Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Recap - SNOW Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  Friday was SUPER exciting around here because it SHOWED!!!  Well... it kind of snowed :) More of a dusting, but it's out of the ordinary and pretty awesome.  

The next picture might by my favorite from the whole "snow event" because can you see that door in the background? The one by the balls?  That is the door we had walked out of and by the time we were at this spot we already had snow in our clothes and tears :) Such is snow.

20 feet.  A snowball.  Tears.

We couldn't get home quick enough to play!

But it didn't last long... Mason was super disappointed that the snow was cold and he was inside pretty quick.

This cutie was in his element.  He loved every second of it and didn't come inside until his hands were numb :)  I feel like his Canadian family would be proud.

Griffin got home, we ate pizza and warmed up by the fire.

 Griffin got a doctor kit and scrubs for Christmas and it's seriously my favorite game to play.  I lay on the couch and have to close my eyes while she does her work.  #momwin

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early for dance.  She's missed it the past couple of weeks and was excited to see her friends and teacher.

While we were at dance the boys were at home doing this...

Dave and I were downstairs cleaning when it got suspiciously quiet upstairs...

Dr. Mason was on call ;)

After lunch we headed to Luke's basketball game...

And ended the day with the Storks movie...

Sunday morning we had church and then went straight to Mason's basketball game.  I forgot his undershirt and so he looked SUPER cool ;) 


This picture cracks me up so much because every kid in the picture is on the same team ;)

How cute is this picutre that another mom snapped?!?!  Team prayer after the game. 

We headed home for an afternoon of prep and relaxing for the week ahead including baked potato soup.

Luke had another game Sunday night and Dave stayed home to get the littles in bed while I went with Luke.

 Both boys are having a great time and we're loving watching them try something new.  If I have to be honest I hope they like basketball more than soccer because I'd SOOOO rather sit in a gym and watch than out on a soccer field at 3:00 p.m. in August ;)

Such a great weekend bundled up with my babies.  Looking forward to a full week back at school and then a looooong weekend!  Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Me too, friend!! I'd take a gym over the soccer fields any day. Haha!

  2. We got a similar dusting of snow last week and I posted a pic of my boys sledding on the grass...with no snow! Have to enjoy it when they can.
    Griffin's hat is killing me. So cute!!

  3. I laughed at your IG story this weekend of Mason crying because the snow was so cold!! Poor baby but it was too funny!! Have a wonderful Monday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. yay for the upcoming long weekend!

  5. Your weekend nights are always so cozy. I'm about to just go over there myself and hop in a sleeping bag!

  6. Give me alllllll the snow even if it's a dusting!!! My son was loving it as well!! I just love how creative and fun your kiddos are. Do they get much screen time? I'm always torn between what too much screen time (on an iPad). Especially with educational games.
    Happy Monday!!

  7. GG in that beanie is just too cute! What a fun weekend kicked off with the excitement of snow!

  8. My boys just made the switch from soccer to basketball and I am sooooooo hoping they stick with it. Being inside a gym is priceless! I paid my soccer dues for five years! Besides, bb is so much more fun to watch!

  9. Yes, give me an indoor sport all day long! Presley wants to try volleyball, and I'm thrilled! We are making your baked potato soup tonight!! Yum!

  10. Yay for even a little snow :) Griffin in those scrubs kills me! Adorable! And how fun for the boys both being in basketball. My son is also playing this year for the first time

  11. I totally agree!! Give me the indoors in summer and winter!!

  12. Your recipe for potato soup looks delish! Can you share it? ~Jamie

  13. Looks like a great weekend, minus the snowball:) How did you like Storks for the kids?

  14. THAT soup is giving me all the warm feels! I want it right now! I love the goldfish in the popcorn, it's a way better alternative to my m&m's that my kids are obsessed with! I'll have to try it!

  15. Dr Mason and Ballet Griffin? Sooo cute!


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