Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Embarrassing Moments

I am so excited about today! I've shared a few of these moments before and (thankfully) haven't had any majorly embarrassing moments since the last time I shared (2 years ago) so I'm sharing some of my best ones.  

I am so excited to read through all of your posts tonight and LAUGH!

My first embarrassing moment revolves around our sweet, sweet first baby, Cadence.  Look at how cute she is!!!  My most embarrassing moment should be that I dressed her up in a dog Spiderman costume for Halloween :)  I've always loved a theme!


I was in my first year of teaching (this was Pre-Luke) and when I got home from school one day I let Cadence out to potty and run around a bit and then decided to take her with me to the tire shop to get my tires checked, rotated, fixed, etc. (I don't remember exactly what I was doing there).  

Let's all look at how cute my car was!!!  I had a Vapor Blue beetle (this pic is from Google... but mine was exactly the same).

I loaded Cadence into the Beetle and headed to the tire store.  I parked, cracked the window and left her in the car while I went inside to give them my keys, fill out my paperwork and prepay.  A couple minutes later I ran out to the car, she hopped out and we spent the next 30 minutes or so walking around the little grassy area next to the shop (because this is what you do when you don't have kids and your dog is your baby).  

I heard my name on the PA system and watched one of the mechanics pull my car up front.  He got out of the car and handed me my keys - all with a strange look on his face.

He walked off and I opened the door for Cadence to get in and I IMMEDIATELY noticed dog poop! On the back seat AND the front passenger seat.  I WANTED TO CRAWL INTO A HOLE!!!  Those poor mechanics had worked on my car and then DRIVEN IT out front with two lab-sized poops in it!  I was so embarrassed and he had already walked away so I jumped in and drove off. (insert the eye-covering emoji here)

All these years later and I still can't show my face at that particular tire store for fear that they have a picture of me hanging up in the back labeled, "dog poop girl" or something equally accurate and awful.  I think the worst part was that they may have thought that I KNEW about it when I dropped it off. UGH! SO SO SO embarrassing!!!  If you happened to have worked at Discount Tire in McKinney in 2006 and are still there PLEASE tell your co-workers I had no clue she had pooped in the car!!!  PLEASE! :)

Next up (yes, there's more!) is a story that is way better when told instead of written...

OMG, right?!?!?!  So embarrassing!!! (I made this video two years ago and listening to myself tell the story made me sweat! hahaha)

I was teaching in my old classroom on our "Upper School" campus and was rushing out of my classroom during passing period to run to the bathroom and be back in time for my next class.  I was wearing heels (like.... pointy ones with a stiletto type heel) and the dress pants in the pic below...

... yes... I remember the pants.  They were my favorite and were a cute tweed with a big cuff at the bottom.  I loved those pants!  Anyway, right outside of my classroom, our Headmaster had a big group of people in suits (he was giving a tour to the Chamber of Commerce) and as I was walking out of my classroom door the heel of my shoe got caught in the cuff of my pant and I BIT IT!  Like.... ripped holes in the both the knees of my pants, blood everywhere and the palms of my hands were completely scraped and bloody.  Not only was the Chamber group out there, but so was the entire middle and high school since it was passing period.  I didn't know what to do and it was like someone hit the pause button because "everyone" had stopped and was staring at me.  So, naturally, I rolled over onto my back and laughed hysterically.  Someone helped me up, I made my way to the bathroom and then I taught the rest of the day with bandaged hands and ripped up pants.  Awesome.  

One other time I was sitting on my stool at my podium and had just given a lecture about study habits or something equally as sobering and then I got up to proceed to the next item of business and the heel of my shoe got caught on the bar of the stool and I face planted right there in front of my class.  And once again, I laid there and laughed. hahaha

Now you know why I only wear flats and wedges :)

And since we're talking about embarrassing moments, let's talk about when you're tagged in an embarrassing photo on Facebook.  I was looking for a pic of me in those pants and I came across these gems that I somehow forgot (or never realized) I was tagged in.


I was pregnant with Luke during basketball spirit week. Don't I look excited about it???

And speaking of excited... check out my obvious enthusiasm for my Subway sandwich I was inhaling my freshman year of high school.  Please note my AWESOME Doc Marten sandals (they were the coolest) and is anyone surprised that I have a plethora of writing instruments spread out in front of me?  :)

Hopefully you've all had a good laugh - now link up so I can read yours and not feel so alone in all my awkward embarrassment :)

Breastfeeding is beautiful and wonderful and I wouldn't trade my nursing experiences for anything in the world.  But nursing can also bring about some awkward moments :)

By the time Griffin was born I could breastfeed her in my carrier all while grocery shopping and wrangling a 5 and 2 year old.  Unfortunately when I only had Luke I was MUCH less adept at the whole nursing-on-the-go thing and one time I was out with my brother (I think we were shopping for something for him to a new job??) and I was sitting in what I THOUGHT was a private hallway nursing itty, bitty Luke.  I got all the way done and realized that there was not only a camera at the end of the hall, but also a giant mirror so employees in the store could see what was happening in the hallway.  Awesome.

When I had Griffin I was nursing her (under a cover) in the little "powder room" attached to the women's bathroom at an off-campus school event when a group of girls came into the bathroom.  I had been on maternity leave and they were so cute and excited to see me and we started talking.  One of them sweetly asked where the baby was and I was all, "well... I'm feeding her right now" and they totally didn't get it.  Cue the nursing baby slurping noises and then embarrassed giggles and "ohhhhhhs".  I'm not sure who felt more awkward.

So, link up below or leave your most embarrassing moment in the comments below!
 Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!


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  1. That bananas story is so hilarious!!!!! And the story about your dog is unreal! Love your baby bump. Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. Oh girl!! That dog poop story is too much!! How embarrassing! Hahahaha!

  3. Such a fun topic! I loved linking up! Reading they yours made me think of another embarrassing moment for me. I was 8 months pregnant and still doing my group aerobics class. I somehow tripped and fell flat on my back and just froze there like a turtle on its back. The entire class immediately froze in horror. Thankfully the baby was fine.


  4. Oh how I love reading these! Love you friend!! xo

  5. Ha ha these were great! Especially the dog poop!

  6. I completely understand the dog poop incident...I went to pick up youngest daughter from an after school event and her friend (first time giving this friend a ride home) with our Newfoundland (160#) and just before the girls got in the SUV, she made a massive poop in the back. We drove 10 miles to our house with the windows rolled down in winter up in PA. I exchanged vehicles to take her to her house and apologized profusely.

  7. I feel you on the Facebook photo tags! AGH! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thanks for hosting the link up! My most awkward moment involved nursing right after my baby was born and thanks to your topic, I was able to relive it all on the blog today. :)

  9. Oh em geee..at least the puppy was cute

  10. The heel in a pant cuff thing has totally happened to me too! I feel your pain.

  11. Oh my goodness. The dog poop story has me laughing!

  12. Oh my goodness your heels and face plants really made me laugh. I've done a few of those my time too. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was st work and I'd forgotten to do up the zipper at the back of my skirt. It was dark blue and my underwear was white. A couple of hours into my shift, a patient mentioned to my co worker that it looked like my zipper was down and could she tell me. Which she did kindly , we were the busiest we had been in a morning fir a while and I was mortified to finish up my patients and come back out to the waiting room, this time with zipper up and still full of people who obviously knew m. 😤 argh!!
    Another time I was riding my biking full speed, I was in high school and my wheel hit the gate joiner in the driveway. I went sailing over the handlebars with my cousin looking on and s few of his work buddies. I laughed so hard though I was dying inside and still in shock I was in the ground.
    I still laugh a mortified one these days she it it.

  13. Oh my goodness - I am laughing so hard about the dog poop. I would have died too. I had a Red Beetle exactly like yours. I thought it was my little apple and such a cute car for a young teacher. My husband who had to drive it for a year when we had kids didn't think as much ;). Thanks for sharing your stories, a great way to end my day! xoxo ERIN


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