Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekend Recap - Little Late Edition :)

Friday morning the boys had PJ day at school!  The comfier the better. ;)

They have the cutest little parade and it's such a fun morning.

I mean.  Not sure it gets a whole lot more precious than this :)

The different grades line the deck and they all high five as they walk through.  So sweet!

Sister came and had so much fun :)  Next year we'll have three kiddos in the parade!

Friday afternoon my mom took Luke to the lake house with her and so it was just Mason, Griffin and I for dinner . We headed to the club for pizza and had a sweet time just the three of us.

We doodled Halloween pictures and talked all about trick-or-treating. 

Saturday morning Mason had an 8 a.m. soccer game so we rallied bright and early and went to cheer him on.

Snack mom life :)

After dance the littles, Jack Bauer and I loaded up and headed to the lake!  That batman hat kills me EVERY TIME! He loves it :)

Movie watching before we even left :)

And we're here!!!  They couldn't WAIT to get their life jackets on and head down to the dock with Haha.

The next picture had me ROLLING!!!  mason was showing her a bug he found. hahaha

Cutest little fisherman!

Luke had fished the night before with my dad and was pretty much an old pro :)

Catching minnows...

After fishing we headed back to the porch to color and grade some papers. Not a bad view!

Then we set out to explore a bit!

 Check out Mason and Jack!

Checking out a really huge caterpillar!

GORGEOUS!!!  They JUST closed last week so there's lots of work to be done - but look how pretty it already is!

Campfire time!!!

After s'mores we hunkered down inside with a movie and enjoyed hanging out for the rest of the evening.

 These two were up bright and early on Sunday morning so I set them up with a movie for a bit.  SO CUTE!

Dave had to work on Saturday night but he drove up early Sunday morning and we were SO excited to see him!!!

(PS - check out my Dad's house shoes... they're from Holland. hahahaha)

 Magformers on the porch!

The lady who owned the house left 99% of her belongings including a HUGE collection of jugs, vases, chickens and ducks.  My mom saved a few for the kids to play with and they had so much fun with them!

The kids were so excited to show Dave around the house and property and soon they were chit chatting up some fishermen out on the dock.

We caught some minnows to use as bait and fished for a few hours.  I was shocked by how much fun the kids had and how patient they were!

 After lunch we loaded up and headed home for Mason's soccer game and the Spooktacular event at the club.  Jack Bauer was ready to ride :)

It was the perfect little overnight and we are SO EXCITED about all the adventures we'll have there.  We're beyond thankful to my parents for providing such an awesome place for all of us to make some amazing memories. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. Andrea! Your parents' lake house is spectacular!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Your family is gonna have an absolute blast making memories at that cute lake house! So cool!

  3. You are going to have years and years of the most special memories there. What an awesome place!

  4. Girl, that lake is beautiful!! What a fun time!!

  5. How awesome is that lake house!? You are definitely going to make the best memeories there!!

  6. How fun! It's so nice to have a vacation home to go to for family getaways!

  7. Nothing beats some fishing and campfires! You guys will have so much fun there over the years. Love your dad's shoes!

  8. My parents had a lake house too. So much fun for the littles. Enjoy!!!

  9. So much fun! There will be lots of great memories made there!

  10. We bought a camper a little over a year ago so that we could spend time camping as a family and enjoying campfires, fishing, riding bikes, etc in the great outdoors. It's so good for kids to get out and do those simple things that seem to go by the wayside in these busy days. So glad that your kids and you all as a family now have a place like that to visit and get outside. Our kids love camping!

  11. AAAH! To whoever commented asking if it's a long drive... I accidentally hit delete instead of publish on your comment! SO SORRY!!! And to answer your question... it's right around an hour and a half so not long at all!

    1. Awesome! What a blessing! So many beautiful memories will be made! ♡

  12. Andrea, I hope that you and your family have the very best time making wonderful memories and the Lake House.

  13. I would love to know what Lake this is! My in-laws are looking for a retirement lake house in DFW and this lake is beautiful!!

  14. Wow! That lake house, yard, deck and lake are all gorgeous! I especially love the big deck and screened in porch on the back of the house. What a dream! Enjoy!!


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