Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: Cutest Jacket Ever Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!! Before I dive into my weekly favorites, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUKE!!!
In case you missed it, I posted a sweet little video of him yesterday - so if you need a dose of baby pics go back and check it out :)

I can't wait to peruse through y'alls favorites this week.  Don't forget to link back to me, Erika and/or Narci and grab our graphic below...

First up on the list is Jack Bauer.  We lovingly call him "pop a squat" because if anyone is sitting (even just for a second, like to tie your shoes), he pops a squat in their lap and expects some back rubs.  Scratches are his FAVORITE.

Griffin never turns him down :)

Y'all should know by now that Evys Tree is one of my most FAVORITE companies EVER!  They sent me a new hoodie last week and it's precious!!!  It's the new Ava Racer and it's fabulous... even when you're about to spend your morning cleaning up after a sleepover.

Look how pretty!!!  This is how I pretended I looked while I picked popcorn pieces out of my couch :)

The Lilac Ava Racer

Mason's allergies have been OUT OF CONTROL this week and we ran out of medicine before school, so Dave went and bought a new bottle and brought a dose up to school for him.  While Dave gave the medicine to the nurse I got to hang out with my FAVORITE little assistant.  :)

Mason got Headbandz in his Easter basket and it's a new pre-bedtime FAVORITE at our house. ;)

And Griffin's FAVORITE is drinking my tea in the morning.

While I was looking through my blog for pictures of Luke for his birthday video I came across some sweet pictures of a few of my FAVORITE little people.  Anyone recognize the sweet little squished nose in the photo below??? :)

Or who Luke is having a date night with in this pic??? 

Top Photo: Carter
Second Photo: Ebby Lee

The next picture may be my FAVORITE from the entire week.  I sent it to Dave and he and I laughed WAY too hard :)

I couldn't resist these jeans or this kimono and I'm on my a-game and picked up this shirt for Mason for July 4th.  I already have the tunic below, but if you've been eyeing it, it's now on sale!

Last week we got to spend some time with one of our FAVORITE girlies.

Miley and Griffin have so much fun together playing "jump around"...

... and coloring :)

I snapped a couple pictures of Manda's sweet girl to text her and LOVE how they turned out.  

Last night we met up with Narci and she wrangled my kids for some pictures in one of my FAVORITE things about Texas - bluebonnets!  We haven't taken pictures in the bluebonnets since the boys were 4 and 1 so we figured it was time to get them done... but actually get good pictures this time. hahaha

Here's one of my FAVORITES from 2012...

I'm 100% confident that they'll be better than the last time we took them. hahaha  #thebarislow


Narci is always so great with my kids... and yes... that's Luke posing in the bluebonnets with one of his Lego bionicles. 

All Luke wanted to do was take a picture of his guy in the bluebonnets.  Mission accomplished.

Tuesday night Dave took Luke to his first Dallas Stars game.  He had a few suite tickets and so Luke got to tag along with Dave, Dave's brother, Stephen, and a few of Dave's friends.

Luke and Uncle Stephen:

That's a sweet way to enjoy a game... relax why don't ya! :) 

I mentioned earlier this week how PERFECT the weather was on Monday night.  Seriously GORGEOUS and perfect for adventuring with a few of my FAVORITES :)

Griffin's ADORABLE jacket is from a new FAVORITE Etsy Shop - Olive Annie Designs.  The fabrics are seriously incredible and you won't believe the workmanship and quality.  Griffin is in a size 3, and it fits her now and it will fit her for at least a few more seasons.  I don't keep much of Griffin's clothing, but this is a piece I'll be holding onto forever.

 Again with the bionicles :)  This time they were in their "natural habitats" and the boys were taking pictures of them. hahaha

Blowing dandelions was up next on the agenda and it was pure cuteness.

I mean! Look at that hood!!!

Olive Annie is offering my readers free shipping through this weekend with the code MOMFESSIONALSSHIP

Look at some of the cuteness she has stocked right now (click on the images)

Girls Handmade Jacket. Girls Size 3 Mermaid Boutique Jacket. Spring Jacket for Girls. Heirloom Clothes for Girls. Girls Hooded Jacket. Girls Hooded Boutique Jacket. Girls Size 4 Handmade Jacket. Vintage Style Jacket. Girls Spring Jacket. Girls Easter Gifts.  Girls Jacket.

Tonight we have plans for Pizza Friday: Birthday Edition and then I'm off to the Middle School Spring Semi-Formal.  I've been working with my Student Government kids to plan a fabulous night for them including a brownie bar, step and repeat and "paparazzi photographer" ;)  

Happy Friday, Friends!!!" title="click to view in an external page.">An InLinkz Link-up

PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means that if you cilicied on a link and purchased an item, I may receive a small commission.  Also, THANK YOU to Olive Annie for providing readers with the free shipping code and a jacket for GG.  You rock!!!


  1. So much goodness in one post! First of all, Happy Birthday Luke!!! I hope he has the best day! Ahhhh!!!! That baby picture of Luke and Ebby Lee...they were so tiny!!! And your comment about looking like that while you picked popcorn out of the couch made me lol!!!

  2. Oh Andrea! The bluebonnet pictures are so cute!! And the throwback pics are too :).

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I recognize that squished little nose!!!! BABY CARTER!!!!!!!!! Okay, now I"m going to be forced to walk down memory lane as well. Cue me spending the next 45 minutes or so on my old family blog. Can't wait to see the bluebonnet pics! Oh, and the Maury pic made me lol.

  4. I love those photos of your kids in the bluebonnets!

  5. Have a great one.

  6. Oh that's what those flowers are called!!! They are beautiful!! I hope the photos came out wonderful!! I just love your lil girl's outfits!! Too cute! =P

    Thank you for the link-up!! Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  7. I had such a fun time with your crew!! What a blast! Thank you!! Also, those throwback pictures are so precious!! Love!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Luke! XOXO Love the bluebonnets pictures. We don't have fields of those here!

  9. The picture of Griffin in the chair made me gasp is was so amazing. Also the one with all three. Reading your blog in the morning puts me in a happy place as I begin my work day!

  10. Just wanted you to know we made your chicken and noodle dish for dinner last night and it was a hit!!! Happy Friday

  11. Totally read this line: This is how I pretended I looked while I picked popcorn pieces out of my couch :)


    ...while I picked popcorn out of my crotch!!!!!!

    Hahahaha. Oops!

  12. Precious bluebonnet pictures! Have a good weekend!

  13. Such great pictures! I can't believe how big the kiddos look in the bluebonnet pics! Your family is just adorable and I love how much fun you all have together! Have a great weekend!

  14. When did Griffin get to be 10 years old?! :) Little Miss is definitely model status! Love the pic of her posing in the white chair!!


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