Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites - Summer Fun Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!  

Erika, Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES again this week and you can link up and share yours too!  Just grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your Friday Favorites!

Earlier this week we got to spend some time with one of our FAVORITE little guys - Baby Beau!  

 Look at those cute cousins!!!

Beau is MOTORING and my kids thought it was the funniest thing ever. :)

The pictures below sum up some of Griffin's current FAVORITES :)  And that little smirk is my FAVORITE.

Pretty dress, pink bunny, big bow and pink boots.  Girlfriend is ready!

This sweet boy has been LOVING picking out his own clothes instead of wearing a uniform.  Stripes, dinosaurs, stars AND mismatched shoes?  Why not.  He loves to wear all of his FAVORITES at the same time :)

Wednesday morning all three of the kids had checkups (OMG) at 8 am (double OMG).  Three kids in a waiting room is soooo my FAVORITE.  #exceptnot ;)

 Sure, sister.  Why don't you pop a squat right there. 

This is the point where they had already eaten the fruit snacks, done their dot to dots and the novelty of the animal pictures on the wall had worn off :)

As much fun as the waiting time was (insert eye roll here), they were FABULOUS for the doctor and everyone is healthy and growing.  So the appointment was a total win.  Everyone is right on track and as much as we love Dr. Chad we're hoping that the next time we see him is this time next year.  

Mason has been coloring ALL THE TIME this week!  Anything art-related is STILL his FAVORITE.

This twirly Matilda Jane dress is our current FAVORITE.  It's seriously PRECIOUS!

Unfortunately, this particular dress is sold out, BUT a whole bunch of new stuff loaded to the Matilda Jane site yesterday and I'm hosting an online show right now!  

2) Add items to your wishlist
3) When your wishlist is complete, email it to me ( as well as my trunk keeper ( and put Andrea in as your Jane!  Easy Peasy!
Kat will be in touch to get your payment info (you don't pay online) and that's it!  Items will ship directly to you.

This dress is AMAZING in person!!!  AMAZING!  It's a soft cotton knit that isn't flimsy at all.  And the bow?  I can't even.

And look how cute this women's dress is!

If you have any questions, send an email to and she can help you out with sizing, mixing and matching, etc.

We've been spending a lot of time getting paint samples (I finally made a decision! EEEK!) and the kids FAVORITE part is watching the paint getting all shaken up.

 Yeah, just hanging out waiting for paint.

A few pieces from my FAVORITE brand are on sale at Nordstrom (hello, free shipping!).  You can click on the pics below for details!



I love Free People because I feel like it goes so well from season to season.

It's been super rainy here the last couple of days and RedBox has been our FAVORITE.  They are currently loving the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (UGH!), but I'll let them watch it a million times if I got to see them snuggle like this!

I mean - look at them!

I've bene wearing a LOT of hats this week (hello, rain every day!) and my mini me has dubbed them her FAVORITE as well :) 

I finally got all the kids clothes put away and organized this week and in doing so I realized that Luke has outgrown most of his t-shirts.  I picked up a few really cute ones including these in my FAVORITE color combo for summer.

And then a few more sporty pieces on sale as well...

We hit up one of our FAVORITE stores this week as well...

... and brought baby along for the ride.

Jack Bauer's FAVORITE place to nap?  Apparently on my Sid Dickens tiles.

And the boys FAVORITE place to watch the rain?  The top of the stairs.

We're hoping for some sunshine this weekend because the kids have only asked about 7 million times when they can swim again :)  Hoping your weekend is sunny and fun!

PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means that if you clicked on an item and made a purchase, I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. I think I need to start bringing a baby to Ikea with us. Seems like every time we are there the kids try to convince me to come HOME with a baby. Maybe bringing our own would cut that down?

  2. Oh I can't even....the cuteness of it all! But THREE kids at the doctor's office at one time! No thank you! I can't even handle my two at one time. In fact, when my doctor's office says they will it convenient for me and schedule back to back appointments for my kids, I politely decline and tell them I would rather separate appointments with enough time in between to switch kids with a sitter! I don't know what it is about the doctor's office, but my kids transform into uncontrollable little beasts on their absolute worst behavior!


    1. Hahaha - it was more comedic than anything else :) Although I do feel like those rooms should be padded. hahaha And I think the dr's offices are used to it - when mine were teeny they always either needed to nurse in the middle of an appointment or had a blow out (and I didn't have a diaper). Thankful for happy and healthy kids!

  3. All the sweetness in the MJ clothes!! Loved G in that maxi!!

  4. It didn't look your Dr had any, but I used to take crayons along and we'd color on the paper on the exam table (just the portion allotted us).

    Also, re:paint, Revere Pewter gray has a little brown undertone to it & doesn't read blue/green/purple/metallic (we sampled A LOT of grays).

    1. That'a a great idea!!! Crayons have saved my day multiple times :)

  5. It's summer in our house today too!! Can't wait to see you and your crew a bunch!

    1. YES!!! And I'm officially declaring working husband nights a thing this Fall. FOR REAL!

  6. Those tops are darling!! So cute!! Also, GG in that hat? Adorable!!

  7. An 8 AM doctor appointment with 3 kids sounds like my personal nightmare! It looks like they were able to entertain themselves very well, though!
    I hope you're loving the new house! XOXO

  8. The 3 kids at the doctor at one time almost made me seize. It's ALMOST as scary to me as having to plan 3 birthday parties in one year. :) YAY, SUMMER! Can't wait to hang out with y'all!!!!!

  9. Griffin with that baby is TOO cute!! I'm loving seeing y'all in your new house! It makes me want a new one too, ha!

  10. Love FREE PEOPLE too! How can it get any better than feeling like your in your pajamas, but not looking like it?? I'll take one of each! 😉

  11. Love FREE PEOPLE too! How can it get any better than feeling like your in your pajamas, but not looking like it?? I'll take one of each! 😉

  12. I just found your blog not that long ago and I think we'd be real life besties. I teach middle school Math in my neighboring district and have three kiddos too, although lucked out on the girl train... I have to say that I just love your new house!! That entry way would have sold me the moment I walked in. We love our pool and get a lot of use out of it you're going to be so happy you got a house with a pool. I have to know where your metal create is from by your stairs. Hoping for good weather for you for the weekend.

  13. Love the glimpses of the new house, it's really starting to come together. Pics of your kids are always my favorite and Baby Beau is such a cutie! Happy Weekend~!

  14. Where is your metal crate bench from in your entry way? I love it!

  15. I absolutely LOVE reading your blog everyday. You are so creative, positive and appreciative of everything in your life - good and bad. You definitely inspire me! I don't have kids yet, but when I do, I can't wait to start making their days as special as you do for your three kiddos. We are moving to our house in McKinney at the end of the summer and I WISH I could take you shopping with me to make it a home! You have the best style!

  16. That adult MJ dress looks so simple and comfy! And I'm loving that ivory swing top - soooo pretty!

  17. Such a fun week! And you're a brave soul to take 3 kids to the dr's office by yourself. Love your dress!



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