Thursday, June 15, 2017

Red, White and Blue Decor

Nothing says summer to me like a little red, white and blue and even though red and blue aren't colors that I used in my everyday home decor I absolutely love  incorporating them during the summer.  

I have this tiered stand in the kitchen and all I did to this was switch out the white latte bowls I usually have on there with some red and blue. 

A few more latte bowls on the counter and my "signature" summer decor move... sticking little flags everywhere :)

If you've been reading here for a while you might remember the rocket garland I made years ago - I strung it above the kitchen window and the kids are obsessed!

I kept the kitchen table pretty simple... hydrangeas in a ceramic pitcher, a couple of little firecracker decorations (I picked them up at Hobby Lobby several years ago) and a pretty candle.

So the mantle is my favorite part of the decor this year.  I was at Hobby Lobby last week picking up a few craft supplies and this really pretty faux greenery caught my eye.  I loved that it was drapey and full and feathery.  The banner is burlap and I picked that up there as well.  

Before you head to Hobby Lobby check to see what they have on sale this week... There are two greenery pieces and they were $20/each (originally $40/each but the greenery was on sale last week) and the banner was $14 (originally $20, but 30% off).  

In the little nook I added more hydrangeas with a flag and some of the kids art.

I lucked out because Dave brought home a TON of hydrangeas on Saturday night that were left after a wedding.  Probably my favorite perk of his job :)

In the dining room I added more flags, hydrangeas and art...

Out front I put out the wreath I made a few years ago (tutorial HERE) and a couple of fun little firecrackers.  

The firecrackers are from Hobby Lobby as well and were on sale for $7/each.  I think they make a pretty big impression for under $15.  They would be super cute in flower pots on a patio or along a walkway leading up to your house or a pool.   LOVE them!

Out back I added a few more flags to our pots...

I have plans to share our patio space - but we just bought a new patio set so I'm going to wait until we get that put together and I get a few more finishing touches done.

Dave and I strung up the lights on Monday and as soon as we did the kids dubbed it their stage :) 

These aren't outside all the time, but some baby's breath in mason jars along with more flags (of course!) was an easy and festive centerpiece.  These would be great scattered throughout a buffet table on bookshelves, etc.

Below are the affiliate links to several products that were in this post or that fit the same aesthetic...

Hoping y'all have a wonderful Thursday and if you haven't already I hope you feel inspired to add a little red, white and blue to your home!


  1. Love all your red white and blue!! The lights outside are so pretty.
    I shared mine on my blog on Tuesday. It's so fun for the summer.

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. I'm the same way, add flags throughout the house, love red, white and blue decor!! Can you even imagine a summer without your pool now??!!

  3. Looks great, Andrea! So festive and cute!

  4. I love, love, love this decor! It's so cozy and festive for summer!

  5. Super cute, and in my opinion, you can't go wrong with hydrangeas

  6. Love it all!!! Do you leave this up through Labor Day or swap it out before school starts? Just curious! I put mine up mid May for Memorial Day and leave it through July...that Mud July-August decorating is always blahhhh to me!

  7. I love all of it! Perfectly festive! I'm quickly becoming addicted to the anthro bowls!

  8. Love your decor!! Those fresh flowers are an amazing perk - go Dave! I love your twinkle lights!!!

  9. Love this. I'm inspired by your decor! I better make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

  10. It looks adorable!! I'm off to decorate!

  11. Little flags are my go to as well! So easy to pop some in here and there and just adds some cute and 4th of july to my house!

  12. Hi! I am in love with the decorative tray you have on your kitchen table!! I know you would have linked it if it was still available but do you remember where you purchased it so I can keep my eyes peeled? I love how it has a tiny bit of height to it!

  13. Thanks for sharing your bunting source! I've been on the hunt for one, and now I know where to buy it! :)

  14. Your bunting on the mantle is my favorite and I noticed before this post. I've been thinking about it and even picked one up and was telling my daughter about yours. I think next time I'm in Hobby Lobby (maybe today😉) I just might have to get one for myself. Your are ready for the 4th friend!!!

  15. Isn't Hobby Lobby the best store ever?! It is hands down my favorite store. I go so often the cashiers all know me. Haha.

    Your decor looks great as always... I always love your holiday decor!

  16. I want that 2 tiered stand - it's so cute! I love your bunting. My mom always puts it up at the lake house for the 4th of July and it just screams summer and patriotism to me :)!!!! Have a great Thursday! xoxo ERIN

  17. Would you mind checking on the wreath tutorial link? It doesn't seem to work :(

  18. Love the little touches of red, white and blue without it being too much!


  19. Did you happened to do a how-to post on the rocket garland? I would love to do this with my daughter!


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