Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites - Dollar Movie Edition

Happy Friday, friends! 

ErikaNarci and I are all sharing our Friday Favorites and we'd love for you to join us!  Grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and link to your blog at the bottom of this post.  Easy!

First up on my list are pool nights!  As much as I love swimming in the mornings/afternoons with the kids, the post-dinner evening swims are my FAVORITE!

And our little watch dog in his FAVORITE spot! :)

After-dinner swims are G's FAVORITE as well...

This picture showed up on my "on this day" app and it SLAYED me!  It's from two years ago at swimming lessons and it's one of my FAVORITES!

So in a SUPER random turn of events Dave and I ended up on BuzzFeed this week.  Seriously... what the HECK?!?!?! We laughed SO HARD about our photo showing up!

And then we wanted to cry a little bit about the fact that we're old enough to be the included in the "back then" photos :)  Thank you to everyone who saw this and let me know!  

On Wednesday I took the kids to see the Lego Batman Movie and my FAVORITE part was that the tickets were $1.  One.  Dollar.  $4 on tickets and $8 for popcorn :)  We got there about 30 minutes early to get good seats (we had heard that day camps often show up and so it was important to get there a little bit ahead of schedule) and I was able to snap a couple of pics.  Popcorn at 9:30 am.  YUM!

If you're local here's the schedule for the rest of the summer!  We have a couple more on our list to see and it is such a steal!

Y'all know I'm having a love affair with my Birkenstocks.  I wear them ALL THE TIME!  I was totally intrigued when I saw that they made them in pretty much the same material as Natives and for $35 so I pulled the trigger and am OBSESSED!!!  They're the PERFECT pool/beach/lake shoes.  They float, dry quickly, are super lightweight and they are incredibly comfy!  You can find them HERE (and they even come in pink!)

My kids got the biggest kick out of the fact that they float :)

I'm picking up a pair for Dave for Father's Day!

And since we're talking shoes, check these out!  They're marked down and are then an additional 25-50% off!!  SO CUTE!  I grabbed a pair for Griffin and am so excited to get them in!

We have a new FAVORITE game in our house.... Quirkle!  We can't stop playing because it is SO FUN!!!

Another FAVORITE This week has been watching some of the plants I planted really start to take off!

Possibly my FAVORITE pool picture from the week...

... and my FAVORITE part of afternoons poolside :)

That smile is my FAVORITE!!!

And stealing mommy's sunglasses is her FAVORITE :)

Mason, Griffin and I hit up Playstreet earlier this week while Luke was at a birthday party and, as always, they dubbed it their FAVORITE place to play.  

Cutest drive-thru bank teller EVER!

We went right after lunch and it was super quiet.  Things picked up later in the afternoon, but it was so nice!

While the kids played, I did this...

And look how cute this Father's Day card craft they had set up was!  Too bad I couldn't convince either of my kids to partake. ;)

And look at the little architecture station!

Mason and G played soooooo well together for about the first 3.5 hours we were there (seriously! They played FOREVER!)... but about 30 minutes before closing time Mason hit it off with a little girl about his age and they wanted to play without Griffin :(  (which I think is totally okay by the way!  They all need to figure out how to play with other kids as well as by themselves)
 But she was CRUSHED!!! They "kind of" played with her - but it was so hard!  She kept saying, "but he's MY brother!"  SWEET GIRL!  When it was time to leave she was still pretty upset until he grabbed her hand and they walked out to the car together.  #sigh 

While we were at Playstreet Luke was with some of his FAVORITES celebrating a birthday!

Last but not least... with Father's Day this weekend I would be remiss not to mention our FAVORITE guy!!!  Dave is hands down THE BEST dad and we are so blessed to have him!

He's incredibly patient...

... and kind...

... and hands on.

And he takes absolute joy in our kids.  He ROCKS!!!
Happy (early) Father's Day, Dave!

We have SO ENJOYED this week and have a busy morning of errands planned for today followed by an afternoon in the pool and a fun evening outing.  We're excited to celebrate Dave and Haha this weekend with pasta, pie and a movie :)

Happy Friday, Friends!!

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  1. Yay for great dads! I am also married to one of the best dads out there! Your family photos are beautiful. Happy Father's Day to all!


  2. Love your sweet little pup! I also love how active you are with your family, dollar movie night looked like a blast! So cool to be able to go out for such a great night be able to splurge on treats! Hope you have an amazing weekend!


    1. Thanks, Julie! WE love hanging out with each other :)

  3. I'm gonna laugh all summer about you guys makingbit on Buzz Feed!!

  4. Oh, those pictures of the 3 in the pool are precious! Looks like the perfect way to spend a summer night!! Xo

  5. I love when the movies does cheap ones over the summer!! And OMG how funny your picture showed up!!!!

    1. Me too!!! IT makes it THAT much harder to pay the crazy ticket prices on regular times thought :) And I'm still laughing over the buzzfeed thing!

  6. That is too funny about your picture on Buzzfeed. Summer break is just the best!

  7. Hold up! Those Birkenstocks float? I'm going to need them in my boat bag stat!

  8. Have you blogged about your daughter's dance recital and I missed it? We have our first one coming up and I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to master it! #allthestuff #toomuchwaiting #hairandmakeupscareme

    1. You didn't miss it... we did (insert the hands covering eyes emoji here). hahaha

  9. You were on buzz feed - that's awesome and yes sometimes I sit back and think woah I am in my 30's how did that happen ;). So many cute things this week :) I love that unicorn pool float, it's so cute! xoxo ERIN

    1. Right?!?!! Like when all the contestants on reality shows are younger than you! hahaha

  10. Happy Friday, girl! The buzz feed picture still makes me laugh! And we LOVE the dollar movies!!

  11. That's so funny you wound up on BuzzFeed!!!!

  12. That is so funny that you were on Buzzfeed! What a fun surprise! My local theatre also does the dollar movies and we love going to them (even though it's just my husband and I!)

  13. That Buzzed thing is hilarious! But so true. My brother took a limo to his prom this year. I only wish I'd been that lucky for mine (10 years ago)!!

  14. I have those Birks in two colors & LOVE them! Every time I wear them to school someone else stops me & asks to try them on. We pretty much every color possible now walking our halls!


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