Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites - Tiny Tuxes Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!!  Erika, Narci and I are all sharing our Friday Favorites and we'd love for you to share and link up as well!  Grab our graphic, link back to one (or all) of us and share your Friday Favorites!

First up - these two have been playing SO WELL this week!  I have no clue what they're doing most of the time, but playing nicely is my FAVORITE :)

And when co-workers clean out their older boys playroom and gift a set of tiny wrestlers to your boys that's a FAVORITE as well :)

It was CRAZY warm earlier this week, but i still managed to sneak in a FAVORITE scarf and booties.

Amidst all the political stuff on Facebook this week, this made me smile.  Chick fil a is my FAVORITE :)

Jack Bauer got a haircut this week!  Having him all fresh and clean is a FAVORITE!  Look how handsome!!!

Ummmm.... self explanatory FAVORITE ;)

And I had girls over, served some of my FAVORITE food and had some good, cathartic girl talk.  It was so needed!!!

Tea parties have been a FAVORITE after school activity...

.... as have puppy kisses :)

I snuggled in in my FAVORITE comfy cardigan...

... and so did Griffin.


I spent some time doodling for my classes (my FAVORITE!!!)

... and went ahead and filled them in for a few absent students :)

This picture of one of my FAVORITE things cracked me up...

... and splashing in puddles cracked up this sweet girl.

These two and their crazy faces were my FAVORITE way to be greeted at ESS...

... and watching this boy draw while we waited for Luke to finish up at speech is my FAVORITE way to pass the time.

Yesterday I got to enjoy some of my Fall FAVORITES (pumpkins! scarves! hot tea! hoodies!)...

... and also got to watch GG play with some of my FAVORITE childhood toys.  SO COOL!!!

And last, but not least... OH MY WORD!!!

These boys in their tiny tuxes are my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE!!!

I mean... Holy Precious, Batman!  Their Uncle Stephen gets married tomorrow and we can't wait!!!

We have a JAM PACKED weekend (wedding, birthday party and our annual Harvest Party), but it's full of so many of our favorite things and people we can't wait!

Happy Friday, Friends!

PS - This post contained a few affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. Enjoy your special family weekend! Your boys look so smart and dapper in their tuxes!


  2. I cannot wait to see the pictures from this weekend!! I know everything is going to be gorgeous!

  3. I will be anxiously waiting for a video of Mason on the dance floor in thar tux!

  4. You are SO PRETTY! GORGEOUS! STUNNING! in that pic on the front porch with your tea! #supermodel

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Look at those cuties in their tuxes! Like Tara said--we will be waiting for a dance video for sure!

  6. Oh my goodness!! Your boys in those tuxes! I'm looking forward to a Monday post all about the wedding!

  7. Those tuxes are insanely cute!!! Love those fringe scarves too! Bring on Fall!!

  8. Ok, that last pic of you on the doorstep is GORG!!

  9. Little boys in tuxes - there's nothing cuter!! Have a great time at the wedding!

  10. That chic fil a quote made me spit my coffee all over my phone! So so true!

  11. Those boys in tuxes, oh my!! So cute!

  12. You are looking especially gorgeous in the front porch pic:). Love the boys in their tuxes, I'm sure that you and GG and Dave will be equally fetching:). So fun! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  13. Your boys are so cute in their tuxes!!! Can't wait to see more wedding pics!

  14. I haven't ever commented before...But just have to say your hair is gorgeous! Making me think I need bangs! lol

  15. That Fisher Price house! We had that (along with the school, western town, and the pool). Definitely a favorite from my childhood, and I love watching my niece and nephew play with it, too! And that Chick-fil-A quote...oh my! Like a well-oiled machine that SMILES (and supplies you with Polynesian sauce! #amen)!

  16. Oh how I wish I'd had a maths teacher like you!!! ......I looked closely at your dividing fractions picture and it made sense!!! (I'm scared of maths)

  17. Looks like a fabulous week! Such a great pick of you on the front porch looked relaxed, content, happy!! Not that you don't always but this picture shows you are in your happy place. The boys look adorbs...can't wait to hear how they do.

  18. My kids have played with that same Fisher Price House that GG is playing with. Some of the best toys... :)

  19. What cute scarves! You're so fabulous!

    Thanks for hosting:)


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