Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - Pets!

Today we're showing and telling all about our pets!  

In between Christmas 2014 and New Years a family from MCA found a puppy wandering through their neighborhood... it was cold and rainy and he was two pounds of pitiful.  He was matted, malnourished and covered in mange.  He spent a day getting shaved, scraped, chipped, clipped and everything in between and other than some sore skin and being really hungry (they think he had been outside for at least a couple of days) he was given a clean bill of health and a few short days later he came to live with us!  We thought his history warranted a "tough guy" name and since Dave and I are big 24 fans we introduced him to the kids as Jack Bauer.

Look at him with GG!!!

We knew nothing about him other than he was teeny and stinkin' precious.  The original vet who looked at him identified him as a poodle mix and estimated that he was between 8 and 10 weeks old and would be about 15 lbs full grown.

Once he grew a bit and our vet had a chance to see him a couple of times he told us that he felt like he was much younger than we initially thought and estimated that he was probably 4-5 weeks when we got him.  Poor baby!!!

Right off the bat he was GREAT with the kids.  He had a few issues with being food possessive, but that was to be expected given the circumstances he came out of.  We've worked with him a lot with that and totally trust him around his food bowls at this point. 

From the very beginning he has been my little shadow.  He loves to be as close to me as humanly possible... inside my shirt if I'll let him :)

Look at that scrawny puppy neck!!!

When we first got Jack we had to buy the teeniest tiniest cat collar for him.  He's full grown now and weighs under 7 lbs.  We still don't know what breeds he is, but for sure he has poodle since he doesn't shed.

I always swore that we would never have a dog in our bed... but Jack Bauer spends most nights in bed with me and Dave.  He always goes to bed with one of the kids (usually Luke) and then when we go to check on them he comes downstairs and hops in our bed.  I'm a total sucker.

Interesting Jack Bauer fact... he never lost his puppy teeth.  He had two almost complete sets of teeth until we had him fixed and at that point we had to pay to have them all extracted.
We're happy to say that he currently only has one set of perfect teeth. ;)

Jack Bauer LOVES to swim!  He jumps in, doggy paddles around and goes back to the steps.  If he's not swimming, he's chilling on the top step or riding around on one of the floats.

I feel like we got Jack at a great time because my kids will get to have great memories of growing up with him and they love being involved in his care.  They feed him, clean up after him outside, etc.

We love Jack Bauer to PIECES and can't imagine a better dog for our family.

I can't wait to read about all of y'alls pets! Link up below and show and tell us all about them ;)
Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. Oh my gosh he's the cutest! I wonder if he was a Christmas puppy someone changed their mind about and dumped or something like that. Sweet boy!

  2. Jack Bauer has the PERFECT name! And he's absolutely the PERFECT addition to the McAnally family!

  3. Oh, Jack Bauer is such a sweetheart!! Love seeing all of these cute pictures of him with your kiddos! Precious!!

  4. Jack Bauer looks a lot like our dog and he is a Yorkie-poo. We love our Benny!

  5. What a sweet post! And what a sweet dog! He is absolutely perfect for your family!

  6. If you're super curious as to what kind(s) of dog he may be, they do have a DNA test you can purchase online. I'm currently waiting for the results of the one I got for my dog. It's called the Wisdom Panel and it's around $70. They mail you out a kit that has two swabs in it, you swab their mouth, let the swabs dry, and mail it off to the lab. 2-3 weeks later, you have your results. The one I purchased tests for 250+ types of dogs.

  7. Oh gosh! This is precious! I will have do a post on my babies when I get home from work today. I remember when yall got little Jack man. He has grown so much! He looks like a poodle mixed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We have American cockers and they have the same texture as Jack, but his coloring looks more Cavalier! Anywho, he is adorable!

  8. Oh my goodness, I've always thought that Jack Bauer was a cutie, but his little baby pictures are the CUTEST!! So so sweet! He is probably so thankful that you guys rescued him!

  9. Seriously...Jack Bauer could NOT have found a better life! Thanks for hosting...I love sharing about my Dutch Buddy!

  10. You should do the doggie DNA test to determine his breed! I am SOOOO tempted to do it with ours. She's a lab mix but I would be so interested to see what ELSE.

  11. Ha! I just saw a pool float specifically made for dogs at the store today!!!!

  12. I loveeee the name Jack Bauer! PERFECT! And he's soooo cute!

  13. I wasn't able to link up (forgot, etc), so here is my link :)http://thewainsateam.blogspot.ca/2016/07/show-and-tell-tuesday-show-us-your-pets.html


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