Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Graduate

Mason graduated from PreK on Monday morning and it was the cutest thing ever!  MCA used to do Kindergarten Graduation (which Luke had last year), but they've decided to move it to PreK from now on so this was Mason's year!

We got there a few minutes early (I knew it was about to start pouring and wanted to avoid bringing all three kids, all of my stuff and all of their backpacks and such inside during a downpour. hahaha) and he got to love on Mrs. Anderson for a bit :)  She's moving to California this summer and we are so bummed that she won't be here for Griffin's PreK year but feel so blessed that Mason got to have her!  She is a PreK ROCKSTAR!!!

McKinley has been a teacher aid in Mason's class first period all year and he's convinced he's going to marry her so she can draw pictures for him to color every day :)

So stinkin' cute!!!

Griffin came with me in the morning because THE HORROR of having to ride in the car with daddy when your brothers get to go with mommy, and I was talking with a friend and turned around to see this...

I mean!!! 

It took Mason pretty much a full year to warm up to the idea of having a sister (seriously... he turned two, she was born the next day and it was on his third birthday that he goes, "I love you, Gwippin!") and now these two are little besties.  I am DYING over this picture!!!

Anna Grace was late to class (SHAME, Anna Grace! hahaha) and she stopped by to squeeze our little graduate :)

Pre-ceremony selfie!

Here's hoping that all four of these boys graduate high school together so we can recreate this picture :)

Can we PLEASE talk about the little girls on the ends of the row?  Cutest little smiles!!!

Some hugs and sweet words from his Gibi ;) 

And just to tug on Gibi's heartstrings...

... YES! That's her and Mason when he was about 2 weeks old!  

Mason and Jack are double trouble and little besties :)  They're HILARIOUS together and they are constantly goofing around and having fun.

Apparently after I snapped those pictures they wrestled each other and Mason's hat got knocked off because the next time I saw him (as they were walking in) his cap was on backwards with the elastic part on his forehead :)  

I grabbed this from another mom's facebook... isn't it the sweetest?!?!  Mason (and his backwards cap) are in the foreground.

God BLESS PreK teachers!!!

Oh. My. Word. 

Jack and Ben's mom sent this to me later that night and I just about spit out my tea!!!  It's so cute now, but how cute will it be when she's 14?!?! hahaha

I guess that comes with the territory when you have two big brothers!  GG loves Jack and Ben, but she reeeeeealy lover her some Ben (on the left side of the picture).


My parents were there...

... and so was Dave's mom!  So thankful to have grandparents there!

We are so proud of our little graduate and can't wait for the adventures waiting for him in Kindergarten!!!  Here's a little video of the morning :) Make sure you take a good look at his disheveled hat as he walks in and his awesome hand motions during the song!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Oh sweet Mason! I cannot believe he's about to be in kinder! How can that be?!

  2. Oh my goodness! The photos of Mason and Griffin... too cute!!

  3. Way to go, Mason!!! 🎉❤️🎉❤️🎉

  4. Well, those are just about the cutest pics ever! So glad Mason finally warmed up to G!!!! :)

  5. So super cute, girl!! Mason is going to rock kindergarten!! :)

  6. Not sure what's cuter -- the pics of GG loving on her brother (and the other boys!) or Mason in his cute little cap & gown. Precious!

  7. Graduations always make cry and this was no exception! Way to go, Mason! (And Mom:)

  8. Absolutely heartwarming and adorable! Congrats Mason! And Griffin in those poses esp with the boys... Yikes!

  9. Such adorable photos! Happy Pre-K Graduation, Mason!!

  10. So adorable :) And yea... you're definitely going to have to recreate those Griffin/Mason photos too at his high school AND college graduations. Yep. definitely.

  11. There's just something about little ones in caps and gowns! Such sweet pictures!


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