Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap - Pretty Perfect Edition

This weekend was a whole lot of perfect.  Not a lot on the agenda, great weather and a whole bunch of time together.

Friday I had a staff meeting after school and then I stayed for a couple more hours to try and get caught up and then get ahead on next week.  When I took off a couple of days off when Mason was sick I got behind on grading and planning and it just tends to snowball from there (teachers... you know what I'm talking about, right??)  Thankfully, we're off today and my plan is to work for a bit wrapping up grading and then I'll be good to go.  Seriously.  I hate being gone from school!!!

Friday afternoon we managed to soak up some sunshine after school...

... and then Haha stopped by to say hi and Belle treated him to a piece of carrot cake.  She likes to share with Haha because he lets her eat as much icing as she wants.  ;)  At this point the boys had bellies full of pizza and they were sequestered in my bed with #allthepillows watching Star Wars.

Saturday morning Mason and I took Pinkalicious to dance class :)  

And while his sister danced, he crafted.  He was drawing and then cutting out things from a birthday party.  Seriously - he is so flipping creative.  I love his imagination!!!

He did take a short break to watch GG bust a move or two.  We will NOT be moving on the day of her recital this year and can't wait to watch her perform!

After dance we hit up Trader Joes where we indulged in bananas (I love it there because they sell them by the piece and not by the pound so I just keep track of how many they eat and pay at the end) and samples of blueberries and whipped cream.  

There's a cute little coloring station by the checkout and I always have to pry them away when it's time to actually leave.

We dropped Mason (and our cold groceries) off at home and Griffin and I headed to Kroger for a few non-Trader Joe's essentials.  She found her bubbles in the van and wanted to blow bubbles SO BAD!!!  She hasn't quite figured out how yet so she pretty much just pretended the whole time. :)

"GG... come on, sweet pea" ;)

Saturday afternoon we played outside, played outside more and then played a little bit more after that.  Later that afternoon I was starting to prep for a new recipe I was trying out and Luke asked if he could help.  He pretty much took over and I was so impressed with how much he could do on his own!  Such a big helper who I definitely plan on utilizing more often in the kitchen :) 

(I'll blog the recipe later this week - spoiler alert... it's delicious!!!)

Mason had a playdate with his BFF and then we all snuggled up for a movie and popcorn. 

Sunday morning we hit the road (and the donut shop!) early and headed to the lake for a day of FUN with my parents!!!  Kayaking, bb-gun shooting and about 3 dozen other things in between :) 

I would share those pictures today... but I'm typing this out on Sunday night and a flashlight walk and movie night are calling my name!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. Griffin's dance pics get me every time. Too cute! We are currently debating names for our fourth. I have a lot of rules a name has to meet and Griffin is one of my top pics at the moment. Don't quite have the hubby on board yet. We'll see!

  2. Pinkalicious was looking on point for her dance class. I've been following along with your lake pictures and they're so good! I know you had a blast!

  3. The very last picture is my absolute FAVE! xo

  4. I missed 3 days because my baby had the flu...I felt like I had been gone a month! Thankfully, a teacher work day was at the end of the week. It's much easier to work sick than to be absent for a teacher!

  5. What a perfect weekend!! How fun that Luke helped with the new recipe! I love how creative Mason is!

  6. Love seeing your oldest help in the kitchen. How special. Sounds like a really great weekend!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  7. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! What fun, friend!!!

  8. I'm in my 28th year of teaching and have 130 days saved that I will lose at retirement if I don't use them. I understand the whole harder to be away than at work teacher thinking.

  9. I love GG's French fry dress. My 5 year granddaughter loves French fries, which is an occasional treat for her. Where did you get that darling dress?

  10. You have such a precious family ❤

  11. What a fun weekend! I still LOVE G's dress!!


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