Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites - Short and Sweet Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!!  We are TIRED over here!  Somehow this short week has felt loooooong and I am so missing our pjs all day!  

Erika, Narci and I are so excited about Friday Favorites again this year and if you want to join up this week (or any week!) all you need to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!!!) of us and then share your Friday Favorites post.  Easy!

First up on my list this week is my #bestnine from 2016.  So many great moments and fun memories with family and friends!  Y'all... that moment in my bottom left STILL cracks me up.  She STILL wants that cake for her birthday! ;) 

If you're a teacher (or a parent of a kid probably 11 or up) this sign is for you...

... my New Years Resolution is for all my students to STOP FREAKING DABBING! ;)  This sigh is my FAVORITE.

On Facebook this week I saw an idea where you take an empty jar and once a week (or more often!) you jot down a good thing that happened and then on New Year's eve you empty it and read about what a great year you had.  Isn't that fun???  We've started our jar and I think this is going to turn into a FAVORITE family tradition.

The week before Christmas Griffin and I went back to Walls of Clay to pick up the pieces that the kids painted a few weeks ago.

Look how CUTE!!!  I adore his little painted name on the top.

AFter we got home he added himself and his bestie Jack driving the truck with Sharpie :)

Luke's controller box turned out SO FUN!!!

He's been keeping all of his change in it.

Griffin REALLY wants to play with the cupcake she made, so we had to put it on a higher shelf since we're afraid she's going to break it.  ISn't is fun?!?!  It opens up and when she's bigger she'll be able to use it to hold special little treasures.

We had an absolute blast painting and the kids adore their projects.  For the entire month of January you can go to Walls of Clay (downtown McKinney) and get 20% off pottery painted in the studio (it doesn't apply to custom work, birthdays or workshops) by mentioning Momfessionals at the register!  How fun is that?!?!  

I saw this earlier this week and LOVED it!!!  Hard to remember sometimes but printed this sucker and put it in my Bible along with a few of my other FAVORITE quotes and verses.

GG went  back to Miss Lisa's this week and it's hard to believe it's her last semester there.  She's been with her since she was less than 4 months old (and before that we'd been using her for 2 years for the boys) and it's so strange to think that we won't be dropping someone off or picking someone up there every day.  Miss Lisa and her friends there are Griffin's FAVORITES and she was so excited to get there on Tuesday and see everybody (and show them her baby and her mouth full of goldfish) ;)

Tuesday we had a teacher work day and after a full morning of lesson planning, prepping and cleaning my classroom I treated myself to my FAVORITE meal from Zoe's Kitchen.  I'm drooling.  I'm not sure what they do to their hummus to make it so dang good, but it's amazing.

Monday was GORGEOUS here (after a crazy rainstorm the night before) and we spent the day playing and cleaning up outside.  Luke's bestie came over that morning and they played so well we ended up extending the playdate into a sleepover and those crazies stayed up until after 1 am playing Legos.  A pretty amazing last day of break was our FAVORITE!

Santa left me this dishtowel in my stocking and it's been putting a smile on my face all week.  I'm a sucker for a pretty towel and the tassels and embroidery on this one don't disappoint.

Mason gifted me this picture after school yesterday and I immediately hung it up on my bulletin board with my other FAVORITES.

My list is short and sweet this week because mama is tired and I'm resting up for a weekend back at dance, basketball and other activities. 

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

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  1. I've done those jars a couple years now. It was started at my church one year...we call them "Blessing jars" or "Joy jars"

  2. I've done those jars a couple years now. It was started at my church one year...we call them "Blessing jars" or "Joy jars"

  3. That jar is a fantastic idea!! Happy Friday friend!

  4. Happy Friday! Love the idea of the jar with good things written down! Thanks for hosting and hope you have a great weekend :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  5. I love the memory jar, Andrea! Slaughters are gonna try it!

  6. Why won't they stop dabbing????? And thankfully we don't keep bottles around so I don't have to see the incessant flipping. Ha! Isn't reentry back into life after break hard??? Happy Friday!

  7. Fifth grade teacher here... I need that sign in my class! I don't get the whole dabbing and flipping water bottle craze!

  8. Happy Friday! All the heart eyes for that quote! LOVE it! And that pottery your kiddos made is just too cute!

  9. No dabs and no more bottle flips! #makeitstop

  10. What a great idea for the jar! Also, that hummus at Zoe's kitchen is the best!!!

  11. I'm so out of the loop and my kids are small - what the heck is dabbing!? LOL I love how the kids art pieces turned out! I so want to do that with my kids!

  12. For heavens to Betsy I NEED that sign. My 10 year old will not stop dabbing and now my 7 year old won't quit. I won't allow water bottles or I feel certain that crazy train would be moving here too. ;-) I love the jar idea!!!

  13. Mason is such a great little artist! And yes we love Zoe's too!!! I get their chicken kabobs but hummus is always a must each time too.

  14. That first week back is HARD! Your kiddo's art pieces are adorable, they definitely have some painting skills:). Hard to believe that GG will be riding to school with you and the boys in just 7 months! And, yay for homeschooling because dabbing and water bottle flipping do not happen here. Ha! My 15yos know about them but it's not a "thing" for them. Happy Friday,Andrea!

  15. We are doing the New Year's jar, too! What a fun tradition for families. :)

  16. That classroom sign has me cracking up, even my first graders need this sign! And I am totally obsessed with Zoe's Kitchen, they have a Greek salad that is amazing! Happy New Year!

  17. Your pics of your children are just fabulous! What a cute bunch you have!

  18. Sending you energy for the week back at school. I can't believe its already halfway through the year. And mediterranean takeout is my love language:)

  19. Cute stuff! I don't mind the dabbing as much as the bottle tossing. What a pain!! And Zoe's is my very favorite. I could eat there every single day and not get tired of it. I have finally gotten my hubby to like a couple of things there too so we can lunch date there.

  20. That sign is amazing! Even some of my little first grade boys "dab," and I'm all, " what the heck are you doing"?


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