Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weekend Recap: On a Wednesday Edition

If you're new to the blog than you might have missed the memo about the "Happy Morning" pictures Dave sends me every day.  In the Fall of 2013 Dave started sending me pictures of Griffin and Mason together before dropping them off at the babysitter.  They often slept in until after I had already left for school and so this was how I got to see them in the mornings.  The tradition continues (even though most mornings Griffin is up and in our bed pre-6 am) and some of my FAVORITE pictures are the ones that he snaps on his way to the sitter.

Friday mornings "Happy Morning" picture was a great one...

... and since we're talking Happy Morning pictures, here's where it all began!  (I think it was the first day of school in 2013)

Friday afternoon I had a two hour tech training and by the time it was over I was DONE.  I ordered pizza for the kids and my mom came over to hang out for a little bit.  Griffin is all about watercolors right now and she especially likes blotting them on a paper towel and watching them grow.

Saturday morning this girl was so excited for dance! 

They're starting more ballet and begin class with stretches.  It is so stinkin precious!!!

While GG and I were at dance, the boys were with Mason at Bitty Ball.

Griffin and I hit up the grocery store and I laughed because she will pass over the cookies and ask for a fresh tortilla every time.   That's my girl!

Yes ma'am.

Our local grocery store has the SWEETEST employees.  Many of them know my kids by name and are amazingly nice to them.  Griffin LOVES the ladies in the floral department and they love her too :) 

While Griffin napped Mason worked on a poster to take to the soccer game to cheer for Anna Grace.  I wrote the words out in pencil and he traced them in marker.  

The cheerleaders were painting faces and Mason picked pumpkins on both cheeks and his forehead :)

Biggest fan!!!

The sweetest!!!  Note his little stick figure drawings :)

For me, one of the most special and unique things about MCA are the relationships and fellowship that we have with other families.  I mean - just look at Mason and Hannah ;)  She helps out in the afterschool program and they adore each other!  I treasure the relationships that my kids get to have with the older students.

Luke opted out of having his face painted, but chose arm paint instead :)


When did I get a boy big enough to be throwing a football around on the practice field with his friends?!?!?!

 MCA won (woo hoo!) and then my kids kicked the ball around with a few of the high schoolers.

We left the game and dropped Luke off at Aiden's house for his birthday party.  He had a game truck and I'm pretty sure Luke thinks Manda is the greatest mom of all time.

We attempted a Sunday morning picture after church, but Griffin started crying in the anticipation that one of her brothers MIGHT touch her.   So we threw in the towel and had lunch instead :)

Comfy cozy for errands on Sunday afternoon....

I made a pit stop at Anthropologie for the last day of their tag sale.  I only had about 10 minutes - but it was a fabulous 10 minutes ;)  
(Said the mom who RARELY shops without little people tagging along)

We woke Mason and Griffin up from their naps and headed to Dave's grandma's house for her 95th birthday party.  Look at how well the pictures of our kids with her went...

There were TONS of people dropping in and out to wish Minnie Fae happy birthday and we were so happy to get to celebrate with her.

AWANAs, dinner, homework, baths and we wrapped up the weekend.
It was a busy couple or days - but so much fun!

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  1. I think Nixon would agree!! He had a blast at the birthday party. :)

  2. What a fun weekend! I've never heard of stores giving away tortillas-is it a southern thing? Yum!

  3. I think Minnie Fae's birthday pic was my favorite :).

  4. I love seeing the older kids interact and hang out with the little kids !

  5. Haha--Mason in the Minnie Fae picture!

  6. #hangryproblems lol! Also, love the sweet pic of Griffin painting!! :)

  7. Griffin's coat is the cutest!! Where did you get it?

  8. I'm so jealous of Texas weather!! It's very different up here in Missouri. I can't wait for spring and sunshine. Love your posts! :)

  9. Cute pictures and the sending happy morning pictures is such a sweet idea!

  10. Oh my goodness lovely photos Andrea. I'm stunned that Daves grandma is 95! She sure doesn't look it :)


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