Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Recap - Sickies Edition

 Thursday afternoon Mason spiked a fever at school so my weekend started a little earlier than I thought.  I was able to see this girl off on Friday morning and she was all smiles until she realized that I was staying at home and she was going to Miss Lisa's.  Poor baby!

I spent the day taking care of this sweet boy - who insisted on me taking a picture of him smiling to send to his daddy to show him he was "better" and could eat a taco and play outside :)

About 10 minutes later he passed out and slept for a solid 8 hours.  I woke him up intermittently to sip Gadorade and eat some ice chips, but other than that it was a really quiet day.

He was up for a couple of hours, ate a piece of pizza and then he passed out here on Friday night.  Look how tiny he looks!!! We let the fever run it's course and it broke early Saturday morning.  So thankful that it wasn't anything more than that!

Saturday morning this girl and I broke out of the house and hit up dance class...

... and then Trader Joe's.

Pit-stop at the coloring station ;)

So we grabbed some produce and eggs and some snacks for school lunches and such and I also picked up that tub of cookies you can see on top and OH MY WORD they are so good!!! They're crispy chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate coated side made for dunking in milk.  OBSESSED!

Afterward, Griffin and I made a pitstop at Callaways to grab a couple of ferns and pots.  It was a chilly stop, but I was cracking up because she was counting all the pots and despite being FREEZING she didn't want to leave until she had finished :)


I told y'all how much I loved my Dyson stick vacuum!  An added bonus is how easy it is for my kids to use!!! I would have preferred that he use another attachment... but whatever... he's vacuuming!  Every Saturday morning we help the boys clean their rooms and I am always amazed at what they can do on their own given the chance.  

Saturday afternoon I took Luke to his basketball game and had so much fun watching him play and then celebrate a win with his team!

Look how cute!!!

Typical Saturday afternoon attire :) hahaha  

This girl woke up from her nap all rosy-cheeked and a teeny bit feverish.  But look how cute she is!!!

When you get photobombed by your dog :) 

We ate dinner, played some games and had a dance party in Griffin's room...

(my parents gave Griffin this light for Christmas and it's been such a big hit!  It changes colors, rotates and has a timer so it shuts off automatically).

Dave took a break after his dinner rush to come home and tuck in kiddos and found us upstairs like this :)  It pretty much sums up my day day.  Covered in kids!

Griffin was still a bit feverish (really low grade) and Mason was still tired on Sunday morning and so we stayed home from church and just kind of laid low. 

We cleaned and got organized for the week and Mason finished up his "Bear of the Week" project.

I got some school stuff done and put my beanie back on to avoid the hair mess underneath for one more day :) 

We worked a bit in the backyard, cleaned the pool, rode bikes and threw the football around because #superbowl :)

We finished the night off on the couch with full bellies and lots of fun memories from the weekend.  It wasn't how we anticipated spending the past few days - but it was great.  Lots of snuggles, lots of time to slow down and lots of time together.  

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend!
    Hope everyone is feeling better this morning!!
    That light is amazing!

  2. I'm so glad you guys got all rested up for the week. I could use one more day this weekend. ;)

  3. I hope everyone feels better!! See you tomorrow :).

  4. Hand one of my kiddos the dyson stick vac and they stay entertains forever. Lovevthat thing! I'm glad everyone is feeling better!

  5. My goodness McKinney is a petri dish right now! Carter was sick last week (6 were out in his class), and his friends class had 11 out! Glad yours are all on the mend!

  6. Hope everyone is feeling better! Griffin with the football is just precious!! Xo

  7. Boo, I'm sorry the kiddos were sick! I am totally adding that light to my kids' wishlist! And we LOVE those cookies from TJ - I think they're called dunkers??? So good!!

  8. We've had a little viral infection going around the Hensley house. Hope you all are feeling better!

  9. Hope everyone is on the mend and no one else gets bitten by the bug!!!

  10. We also love those chocolate chip dunkers cookies from TJ' much so I had to stop buying them because we were eating them like they were going out of style!

  11. TJs is my FAV! The closest one is 1.5 hours away, but that doesn't stop me! Can't go every week...but I try to get over there every two months or so.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  12. We have that same devotional book! Poor glassy-eyed girl but what a sweet smile :)

  13. I love restful weekends and getting caught up! Hope everyone is feeling back to 100%!


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