Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Recap - Fathers Day Edition

Friday was a pretty low key day... Target run, grocery store, etc.  Mason and Griffin were pumped about their last day of swim lessons.  Day FIVE!!!

Waiting for their goggles...

 Miss Sally is awesome and this year was Mason's year... it totally "clicked" for him!  He can jump off the side, swim, flip over to get a breath and then swim some more.  He's confident and it's great.

Griffin is confident with a capital C... but the whole flipping over to breathe thing hasn't quite clicked.  She LOVES to jump in from the side and we've been working with her every day in the water.  She's getting better daily and it's really fun to watch.

Luke took lessons at a year round swim school a couple of years ago, and we're talking about enrolling all three of them after summer so they can keep working on their skills throughout the year.

Attempting to dive :)

And of course Sister had to try diving because her brothers did :)

Someone was excited about her prizes :)

Saturday morning we ran some errands and then let the kids jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler going.  So fun!

And then we all cooled off in the pool...

During quiet time I came upstairs and found the boys working on their rocket ship and playing astronauts.  So cute!

And while the boys were blasting off, GG was nodding off :)

Sister got in on the action after she woke up.

Sunday morning we celebrated our Super Dad at church with laser tag and giant Jenga :) 

And this dress finally came in and I LOVE it!!!  It's flowy but not overwhelming, colorful but not crazy.  It's light and breezy but the sleeves will let me carry it through Fall.  LOVE!
You can find my wedges HERE.

It was SUPER hot out so we attempted a Father's Day pic inside :) 

Luke's FACE! :) hahahaha

 This pretty much sums up Dave's life as a dad...


Sunday night we had my parents over for burgers to celebrate Father's Day!  It was our first official dinner with family over since we moved in and it was perfect!!!  I may have teared up a bit thinking about all the memories we're going to make around this table!

We ended the night with strawberry pie (recipe later this week!) and swimming.  

It was a great weekend with lots of family time and crossing lots of house projects off of our list.

Today we're soaking up some more family time and I have plans to rid our house of the very last boxes!!! WOO HOO!!!  House "reveals" start this week and I can't wait to share!!!

And don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing about our pets... past and present!  It's going to be JAM PACKED with cuteness and I can't wait!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. I just wore that dress to a wedding on Saturday! I got lots of compliments. Also the strawberries are out in Ontario so the strawberry pies are in our near future!

  2. Oh my goodness! Griffin's smile as she jumps into the swimming pool is the best! Love it!

  3. What a fun weekend!! Love those pics of The kids with Dave! So sweet!!

  4. I spend so much thought and money choosing educational toys for my daughter but really some of the very best learning opportunities are free such as your kids making a ' rocket ship' out of a box, can't beat that sort of imaginative play :) Liz @

  5. Sweet pictures, as always! Excited to see every nook and cranny of the new house!!!

  6. Your husband seems like an amazing dad, happy Father's Day to him!!

  7. I think you are going to love having a pool!! Looks like the kiddos are loving it as well. :)

  8. GG's bathing suit - OMG - the cutest!! Where did you get that?

  9. Yay!!!! Can't wait for the reveals!!! Have loved seeing it unfold on snapchat!!!

  10. I keep wondering how the boys are doing in separate rooms? When we moved almost two years ago we gained a bedroom, but kept the two girls together to ease the transition. Now, here we are two years later, used to the "extra" room, and the girls are still happy sharing. I'm sure our oldest daughter will want her own private space before we know it, but I don't think little sister would know what to do with herself if she was alone. (And brother in the middle hates not having a roommate!)

  11. Love the diving pics, and all the pics. And gathering around the table are just some of the best ways to make memories! Love the dress too.


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