Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites - Camp Week Edition

Happy Friday!  

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This week has been busy but great!  All the kids have been at camps and have had the BEST time!  The nice part about it for me is that I've had a couple of hours of "solo time" every morning.  It's amazing how much I can accomplish when I'm solo! hahaha

Monday I was relishing the quiet time and I set out for a morning of errands with a stop at one of my FAVORITE places...

... swung through another one of my FAVORITE places...

... and then I stopped in at another FAVORITE place and grabbed some peonies while I was there!

Peonies are my FAVORITE and I've loved having them around the house this week.

I had a #momwin moment this week when I had the kids snack basket and the pantry fully stocked with all of their FAVORITES.  It lasted about 4 hours (or until the boys got home), but it happened!

And a new FAVORITE snack for mommy!

Griffin and I have been crafting/cooking a LOT in the afternoons while the boys are in camp.  Little art projects and baking with her are some of my FAVORITE things to do!

We celebrated one of our FAVORITE people earlier this week at a precious princess party!  GG had the BEST time!  The girls got to dress up, have their hair braided, get their nails painted and do several little crafts.  It was so cute!

 And look at the smile on the birthday girl!  SO SWEET!

This girl didn't hate the karaoke machine :)

I mean!  Talk about dress-up HEAVEN!  Griffin is in the blue in the picture below because she had changed again!

... and now she's in white after another dress change :)

I think my FAVORITE part may have been Bowen just watching the whole thing go down - such a sweet little best friend!


Another FAVORITE part was watching this girl go to town on her cupcake.  I love a girl who appreciates a good cupcake :)

And look how cute the picture and frame all the girls got was!

Oh! And my FAVORITE part of a party is wrapping the gift :)

Griffin's FAVORITE clothing item of choice recently has been bathing suits.  She was wearing this one to search for roly polies in the backyard...

... and then to pick up her brothers from camp :)  #picking my battles

Wednesday night we headed to the country club pool to try out the diving board for the first time this season.  Griffin was nervous about it the first couple of times and my mom was SO SWEET and walked her out on the board.

It took about 2 assisted jumps and watching her brothers jump for her to decide she was ready to do it on her own.  And then there was no turning back.  She declared the diving board her FAVORITE and proceeded to jump "one million times" ;)

It was a great night at the pool!

 I got a new phone this week and have been having fun playing around with the camera.  This picture is my FAVORITE so far...


With the kids in camp and me running around this week I've had to wear actual clothes (as opposed to the swimsuits and coverups I've been wearing!) and here are a few of my FAVORITES...

This shirt has an oversized feel to it without being too billowy and it's super lightweight.

 The ticking print is so cute and would be great for Fourth of July.

 Ignore my makeup-free face (and bathroom selfie - it was convenient!) - but this white shirt is casual and relaxed and a great closet staple.  (my jeans are on sale! and shoes are still on repeat)

I feel like my next piece is going to be controversial... I think it's a love it or HATE it kind of situation.  So wait for it...

It's a romper!  An extra comfy, extra flowy, extra FUN romper ;)  I wore it earlier this week and at least half a dozen people stopped me to ask me where I bought it.  The shoulders tie (I didn't take a great picture of that - sorry!) so you can adjust it easily and it's easy to get on and off for bathroom purposes.  

It's the most comfortable thing in my closet right now (which isn't shocking - hahaha) and I tried it on with a denim jacket and it looked cute so I'll be able to wear it to school (with the straps tied a little higher because looking at the picture below I realize I need to shorten the straps a bit - ACK!)  If you end up ordering it I'd love to hear your thoughts when you get it.

With brothers gone this girl and I have had lots of "family room picnics" this week with lots of our FAVORITE things!

 My dad was over earlier in the week and watching him teach the kids is one of my FAVORITE things.  He is NEVER too busy to stop, explain and answer all their questions.

Meanwhile these two were enjoying a few of their FAVORITE things... snuggles and cookies :)

Griffin and I hit up a couple of our FAVORITE places yesterday afternoon first up Zoe's Kitchen (#allthehummus)...

... and then a few hours at Playstreet...

They had a whole "pop art" station set up and it was so cute!

The big hit of the day was the blocks...

... and this was my FAVORITE part!

Here's hoping that your week was full of lots of your FAVORITE things!

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  1. Girl, tell me about those sandals you are wearing? I am totally struggling with plantar fasciitis right now and cannot find a pair of sandals that don't make my feet scream. Are those Birkenstocks? Can I rock those w my preppy wardrobe?

    Have a great weekend!

    1. They are!!! I love them!!! They're the most comfortable shoes I own so while I don't have any experience with that particular condition I can definitely vouch for their comfort!

  2. What a fun week you and Griffin have had whilst your boys are at camp where I'm sure they will have been having just as much fun!

    The diving board looks amazing. It looks like you had the whole pool to yourselves!


  3. I have heard that the new iphone cameras are absolutely incredible! That pic of Mason just proves it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love your blog, you are such a great momma. Been reading for years. You rock the romper! Love your style and confidence to wear what is "you". Our last day of school is today! ! All the praise hands!!! Exciting but was as my kiddos are growing up way too fast! our oldest will be in 6 Grade in the fall! Have an awesome weekend.

  5. So much love for this post!!! What a great week. And that romper = amazing!!!!

  6. What an awesome week!! I need to grab those pretzels next time I'm at TJ's! Yay for getting some solo time! :)

  7. Oh, Andrea!! I love all the swimming pictures and that living room picnic is so fun!! Happy Friday! XO N

  8. Griffin looks so cute in her princess outfit.

  9. I've said it before. I'll say it again. You are the cutest.

  10. Mama success!!! You're reading while she's playing her heart out!! Win win!

  11. That picture of your dad and the boys...I think my heart melted into a big puddle. So sweet. Nothing like a Papa.

  12. Oh, and that romper!!! Be still my heart.

  13. I love the gray dress in the first photo! Where is it from? :)

  14. That snack looks delicious and I love all the cute princess fun! Jess at Just Jess

  15. Your romper!! I tried one on the other day and thought I looked so silly, but yours looks great!!

  16. I love your romper! You look adorable!

  17. What a fun post! I love the princess birthday party! And the living room picnic. I'm stealing that idea for summer. My kids are older but I think it would still be a hit. Thanks for hosting the Friday Favorites linkup!

  18. Ordered the romper in black! Ekkk love it so much, can't wait to get mine in!

  19. Please tell me about that adorable dress you're wearing in the first couple of pics.

  20. Love so much about this post - I had to laugh about the snack basket because mine was FULL FULL FULL last week and now it's EMPTY. I need to bring my birthday presents to you, I love cute wrapped gifts and my bestie rocks a good wrapped gift especially at Christmas but it is not my gift! You always look so darling and Playstreet looks SO fun! My kids would love that! xoxo ERIN

  21. HI andrea..your link is closed already?? :) I will post it here...


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