Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ALL the festive fun :)

Y'all.  We have celebrated Halloween HARD this year :)  I feel like we've been dressing up, going out and stuffing our faces with candy for days.  

Saturday was dress-up day at Griffin's dance class and she asked to be a ballet kitty.  One kitty coming up ;)

Showing me her kitty claws :)

Sunday evening we headed to the Halloween Spooktacular at the second clubhouse...

We were laughing because exactly a week prior they were standing here in tuxes and a flower girl dress! ;)

They had cute little games set up along with bounce houses.  So much fun!

Look who we ran into!!!

There was an amazing balloon artist...

... a haunted hayride (the boys went on this and I missed it)... and cookie decorating.

Oh. My. Word.

And these girls TORE UP the dance floor ;)

I. mean.

It was flipping 90 degrees out and we were a sweaty mess, but it was so much fun!

After baths we carved our pumpkins!

Mason designed his "scary pumpkin face"

Griffin picked a kitty (just like last year)...

And Luke picked a Minecraft Creeper (I think this is what he did last year or the year before as well).

Monday morning Dave informed me that "Oh yeah.... Griffin can wear a costume to Miss Lisa's today".  Awesome :)  Her Little Red Riding Hood costume was covered in mac and cheese and icing from our good time the night before so we improvised with the skirt from her birthday party.

She even stood on one foot like a real flamingo :)

Monday after school I got everyone's costumes together including Dave's Bubba Gump hat.  I ordered a $3 hat from Amazon, printed the logo out on card stock and hot glued it.  It ended up looking PERFECT!

I also got our traditional mummy dogs ready...

... and then it was party time!!!  We invited lots of friends over to trick-or-treat the new hood and were so excited!!!  Griffin found some witch hats in our dress up box last week and decided that she wanted to be a witch for trick-or-treating.  We made it work with things we had on hand and I think she looked PRECIOUS!

The hat was giant on her which I think added to the cuteness :)

Dave and I pulled together a super easy costume!  Jenny and Forrest Gump!

The hat I made for Dave and the Whitmans box is actually just a picture printed on cardstock :)

My dress and poncho are both Free People and my headband I borrowed from Griffin :)

Halloween 2016!  

So.  Much.  Fun.

Our Anna Grace even stopped by to say hi!!!

And "witches brew" for the kids before we set off...

You try saying no to this sweet face!!!

Most of the crew!

And the grown-ups!!!

And we're off!

I loved trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood and was afraid that our new one wouldn't be as fun... well... it was even better!!!  

Mason's besties Jack and Ben even got to stop by and trick-or-treat with us for a bit!  Aren't they the cutest?!?!?!


Excited about her pixie sticks :) She was constantly holding her treats in the air and yelling "I love Halloween!!!"  

Me too, girlfriend!

Those are all our people :)

Loved the eyes in the window on the right!

When we got home we got cleaned up and then started the sorting process.  I think my kids may actually enjoy this more than the actual trick-or-treating. ;)

It was the best Halloween yet.  We all had a blast and are sad to see this season go.

Hoping y'all were able to make the most of Halloween and celebrate a BUNCH!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. It looks like a good time was had by all! I just love the flamingo picture! Too cute!


  2. So much fun, Andrea! We had a blast! My kiddos' favorite is your special punch! And how did I miss that cute little witch in her hat?

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the parent picture!!! You and Dave totally nailed it!!!

  4. What a fun night last night!!!! Thank you so much, friend! Xo

  5. So much fun! I miss Halloween already! Love Griffin's flamingo costume!!

  6. I love big group trick or treating! So much fun for the kids AND adults!

  7. This looks like the best time!! I love yours and Daves costumes and of course the kids looked awesome!

  8. Where are your kids Halloween bags from? I love them!

  9. That last picture of Mason, cracks me up! He's so happy! :)

  10. Hi! I've been following your blog for well over a year already *shakes head in embarrassment* and have never left a comment! So anyway, I'm from Alberta, Canada and since I knew you are originally from Canada yourself, I was just wondering if you sometimes miss Canadian chocolate and if you have your Canadian family ever send you "care packages" of treats from this side of the border? Anyway, I think your family is adorable and I love sitting down and reading through your blog every morning :)

  11. Awww love the cookies! I used to make cookies with my nieces and nephews for a lot of holidays. All the costume were so cute and creative, but the flamingo is my favorite :)


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