Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Three Things Right Now

1 - Burp Talking
Forget reading, writing and arithmetic.  Luke has taught himself how to burp talk and it's currently his proudest accomplishment. 

2 - Reading
Luke spent his summer reading classic literature like Captain Underpants and Franny K. Stein ;)  I told myself that as long as he was reading I was okay with it being what he wanted to read.  He just took a reading level test and he's reading at the level of a 5th grader in their 4th month of school.  Well.... I guess it worked.  He is reading voraciously and we're making lots of trips to the library.

3 - Tomato Juice
I don't remember the first time Luke tried tomato juice, but he's having a total love affair with it right now.  In his lunch, when he get's home, with dinner... what eight year old asks for tomato juice when he comes in from playing outside?

1 - Preheating
We're back in our school morning routine and Mason is STRUGGLING!  He is my late sleeper and being up at at 'em so early is rough on my sweet boy.  He takes a bit to "preheat" in the mornings and I've been getting lots of extra snuggles which I love :)

2 - Sweet Friend
Mason is SUCH a sweet friend.  He is always thinking of others and is my kid who pretty much always willingly shares.  Last week he came home from school and asked to not have us pack him his favorite after school snack (PB crackers) because that meant he couldn't sit with his friend Abby.  Abby has to sit at the peanut-free table and he wanted to sit with her so he said that he wouldn't have a snack so he could sit with his friends. OMG SO SWEET!

3 - Talking After School
This week the floodgates of conversation after school have officially opened.  I hear ALL about his day including specials, recess, the puppets in his classroom, after school care, all of it.

1 - Pirate Ship
We had promotion Sunday at church last week and Griffin FINALLY got to play on the big pirate ship playground.  For the last year every single Sunday she's asked to go on the "big kid side" of the playroom and it finally happened!  We've heard about it all week and she can't wait to go back next week to play on it again.

2 - Christmas Time
She is STILL obsessed with our Chatbook full of pictures of last Christmas.  She asks for "Christmastime" on the daily and we're about to have to start a countdown or calendar or something  I love that she is just as enthusiastic about all things Holiday as I am. :)  

3 - Miss Lisa's House
GG is back at Miss Lisa's house and LOVING IT!!!  The play doh, the pink kitchen, the friends!  She's excited to go every morning and is chatty chatty about her day when I pick her up.  She's pottying like a champ and even wearing underwear during her naps there!  We LOVE Miss Lisa and I'm having a hard time believing that this is our last year there.

1 - I'm tired.
Yes ma'am.  There's mom tired.  There's teacher tired.  Then there's teacher/mom tired.  It's a whole other level and it is REAL.  I'm hoping that after this upcoming weekend I'll be all caught up and my body will be fully adjusted to our schedule.  I'm working ahead on lessons and shouldn't be up making new and improved SmartBoard lessons at 1 a.m after this weekend.

2 - Organizational OCD
I think it's just the start of school and new routine and all of that but I have been nesting HARD lately.  I've also been highly caffeinated so that could be part of it :)  As much as I love cleaning out my dresser after 11 p.m. and re-organizing nail polishes - ain't nobody got time for that.

3 - Ciabatta Bread
I'm currently having a love affair with the take and bake ciabatta bread from the Kroger around the corner from our house.  I'm popping pieces of it in the oven every chance I get.  It's 8 minutes for warm, crusty goodness and I have to stop myself for making a meal of it twice a day.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!  What three things have been going on with y'all lately?

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  1. I'm on week 3 of school and just starting to feel like I'm not dragging!!! Hang in there!!

  2. I can only imagine your level of tired because it's day three of school today and everyone in my house is exhausted. I'm thinking we should have practiced the early bed and early wake up thing a few times last week.

  3. I'm dying over the tomato juice! I's good and all but I'm not sure I could ever love it that much.

  4. I totally agree with teacher/mom tired!

  5. I'm a kindergarten teacher (and a mom) and we start the day after Labor Day. This post reminded me how HARD the first 2 weeks back at it can be! Takes a while to get back in the swing of things! :). I'm going to enjoy my last few days before meetings start next week! (Who am I kidding-I'll be in my classroom today organizing and getting ready for the kiddos!)

  6. It must be a middle child thing with the sweet friend. I shared 3 things about each of my family, & that was one of the things for Carson, our middle! Happy Wednesday.

  7. Kroger's Take and Bake breads are the bomb!!!!

  8. Luke sounds like my son! I wasn't all about those Captain Underpants books either but you're right, if they're reading and not acting like fools, then I guess it's ok :)

    Mason is so so sweet! I love that he didn't want his snack so he could sit with his friend! And yay for GG wearing underwear at naptime!

    I cannot even begin to imagine how tired you must be! You are a rock star for sure!

  9. So, I feel like if Luke likes tomato juice, he would FLIP OUT over V8!!!!!!!! I love me some V8. This was a fun post!

  10. What a fun post for you to remember the little things. :) And Luke and my husband would be tomato juice loving beasties! ;) Hang in there, and hopefully you get a chance to rest soon.

  11. Precious post and that pic of you is adorable!

  12. Hi Andrea! Just wondering what font you used for their names (I messaged you on Instagram as well - hope you don't mind)! Looking for something similar :) thank you!!

  13. 1. I am heading the beach house tomorrow for a few days and rest and hanging out with my bestie! 2. getting ready to head to Maui for a vacation with my husband! 3. ready for football season!

  14. That is so funny/weird about Luke and tomato juice. I don't even think I would be able to get my kids to try it, let alone drink it all the time! Haha.

  15. Mason wins my heart!! What a sweet friend - I love that!! And way to go Luke on reading - totally impressive!! Hoping you adjust soon to the new school year schedule!!

  16. The bread!!! That's all. Amen : )

  17. I love that Mason requested a different snack so that he could sit with his friend! My girls have lots of food allergies, so it's especially meaningful. :) My youngest is also obsessed with Christmas. She found my wrapping paper stash over the weekend and has been wrapping and un-wrapping ever since!

  18. I have heard several people say they seem to be nesting right now! My youngest is starting her senior year of high school so 'back to school' just isn't the same. I have completely reorganized and redecorated my office. Back to school nesting is for real!

  19. I can totally relate to your "me" section. I am a kindergarten teacher and a mom of a 5 month old baby girl. So this is my first year to experience the teacher/mom tired. And I thought I was tired before, whew! This week is our first week and my eyes can barely stay open. Trying to get back into "work shape!!"

  20. I was also wondering what font you used for y'all's names in the post. I love it! And Masons snack story is just so sweet! What a great kid!!

  21. You are right about mom tired, teacher tired, and mom/teacher tired. That was me last week. . .this week was a bit better. One night I threw my hands up and went to bed at 8 p.m. (I can do that - my kids are older and my husband doesn't work nights). I felt SO GOOD Thursday that life looked better :)
    Will need to try that ciabatta bread!


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