Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap - Family Dinner Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

Friday morning was rainy but we had a fun day of camp closing ceremonies and presentations so we didn't let the weather rain on our parade :)

It was a full day of running around and after a dinner of pizza and strawberries poolside we snuggled in for Beauty and the Beast.  Jack Bauer and I were the only ones who made it through and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!

Saturday morning started with a little bit of yard work...

... and a whole lot of breakfast/swimming/reading.  

Mason hunted for roly polies...

... Dave made us our FAVORITE kind of lunch...

... and we swam some more!

Griffin's Hat / Donut Float (PS - it's under $20 came with an electric pump!)

Saturday night we got our snacks ready and decided to watch A Dog's Purpose...

.... y'all!  What a TEAR JERKER!!!  The movie was so good and we watched it a second time on Sunday but we (me and Mason) were pretty much a crying mess from about 20 minutes in until the very end.  

Sunday morning was church and I wore this super fun dress.  I adore the eyelet fabric, the gorgeous hem and the fact that it's work-appropriate without a jacket.   It comes in a really pretty blush color as well - but I thought this print would be better for year round wear (also - if I'm being totally honest - I know that I'd spill something on that solid blush in no time and thought this one would be easier to take care of)

Also - let's talk about the mess on my stairs.  Anyone else fight this battle daily?

Sunday afternoon we took naps and got ready to have family over.  The boys shucked the corn for me and Griffin was "not tired" after her nap :)

We set out a few little table decorations and were ready for guests :)

Sidenote - if you're looking to make REALLY tasty corn you should try baking it!  I take each ear of corn, spread some melted butter on top and then sprinkle salt on it.  I wrap each ear individually in foil and then bake them on a cookie sheet at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes.  They come out PERFECT every time!

My brother, Mark, and his family along with my parents came over for burgers and family time.

And swimming...

We ate burgers...

.. and brownies with ice cream.  Yes ma'am.

Beau approved :)

Cute cousins!!!

I think this girl likes her Haha :)

We ended the evening talking and watching the kids play trains, work on their arm farts (yes... classy, I know) and cracking each other up.

It was a weekend filled with lots of the good stuff and we're starting the week with full bellies and fuller hearts!

Happy Monday, Friends!

PS - Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing our struggles!  Lighthearted and/or serious - we're going to be showing and telling about things that we struggle (or have struggled) with.

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  1. I feel your pain about the stair piles. I always put things at the bottom thinking the next person going up will take it. That person is always me :)

  2. That is the best corn ever, and yes to those stairs! #thestruggleisreal Happy Monday

  3. What a great weekend, Andrea! Tab and I took Nixon to the theater to see A Dog's Purpose and the girl beside me was sobbing!!

  4. That's my favorite kind of lunch too! Looks like y'all had a great weekend!

  5. Can Dave come make my lunch?! Ha! Glad you had a fun weekend. Those pool floats are awesome.

  6. Can you share details on your picnic table? We just moved into a house with a great back yard for entertaining, but I can't seem to find outdoor furniture that I love anywhere!

  7. What a fun weekend!! We also watched Beauty & The Beast and loved it! Maybe next weekend we'll watch a Dog's Purpose, I know my son would love it

  8. I have a basket on the stairs to collect things. Apparently I am the only one who thinks to takes the things upstairs when I pass by them.
    Hating the pool?!? Lol. It is the easiest entertainment with kids!!!

  9. Where did you get the cute kids' name plates from?

  10. Love your blog Andrea! And GG's hello sunshine hat 😍 Thanks for the link ☺️

  11. Where did you get G's bathing suit? So cute!

  12. The entire time we were watching Bwaury and the Beast I kept exclaiming "this is sooo good"! I've never tried baking corn on the cob. Putting it on my grocery list now!

  13. What a great weekend. A Dogs Purpose looks so good, but I know it would be a struggle to make it through. I don't know if I can sit through the torture! Ha! Beauty and the Beast is the best! Happy Monday!

  14. A Dog's Purpose, cried the whole movie. My daughter spent more time watching me ugly cry than watching the movie

  15. Andrea, the easiest and best way I have found to fix corn-on-the-cob. Pull off the "dead" looking outside shucks, and pull out the part of the tassels that pull out easily in your hand. Bake in pre-heated oven at 359 degrees for 30 minutes. Take out, hold the stem end with a pot holder or paper towels. Pull the shucks off, careful, it is very hot! The majority of the strings will just come off with the shucks! Butter and salt and eat!! Easy-peasy and sooo good! There will be very few strings to pull off the ears this way. Hope you like it.

  16. I do not think I can watch that movie! I love my dog so much I know I will be a wreck! Looks like a great weekend!!

  17. That corn tip is genius! I'm going to try that! Thank you! I'm glad you loved Beauty & the Beast! It's so good! I haven't watched A Dog's Purpose and have wanted to, but now I'm not so sure hahaha! (I don't do well with tear jerker type movies about animals!)

  18. The mess on the stairs - YES! ALWAYS. And it's so awful. I even tried putting a basket on the landing and there's still always junk on the stairs instead of the basket. Sigh.

  19. I prep the corn the same way but stick it on the grill. Easy and turns out great!

  20. Yes! The stairs are always awful. Mainly the first 2-3 steps. Ive tried a basket or a bag and nothing works. The rule is when you head up to bed you must take everything that is yours. It works sometimes ;)

  21. Your pool pictures are so good! If you loved the corn in the oven....try it on the grill. It's amazing. We also love to sprinkle a little chili powder on ours...yum. And a dogs purpose...I bawled like crazy

  22. Hi Andrea! Love you blog! I'm wondering about your beautiful picnic table in this post. Is that something that can be ordered (we live in Colorado) or did you purchase it locally? It is beautiful!


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