Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites - Lots of random edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

Erika, Narci and I are linking up and sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us just link back to one (or all!) of us, grab our graphic and share your own Friday Favorites!

It has been soooo unseasonably warm this week which has been a beat down, but there have been some pretty incredible sunrises and fog when we get to school so you can't be too mad :) This view when we pull in is my FAVORITE!

This came across my Facebook feed and I about DIED laughing.  Racoons are my new FAVORITE ;)

I had the best time seeing everyone's Halloween costumes on social media this week, but my friend from High School and his family WON HALLOWEEN....

Isn't that the BEST?!?!  When I emailed him to ask if he cared if I shared this I had to compliment their commitment to the characters ;)  His pregnant wife as Pedro is my FAVORITE.  Or maybe his son as Kip.  Or his face.  I mean!!!! 

I can't attest to this top being a FAVORITE yet because it hasn't arrived, but it appears to have all the qualities of a favorite fall top.  LOVE the ribbing and the ruffle!  If grey isn't your thing it comes in 6 different colors.

Anyone else follow Lauren Manzo  on Instagram?  The Manzos are my FAVORITE Real Housewives family and this her IG post summed up how I felt a lot of this week :)

Dave knows what I week I've had and brought me not one, but TWO of my very FAVORITE drinks.  I told my middle school girls that should be on the lookout for someone who would bring them Starbucks (and guacamole!) in the middle of the day when they were looking for a husband :) hahaha

Mason and Griffin had dentist appointments this week and they were both sooooooooooooo excited!  Seriously.  Going to the dentist is their FAVORITE and seeing that protective apron go all the way to his ankles is my FAVORITE part :)

I've talked several times about how Hunter boots are my FAVORITE for Griffin because she can wear them all year long here.  Well.... I found a couple of great pairs for an awesome price!  

I ordered her these boots in an 8 (they'll come printed with a 7 on the bottom because of UK sizing) and I know they're going to be a little bit big on her, but I think we'll get at least 2 years of wear out of them.  She's going to LOVE the purple sparkle and I can't believe that they're the "big girl" style instead of the "first Hunters" she's always worn!  They're 33% off right now (in the purple color) and free shipping and returns!  Awesome!

They also have these pink glitter boots on sale for 33% off as well!

We packed up our Halloween decorations this week and the kids were sad to see some of their FAVORITE decorations go away for another year. 

But once I started pulling out a few Thanksgiving things their spirits were high again :) 

These plates are from Pottery Barn Kids a couple of years ago and it doesn't look like they have plates again this year (or they're already sold out online) but how sweet is this paper table runner?!?!  I love that the kids can color on it and fill out what they're thankful for.

I mentioned earlier that it's been unseasonably warm, but I've been itching to wear sweaters and scarves so I've been wearing my FAVORITE mixed print scarf on repeat.

My scarf is older and sold out, but I think both of these give a similar look.  


When I took Mason to the dentist this week he and I saw a truck with a huge hook on it and then this happened...

OMG, right?!?!?!  I laughed sooooo hard!!!  He told our dentist, the hygenist and the receptionist all about the truck ;)  So funny!!!

I hope y'all have an awesome weekend planned!  We have Mason's last soccer game and party, a birthday party and plans to get out finish getting out the Thanksgiving decorations

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

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  1. Hahaha loved the part about relating yourself to a raccoon - I am with you, and that definitely made me smile :) That gray top looks so cute - I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for hosting :)

    Sarah Bell

  2. "I want to murder somebody AND I want a soft pretzel." SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! And your friends family wins Halloween AND LIFE. Best family costume I've ever seen!

  3. I dyed laughing when you posted masons truck story in Instagram Stories. The best pick me up in a tough week.

  4. That scarf gives me all the happy feels!!

  5. So I think I'm a raccoon now!! Those Hunters are just too adorable!! The glitter😍😍

  6. The purple glitter hunters are beyond! That's all ; )

  7. Oh my gosh, a hooker truck! Holding a big pole! Dyyyyinnnnnnnnnggggg!! Oh and those purple hunters are so adorable!!

  8. Those Hunter's are adorable! I love your Thanksgiving plates for PBK, we purchased a few about 2 or so years ago and I haven't been able to find anymore :(

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm with Mason and Griffin...I love the dentist and actually look forward to going!

  10. I absolutely love those Thanksgiving plates. I haven't been able to find any good ones!

  11. Two things. 1. Apparently raccoons are my spirit animal. Who knew? 2. Purple and sparkly are my love languages. Quinn will be adding those to her closet ASAP.

  12. I've always loved raccoons but I never realized we had so much in common! That is some solid dating advice, coffee & guacamole mid day are always appreciated. And I need to mention how happy it makes me to see Thanksgiving decor and not Christmas trees the day after Halloween. Happy Friday! :)

  13. Oh my goodness I hate that your scarf is sold out! It is gorgeous! Not that I need another one anyway, but you know...

  14. Those scarves are adorable...
    And OMG THOSE COSTUMES! Seriously might be the best family Halloween costume I've ever seen!!!!

    Thanks for hosting:)

  15. We have the light Blue Hunter glitter boots & they're our favorite!!! We may need purple in our life though .... & maybe those pink ones too! :)

  16. I love the gold ring you're wearing in your scarf selfie! Do you remember where you got it from or the brand?

  17. Your scarf is amazing, I love it. I am also the weird kid that loves the dentist but doctors give me major anxiety. Those plates and table runner are the cutest. Now I know I need to stalk PB kids for decor around the holidays. Jess at Just Jess


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