love it up there so much! We were in Beaver Creek in June and it is my favorite! It's much smaller than Vail but GORGEOUS. I think you guys would love it-outdoor ice skating even in summer!!!

  20. What an AWESOME DAY! You make me want to go to Vail right now! Love the new blog look!

  21. Love the new blog layout! Vail looks like such a beautiful, fun place!

  22. What a fun day in Vail. I keep thinking I might see our dear friends in your photos because they were there at the exact same time. Your pictures kept showing up together in my instagram feed :). It looks so beautiful. I have now decided we need to take our kids to CO in the summer, we normally go skiing at Breck! With the fires, hopefully we will still get to go in March! Love the new blog layout btw :) xoxo ERIN

  23. so beautiful! I love all the family time!

  24. Love your new blog layout and now I want to have my hubby take me to Vail! I am in love!

  25. Those pictures are beautiful!!!!

  26. Wow Ford Park does look awesome!! Love all the stuff you guys got in this day!!

  27. What beautiful pictures! This looks like the perfect family vacation! I've never been to Vail, but now I want to go! And, I love your new blog layout. So easy to navigate with clean lines! Heidi


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