Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap - First Soccer Game Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!  This weekend was a whirlwind.  A hot, sweaty whirlwind :) 

Friday morning this girl was up and ready before I left for school.  SWEETNESS ensued...

Dave had to be at work early and GG went to kids club for a bit where the girls did her hair again.  SO PRETTY!!! He had to run something up to the school and she was so excited to show me her braids.

MY stella and dot monogram necklace was on my desk, she asked to wear it and she's been wearing it 24/7 ever since.

Some Friday night shenanigans out on the cul-de-sac :)

And then Mason, Griffin and I hit up dance class bright and early Saturday morning.

Mason stood and watched her the whole time...  It was the cutest!

He even helped her switch out her shoes after class.  SWEETEST!

After class we hit up Hobby Lobby, Target and a couple of other places.

It's so funny to me how the dynamics change depending on which kids you have with you and when these two are together by themselves they are SILLY!!! 

 We did a little happy dance because CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!

And one last pit stop :)

We spent the rest of Saturday playing basketball, painting and doing laundry.

Sunday morning started with a twirl...

And in the afternoon we went to Mason's first soccer game!  It was at 4:00 and was 94 degrees (but it felt like 102!)

We brought our little tent and tried to find some shade, but it was AWFUL!!!

The cutest little mustang I ever did see!

Go Number Nine!

When you see your Haha :)


After soccer I brought a meal to friends of ours who just had the SWEETEST baby, we swam and then my parents brought over a new bike for Luke so we all had to ride around (including my dad on Luke's old bike. hahaha)

It was a PACKED weekend, but so much fun!

Don't forget - tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to share our FAVORITE blog posts EVER! I've had so much fun going back through my blog and hope y'all have too!

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. Ugh. I'm having to change my attitude because this weather is getting to me! Hahaha! It's crazy hot outside, but It looks like the weather didn't affect Mason. :)

  2. Griffin in those jeans!!!!! PRECIOUS! And I'm surprised that y'all didn't pass out at that soccer game yesterday. It was STUPID HOT yesterday!

  3. The pics of the kids while you were running errands are precious!! Love!

  4. What a fun weekend! I hope you get some cool weather for a soccer game soon!

    1. Me too!!! His next few games are REALLY early - so hopefully they're better ;)

  5. Such sweet pictures of Griffin!! The heat was ridiculous this weekend. I seriously tried to take my dog for a walk last night and about 1/4 of the way down the street he stopped and turned around and refused to go anywhere but back home!

  6. That picture of Griffin running towards your dad killed me! Grands are the best!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, my girls NEED GG's outfit at the top! Where did you get the shirt and jeans? TOO CUTE!

    1. The shirt is older Matilda Jane and the jeans are GAP from a clearance rack last year

  8. OMG, the twirling in the Christmas aisle. Too much! :)

  9. Ugh, the weather has been positively awful here, too. Will it ever let up?!

  10. Hi Andrea! I've sent two emails about the Christmas cards. Are you no longer accepting requests? Thanks! Liz


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