Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites - Happy Birthday Manda Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!
First of all - SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!
That's right... Mason's last day was Wednesday and then Luke and I finished up yesterday.  My exams are graded, my report cards are done and I am D.O.N.E. for a bit! YAHOO!!!

I'm looking forward to sleeping in and lots of quality time with my kids!

Today Erika, Narci and I are hosting our regular Friday link-up... don't forget to grab our graphic and link back to one (or all!) of us and share your Friday Favorites!

First up on my list of FAVORITES is the boys new bedding!!!  Painting starts today and I wanted to get it on before so I could make sure I was still loving the paint choice.  

Mason picked out these sheets and I picked out this duvet cover.  
Luke picked out these sheets and then I matched them up with this duvet cover.

They both needed new duvets and so I grabbed THESE and y'all... they're amazing.  They come packed all air tight and they look AWFUL, but once you take them out and shake them a bit they fluff right up.  You seriously can't beat them for the price!

Look at how happy his new bedding made him! :)

Field day was earlier this week and even though I couldn't be there to watch (I was giving an exam), seeing pictures from other moms was my FAVORITE!

I am so blessed to have the best group of girlfriends EVER and this week when a couple of them dropped off dinner for my crew I could have cried happy tears.  Friends who know how crazy hectic my life is right now and stepped in to help take something off my plate are my FAVORITE.  Also, there was cream gravy - so yeah. 

Painting is starting TODAY and I feel like I've been staring at paint chips all week.  I finally bit the bullet and am crossing my fingers I love the colors in person as much as I do on that little 2x2 square. I am so anxious to get the kids rooms all put together and before I can do that we need a blank slate.  Here's hoping that the colors I picked are my new FAVORITES ;)

Luke brought home a new FAVORITE piece of art this week...

... and Mason's award he received is my FAVORITE.

I'm not sure that there is anything sweeter than little yearbook signatures...

... well, maybe this journal entry of Luke's from back in January ;)

Putting our house together is one of my FAVORITE things to do... it's still a hot mess, but it's coming! Lots of y'all have asked about the sofa table behind the couch and you can find it HERE.  It was super easy to put together and the finish is GORGEOUS!!!  It even has two drawers which is great!  The sectional I got at Weirs and the lantern is from Home Goods.  I'll show more pictures after I get things a little more finished :)

Yesterday Luke had his awards ceremony and he earned a spot on the Headmaster's Honor Roll (the highest Honor Roll at the school), an outstanding achievement award for Math and first place in his Accelerated Reader competition.  Watching this little smarty pants is our FAVORITE!

Last night we got to celebrate one of my FAVORITE people ever... MANDA!!!  Her birthday is this weekend and a limo, dinner and TONS of fun was in order for the birthday girl (Yes, my eyes are closed in the picture.  Whatever... everyone else looks cute. hahaha)

There was extra shenanigans...

... and we ended the night at the hospital visiting Jeni and her BRAND NEW baby boy!!!  She missed the party and so we had the limo bring the party to her :)

I wore this super fun dress from Anthropologie (last Spring), but right now all their sale is an additional 30% off!  Click HERE to shop all sale items!

Here are a few things I am loving from the sale right now (you can click on the pics to shop!)


Next up on the list are these PRECIOUS shorts from Sew Chill!
I mean!!! Are they not the cutest things EVER?!?!?!

I loved them paired with the chambray, yellow bow and pineapple shoes - but I think they would look equally sweet with this tank and these sandals.

You can get 30% off your order from Sew Chill with the code GRIFFIN30
How fun is that?!?!

And if pineapples aren't your thing, they come in several other prints as well!

Last, I'm going to leave you with one of my FAVORITE quotes for Memorial Day...

... to all of you who have family and/or friends who have sacrificed their lives for our country THANK YOU.  

Happy Friday, Friends!!!  I hope that your weekend is restful and full of family and fun!

PS - This post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and purchased an item I may receive a small commission.  And a big shout out to April at Sew Chill for sending Griffin the shorts! WE LOVE THEM!!!  THANK YOU!!!


  1. Those pineapple shorts! Too cute! Have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Those pineapple shorts of Griffin's with the chambray shirt is the cutest!!!!

  3. Oh my Andrea those pineapple shorts!!! Do they make them in my size lol?? And so sweet of you all to do that for Manada!

  4. Last night was SO MUCH FUN!! Your eyes are closed, my romper is falling off....haha! Everyone else looks fabulous!

  5. Those pineapple shorts! Oh my goodness! How cute are those?!?! Loved spending last night with you girls!!

  6. Girl, your house is looking SO GREAT!! Love that sofa table!

  7. Your little girl looks so adorable in anything she wears!
    I so love your living room. I especially like that chair near the fireplace.

  8. Griffins pineapple outfit! I can't even!

  9. I love your furniture. Those boys are precious and I'm so jealous you are out of school. We have another whole week but I have plans for cleaning, swimming and writing and grandsons.

  10. GG's shorts. I mean. Adorable. And I'm loving the boy bedding!! I can't wait to see their rooms.

  11. I have the same sofa table and LOVE it! To make it seem a little more "custom" we installed drawer pulls (that matched our kitchen hardware) and it gives it a more design feel - I think. Can't wait to see all your house posts!

  12. Oh my goodness, those shorts! Andrea I have always enjoyed your blog but now that we are expecting I enjoy it even more, the thought of having a baby girl and the unlimited possibility of cute girl clothes is like too much for my heart to handle. I will definitely be ordering me some MJ if it's a girl! *fingers crossed

    Side note, my name is Melissa so I'm already salivating at the thought of buying all the Mini-Melissas my heart desires if it's a girl!

    Wish me luck!

  13. Those pineapple shorts! I love anything chambray.

  14. Love the sheets your boys picked out! My son just turned 4 and I am looking for some new bedding for him. He would totally love the Avenger sheets. Kinda dumb question- do you layer the duvet covers? Does the white one you said you bought just go under the patterned one?


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