Thursday, December 10, 2015

Want, Need, Wear, Read

There's been a lot of talk about gifting lately and when I saw a discussion on Facebook about "Want, Need, Wear, Read" I thought it would make a fun post!  

In case you're unfamiliar with the idea, it's where you give gifts with the idea that one is something that the person wants, one is something that they need, one is something for them to wear and the last is something for them to read!  I think this would be an especially great concept as kids get older.

So, for me...

Something I really want is new dinnerware.
I'm cracking up because I wrote this and then read Erika's post yesterday!  Apparently great minds think alike ;) 

We got our dinnerware 10 years ago and it's been great, but I'd love something fresh and clean, but with some character as well and this set looks to fit the bill.

Something that I need is this handheld vacuum.  Our cleaning ladies do the major work, but how great would this be for those little spills?!?!  Total need.

I would LOVE to wear this yellow dress.  The color and fit are right up my alley.

Over Christmas break I would love to read Ken Follett's Edge of Eternity.  I've read the first two books of the Century Trilogy and can't wait to get my hands on this one!

I've had several people ask me about teacher gifts, and I think that the "Want, Need, Wear, Read" theme could be really cute for teachers as well!  You could put together a little gift bag with something like this...

Want - Gift Card to provide some pep in their step in the morning ;)
Need - New Pens for grading and lesson planning (these are on sale for 50% off!)

Wear - Cute earrings (these are $4!!!)

Read - A cute book for their classroom library (for teachers of younger grades)...

... or a book by an author he or she loves OR a book related to their subject area.

So, your turn! Leave a comment telling me what you want, need, wear, read and I'll be sending a few of y'all a special package with some of my favorites from each category :)

Happy Thursday, Friends!!!

This post contains affiliate links - which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. I love the Ken Follett century trilogy! I just finished the third one recently.

    Want: a Clairisonic
    Need: a nice overnight bag or carry on
    Wear: a baby blardigan
    Read: the last three books of the Outlander series

  2. Love this post!!! I want new dinnerware as well. I need athletic socks. I'd love to wear that new coat I shared yesterday and want to read-Leah Reminis new book. :)

  3. Frist, I just wanted to say I love your blog! We have decided to want, need, wear and read for our kids this year and it really simplifies things!!

    My want, need, wear, and read are as follows
    Neew tall brown boots
    New coffee mugs
    New winter coat
    Any Elin Hilderband I haven't read yet

  4. So fun!!! Want-Alex and Ani teacher/Apple or initial bracelet; need-keurig K cups (coffee or tea); wear-socks!; read- winter stroll by elin H.

  5. I think a set of dishes is also on my "want" list. This will be our 15th anniversary, and the fruit and leaves pattern on the edge of our dishes is looking pretty dated. Have a great Thursday!

  6. Love this concept! I want a hard drive to back up all of my photos (so lame, I know!). I need a pair of snow pants so I can play in the snow with the kids this weekend. I would love to wear a new pair of pjs or slippers. I would love the book After You by Jojo Moyes to read (loved Me Before You - can't wait to read the sequel!!!).

  7. Want: baby blardigan
    Need: black pants for work
    Wear: comfy flats (I'm a teacher!)
    Read: People magazine subscription

  8. From one middle school teacher to another...Absolutely agree about those teacher gifts! 🙌🏼 Great post!

  9. Love this idea! I'd do want: new blue king size bedding! need: girl, YES on that vacuum. Wear: a blardigan! Read: anything Eric Carle to my baby boy! happy Friday eve!!

  10. Want: gift card to a nice restaurant. Hubby and I need a date night. A 5 month old and a 3 year old live in our house. Both boys! :)
    Need: Coffee
    Wear: a fun scarf
    Read: The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle

    Love your blog, and love your heart! Such an encouragement to me.

  11. Andrea! The Dyson handheld vac is AMAZING! You NEED that one! I pretty much walk around with mine 24/7. It's my favorite thing to use at home!

    1. I was just about to say the same thing! We have the cordless vacuum that can convert to a smaller hand-held like this and we use it ALL the time! Spilled flour on the counter while baking? No problem, just vacuum it up!

  12. I am also a teacher, and I love using the want, need, wear, read idea! Here's my list for me, the teacher:
    Want - a Starbucks gift card (for those late night grading sessions!)
    Need - dry erase markers (we are not given supplies or a supply budget in our district)
    Wear - a cool scarf (I am known for my array of them!)
    Read - Lisa Delpit's "Other People's Kids" (I work in a low-performing, urban district, and I'm always on the hunt for new literature to help me grow)

  13. Great ideas!! I love this idea for kids' presents also--having just one from each category for each kiddo!! Perfect!

  14. This is such a great idea!!
    Want: black booties
    Need: a new rug for the living room
    Wear: a pair of comfy pjs and slippers
    Read: the new jojo moyes book, After You

  15. Love this post!! Ordered the earrings for gifts!! That's an awesome deal!! Thanks for sharing!
    Want: a good smelling candle
    Need: cozy socks
    Wear: blanket scarf
    Read: a neat devotional or women's bible

  16. Love this! We followed this year for my boys, which is wonderful for me!
    Want: A dinner out with the hubs - and only him! ;)
    Need: Black Flats - mine are being retired over break!
    Wear: LuLaRoe dresses - swoon!
    Read: The Keeper by David Balacci (sp?) - second in a YA series that my students and I love!

  17. Want:: a new set of wine glasses {I've managed to break almost all of ours!}
    Need:: K cups for my Keurig
    Wear:: Slippers/house shoes
    Read:: A new bible

  18. So fun! I love this! Here is my list! :)
    Want: Some Kate Spade studs
    Need: a new winter coat- mine is sooooo old & missing buttons, but I never have the energy to hunt for a new one.
    Wear: leopard booties!
    Read: Adoptive Parents magazine subscription

    Happy Thursday- I always look forward to reading your blog!

  19. We use this rule of thumb for our kids! Love it!

  20. I am a single mom of 2 and 5th grade teacher so there is no extras at all but....
    Want:anthropologie volcano candle (mine just ran out 😣)
    Need:I really need new black work pants lol
    Wear:slipper socks
    Read:The true stories of Grim

  21. I think this would help organize my gift-giving! Sometimes it seems hap-hazard :)
    Want: a blardigan!
    Need: slippers
    Wear: long-sleeved tshirts
    Read: Randy Alcorn, "Safely Home" which I've read but just want a personal copy of!

  22. Want: Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups - yum!
    Need: boots? Maybe more of a want than a need. ;)
    Wear: glittery sweaty bands headband
    Read: a pretty copy of Sense and Sensibility

  23. Want: Anne of Green Gables on dvd
    Need: a steam mop
    Wear: a baby blardigan
    Read: a Moriarty book

  24. Want- blardigan
    Need- new cookie sheets
    Wear-rain boots
    Read- Anything...I love to read!

    I also saw this on Facebook & thought I might start this with my boys who are 9 & 12

  25. Love this!
    Want: new cocktail glasses
    Need: coffee
    Wear: the perfect plaid scarf
    Read: a good chick book

    How fun is this!!!!

  26. Great minds DO think alike!I just made my 14yo twin sons write something for each of these categories down for me yesterday. SO hard to buy for. Thanks for the book suggestion, I may pick that up after the holidays. Happy Thursday, Andrea!

  27. We actually did this last year at my first borns first Christmas and really like it. It helps us (and others) from buying all kinds of things she doesn't need. We have another little one this year and are continuing with her as well.

    Want: canvas print of the family
    Need: new flats (black or brown)
    Wear: plaid shirt
    Read: What Alice Forgot

  28. Want: A blardigan! :)
    Need: 10 inch skillet (hoping for a Pioneer Woman skillet)
    Wear: New slippers.
    Read: The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy

    Thank you! My family has been asking for a list. I'll just forward this right to them. :)

  29. Want: New luggage
    Need: New tights to wear with dresses
    Wear: New winter coat
    Read: Audacious by Beth Moore and also, the book Just Mercy. (I love to read)

  30. This is such a cute idea!
    My need/want are the same- a handheld vacuum like you talked about. I have a 4-story townhouse and taking a vacuum up and down 3 flights of stairs is hard.
    Wear- some fuzzy comfy socks AND some new athletic socks.
    Read- any Elin Hilderbrand or James Patterson book that I haven't read.
    Happy Thursday!

  31. Want:New Purse
    Need: New Down Comforter - ours is old and ratty
    Wear: Tall Brown Boots
    Read: Winter Street - Elan Hilderbrand

  32. Want: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens
    Need: Clarisonic cleansing system (my skin has been awful this past year)
    Wear: New casual and warm winter coat
    Read: Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes

  33. Adorable post!
    Want:New makeup
    Need:Car detailing
    Wear: Baby blardigan
    Read:Turn Around by Leigh Anne Tuohy

  34. post!!! Hunter boots
    Wear...a blardigan
    Read...journaling Bible

  35. Want: slippers
    Need: Honestly, I don't "need" anything, I'm very blessed and grateful for what I have.
    Wear: comfy flannel pjs
    Read: All the books!

    -Bradley Lindsey

  36. Want: New Purse
    Need: New non-stick skillets
    Wear: Diamond Earrings
    Read: The new Janet Evanovich book

  37. Want: new purse
    Need: a coffee maker
    Wear: Slippers
    Read: any book by Beth Moore

  38. want: a horse
    Need: new tires
    Wear: a watch
    Read: Leah Remini's book

  39. I'm a single mom of two little girls with a strict budget and I use these guidelines for their Santa four gifts plus something little in their stocking and then I get them a keepsake item from me. However, I really need a new sewing basket. Mine is from when I was little and is falling apart. I still mend all of the buttons/holes in the girls' clothes so it would be nice to get a new one to keep all of my sewing supplies in.

    1. What a great idea! I love the idea of keepsakes for gifts.

  40. Wow! I love looking through everyone's lists- great ideas for those few little things I have left to pick up!

    Want: The perfect, soft leather, large tote/purse big enough to fit my big planner
    Need: Eye make-up- wanting to try the laura mercier eye shadow stick
    Wear: Baby Blardigan (jumping on the band-wagon, my current blardigan needs a friend, right?)
    Read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  41. Mom Christmas is so different than Kid Christmas, eh? My list is this...
    Want: A blardigan
    Need: A Shark Steam Mop (we have all tile in our house, and with a crawling baby, I want to KNOW it's clean!)
    Wear: Anthropologie is calling to me! After two kids in 3 years, my wardrobe is in need of some attention.
    Read: Anything that doesn't have pictures all over the pages!

  42. I love this approach to gift giving! This year I...
    Want: Disney character t-shirt to wear on vacation next month.
    Need: Flannel sheets.
    Wear: Socks!
    Read: I have my eye on the complete Vinyl Cafe Collection by Stuart McLean! I'd also be happy with a journalling Bible.

  43. I agree that this is a great idea!
    Want: Leopard Flats
    Need: Hair Products - Surf Spray & Leave in conditioner
    Wear: New sunglasses
    Read: "After You" by Jojo Moyes

  44. I LOVED the Century trilogy! I feel the ending is pretty perfect for the families he followed and left me satisfied that all was as it should be with the dynamic characters and their families. Although, there were points that upset me as a reader too.

    The style of want, need, wear & read is how I feel like Christmas should be done across the board - it makes it easy to think of gifts for people (although books have always been my go-to!) and helps ensure you don't blow the family budget in one month of the year.

  45. What a fun topic!
    Want: A new lens for my camera, like a 17-55
    Need: We're lucky - there's not much we need.
    Wear: Socks - boring but new socks are the best.
    Read: A new subscription to People - it's my guilty pleasure, lol.

  46. Oh this is such a fun idea...It was fun to think about the four categories!
    Want: Black booties (the problem is deciding which pair!)
    Need: I don't really "need" this...but a coffee maker for my classroom :)
    Wear: Black puffer vest
    Read: Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman

  47. I've been sending this list to my sister for years (well 3, since my niece is 3)! I think it is a fabulous idea!

    Want: A Blardigan. I ordered one on easy pay, but had to return because it was too big. And I just haven't bit the bullet yet on buying one at full price.
    Need: A rug for my living room. When I moved, I basically sold everything so I could start fresh. I have one in mine, but again, it's hard for me to just go buy it.
    Wear: Fringe booties. Found some super cute ones, but again, haven't bought for myself.
    Read: I have so many books on my to-read list. Mostly from you or your group of friends. I'm really wanting to read Leah Remini's book on getting away from scientology. And the one by Jenna Hill. I'm so fascinated by things I don't understand.

    I haven't heard of the one you mentioned, but if it's that good, I'm adding it to my list.

    Lastly, I have a problem with buying dinnerware every few years. Last month, I bought the Versailles Maison collection from Macys. It was on sale, then bogo free, then 15% off, then free shipping, then I used ebates to get 6% back. So I basically got 12 place settings for $110. HELLO! That is amazing! The end.

  48. What a fun post! I think this should be a yearly post! :)

  49. I think everyone should do a blog post about what they want/need because you and Erika have given me some great ideas :)

    Want: Shay's ugg slippers and plaid PJ pants!
    Need: New Running shoes
    Wear: A Blanket scarf or Blardigan!!
    Read: Everything Jen Hatmaker. Love her.

  50. I love this ideas, I just texted this list to my husband and 3 teens.
    Want: Universal Studios and SeaWorld tickets for trip in Feb
    Need: Knife Set and Silverware
    Wear: Denim Dress
    Read: The Pioneer Woman Dinnertime Cookbook

  51. I love reading your blog!
    Want: Christmas dishes
    Need: Dude, that handheld vacuum looks A-MAZING!
    Wear: Baby Blardigan
    Read: Winter Stroll

  52. Such a fun idea Andrea!
    Want: K.Spade square studs
    Need: a scarf to match a camel colored wool coat
    Wear: matching gloves
    Read: Leah Rimini's new book

  53. What a wonderful concept!

    I have been wanting cute holiday pillows.
    My need would be new pots and pans.
    Wear: Gold Kate Spade or Michael Kors watch!
    and I can't wait to get my hands on Jen Hatmakers book!!

    Can't wait to see what Santa puts under the tree this year. :)

  54. Want: A gift card to go out to eat... a date with my husband. =)
    Need: That hand held vac you mentioned!!
    Wear: Baby Blardigan =)
    Read: Elin Hilderbrand I haven't read yet

  55. Such a wonderful idea, I have 3 kids and should implement this:
    Want: a blardigan
    Need: a date with my husband!
    Wear: new sunglasses
    Read: I have tons of books on my list but maybe Jen Hatmakers book

  56. Such a cute post! Loved it!
    Want: A good cookie scoop!
    Need: A pair of boots, preferably light brown and riding style.
    Wear: A baby blardigan! I'm due with baby #2 in February and would love to snuggle her in it!
    Read: That new crayon book looks cute but for myself I would like to read Leah Remini's book Troublemaker

  57. I am totally going to use that for my Teacher gift this year!!
    Want: a Clairisonic Mia
    Need: New tennis shoes
    Wear: a baby blardigan
    Read: Would love to read Bethany Chase' The One That Got Away :)

  58. Very cute idea!

    Want/Need: that handheld vacuum!
    Wear: Comfy slippers
    Read: Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

  59. Awesome post! Love this idea! Want: a new winter nail polish. Need: Some new pens! Mine are disappearing! Wear: A blardigan!! Read: A fun decorating magazine!

  60. Such a cool post! I want a pair of Tory Burch riding boots. I need new tennis shoes but they discontinued the pair I own currently. I would wear anything with a monogram! Love it all. I want to read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover because as a college student with bills.. I need to learn how to manage my money better!!!! Love your blog so much.

  61. We started using the "want, need, wear, read" idea last year with our oldest son (now 4 - we will follow it for the baby this year, but he obviously doesn't get it yet!). My son (also a Mason!) is really into "rules" right now and loves these rules for Christmas. He knows he gets 4 things from his parents and one "want" from Santa. My mom is also following this idea for the grandkids this Christmas. Also, LOVED the Ken Follett Century Trilogy. Have you read Pillars of the Earth and the follow-up, World Without End? So amazing - definitely recommend them!

  62. Love this post. Great idea.

    Want:Tickets to Disneyland tickets to both parks for the three of us.
    Need: A new set of pans and bake wear.
    Wear:A cute sweater
    Read: A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvine
    Have a great day!

  63. I love this idea!!! Especially for kids who wind up with so much unnecessary stuff! I am a new blogger and a new follower to your site.. I've enjoyed it so much so far!
    Need: a fun reusable Advent calendar for my kids
    Want: Kate Spade earrings
    Wear: a blanket scarf
    Read: Lea Remini's new book!

  64. What are these baby blardigans everyone wants?!?!?
    Want: A very large jewelry box or armoire
    Need: A new set of coffee mugs
    Wear: Army green puffer vest
    Read: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

  65. We love that vacuum!!!

  66. Want: Antro coffee mugs. They are beautiful!! But if a Frye purse ended up under the tree I would not complain. At all!!
    Need: new workout gear.
    Wear: Jeans!!!
    Read: For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.

  67. Love your ideas!
    Want: A baby blardigan!
    Need: A new pair of running shoes
    Wear: A new pair of boots or booties
    Read: I just want the time to read... a 9 month old hasn't allowed for much of that! But Gillian Flynn has a new book out that I'd love to read!

  68. Love this!

    Want: I want a a black fun metal/leather band for my Fitbit Flex
    Need: a pouring shield for my Kitchen Aid (aka I need to stop splattering things on the wall...) I also need a cleaning lady.
    Wear: a pair of Minnetoka Mocs
    Read: A new note takers Bible

    Love your pics. Those pens are my fave!


  69. Want: Amazon gift card (I'm obsessed)
    Need: A SpotBot cleaner!
    Wear: A warm coat (I just moved from FL to NJ for grad school! Brrr!)
    Read: The illustrated edition of Harry Potter <3

  70. Want - PIoneer Woman dishes, Need - Corelle dishes, Wear - black boots, Read - A new Bible study :)

  71. I do this with my kids every year, but I add a fifth gift: something to do as a family. :) I love how much it simplifies Christmas shopping! Here is my list:
    Want: Play Nine (a family card game)
    Need: Vera Bradley hanging travel organizer
    Wear: Disney Running top from Raw Threads
    Read: Francine Rivers new book Bridge to New Haven
    Love your blog!!!

  72. Goodness. Not sure how you have ANY clue who pays for my housekeeper... but, to clear up any confusion, when my grandfather passed away he left money for me and my brother with the express direction that my parents were not to give it directly to us - but that they were to give us something that we wouldn't get ourselves. My parents knew that Dave and I wouldn't hire a housekeeper on our own (we didn't really see the need as we were handling the cleaning), so they hired and paid for one for us for a set amount of time. Since then, we've come to LOVE the extra time we have since we're not spending big chunks of our weekends and evenings doing the deep cleaning and have decided to keep the housekeeping service on our own. Thanks so much for the unwarranted an unfounded judgement!

  73. We do this with my kids, too!
    Mine are:
    want- baby blardigan
    need - new warm winter coat (thought this was the year I'd splurge on a new one...but chickening out!)
    wear - my brown riding boots are old and tattered and I should replace those for as much as I wear them
    read - JoJo Moyes or Elin Hilderbrand books -ooh or the Leah Remini book - good call previous commenter!!

    Fun thread...

  74. That's lovely-and no one's business! And shouldn't cause any judgement! What a lovely gift to you guys.

  75. Love these ideas! Starbucks can never fail :)

    Want: Louis Vuitton handbag (hey it's a WISH list, right?! ;))
    Need: Starbucks - there is never enough coffee in my life
    Wear: new jeans that fit properly
    Read: Essentialism or the new Joel Rosenberg book

  76. Want: fitbit
    Need: haircut!
    Wear: cute dresses to wear with boots
    Read: anything Christmas-themed

  77. Love this posts....all your posts really!
    Want: baby blardigan
    Need: beauty items...Sephora gift card
    Wear: brown booties
    Read: The Nightingale

  78. Want: Donations for a health missions trip to Ecuador next spring with my school
    Need: Giftcards for food/gas/coffee. Always on the go between work, school, and clinicals!
    Wear: cute, comfortable tunics or sweaters to wear to school or to study (like a blardigan!)
    Read: Anything fun and light! As a nursing student, I don't have a lot of free time to spend on reading other than textbooks :)

  79. Want: Donations for a health missions trip to Ecuador next spring with my school
    Need: Giftcards for food/gas/coffee. Always on the go between work, school, and clinicals!
    Wear: cute, comfortable tunics or sweaters to wear to school or to study (like a blardigan!)
    Read: Anything fun and light! As a nursing student, I don't have a lot of free time to spend on reading other than textbooks :)

  80. How fun to read everyone's list!! Here's mine;
    Want: a Kate spate necklace
    Need: a small hand held vacuum for my stairs
    Wear: snow boots
    Read: Humans of New York

  81. Love this idea! Mine would be:

    Want: Beautiful new linen for the bed
    Need: A travel thermos for my coffee
    Wear: Always love new pjs!
    Read: Leah Reminis new book x

  82. This was a fun post to read and I loved reading everyone's comments too!
    Mine would be:
    Want: An old church hymnal to teach my kiddos some classic hymns!
    Need: A new cell phone
    Wear: Warm sweater or two..
    Read: The new Pioneer Woman Cookbook

  83. Lots of fun, Andrea
    Want: new light weight sweaters (teaching kindergarten is no place for bulky!)
    Need: a new kitchen sink
    Wear: hunter boots for bus duty
    Read: Mitch Alboms new book

  84. Such a fun idea!
    Want: ipad
    Need: new cookware
    Wear: a blardigan! or cozy scarf/sweater
    Read: anything by jojo moyes

    1. As a teacher, I love all the teacher gift ideas! I want an Alex &
      Ali bracelet. I need nothing really! HA! I love scarves! Reading is my favorite pastime so books are always on my list!
      Love your blog!

  85. Andrea,

    I just want you to know what a blessing you are. I'm a busy, working mom of three boys (teacher here too) and I love reading your blog each morning as I eat breakfast before getting ready for the busy work day. I can't tell you how many times God has used you and your blog in my life. It really makes me angry to see the negativity someone has when you are such a wonderful wife, mother, teacher, and Christian. Know you make a difference, and don't let the negative replies get to you. You are in inspiration to many. God is using you in mighty ways.
    ~A stranger in Missouri~

  86. Hmmmmm...
    Want: a Barrington tote bag
    Need: a new planner
    Wear: blardigan!
    Read: an inspiring book for educators (I teach middle school)

  87. This is such a cute idea! I'm a freshman in college and I can't wait to use this concept for some of my friends Christmas gifts!
    Want: New brown riding boots
    Need: New pens. You take a lot of notes in college!
    Wear: Baby blardigan
    Read: Any Liane Moriarty book

  88. What a fun idea, Andrea! I am a teacher and want to spread this idea to my teacher friends!
    Want: new tote bag for papers to be graded
    Need: a 2016 planner
    Wear: leggings
    Read: For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

  89. I would love to have some kendra scott jewelry, I need a winter coat for my five year old in the next size, I would love to have some skinny jeans to wear, and to read I would choose a children's devotional book. :)

  90. This is so fun!
    Want: A Matilda Jane outfit for my little girl,
    Need: Cozy socks.
    Wear: A new bra!
    Read; the reading strategies book.

  91. What a mean spirited comment. Andrea, your reply is classy as usual and I admire your attitude!

  92. Love the earrings! I snatched those when Sheaffer posted them on sale and they look adorable with your Christmas tree graphic!!

    Want: a treadmill (I NEED to be more proactive about my health)
    Need: can't thing of anything I need
    Wear: brown Frye riding boots
    Read: For the Love

  93. Want: big cozy blanket
    Need: new jeans
    Wear: black boots
    Read: Nicholas Sparks See Me

  94. Want: Ugg Slippers
    Need: 2016 Erin Condren planner
    Wear: Baby blardigan
    Read: I am in grad school so pretty much anything besides a textbook :)

  95. LOVING this idea! Totally going to implement this next year for us :)

    Want: A gift card to Sephora or Ulta
    Need: The Life Planner by Erin Condren for the 2016 year
    Wear: Fuzzy Socks or some really cozy jammies
    Read: Troublemaker by Leah Remini

    Thanks for sharing this idea :)

    -Rachel at

  96. Want: A unique delicate necklace that I could wear all the time, probably from Etsy.
    Need: A heart rate monitor since I'm starting a new, hard core work out program soon. ;)
    Wear: I may be the only Texan who thought I couldn't justify Hunter's since it doesn't rain all that much but last winter and spring were rainy so I finally bought some and can't believe how much I love them! They are black so now I want a fun color!
    Read: Anne of Green Gables, Puffin in Bloom edition. So pretty, and the Anne books have been some of my very favorites for almost 30 years.

  97. I LOVE this idea. This is our rule of thumb for gifts for our girls but it would be fun to have it for my husband and I too!
    Want: A Nespresso. My Starbucks addiction is real and I am trying to be a coffee at home kind of girl. My husband will thank me.
    Need: A new Simplified Planner
    Wear: New leggings
    Read: All of Melissa Poepping's books!

  98. Love this! I too asked for dinnerware and received some for my Birthday on Tuesday! I have that Vacume and love it!
    Want: more new Dinnerware!
    Need: new iPad
    Wear: dare I admit, new bras!
    Read: For the Love, Jenn Hatmaker, 5 minutes with Jesus, Sheila Walsh

  99. Thank you!
    I want a Kendra Scott necklace or earrings.
    I need a new sewing machine.
    I would wear a new pair of Toms.
    And I would read Mindy Kaling's latest book. She's hilarious.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  100. We are doing this for presents this year and it was on my wish list on my blog too:
    Want: Benefit make up, diamond earrings or perfume
    Need: Canon camera, Nutribullet, Silhouette or Le Creuset pot ware
    Wear: Anything from Country Road, Lalesso or Anna Louise pjs
    Read: Brookdale Hydro recipe book, Make it Happen to go with Powersheets and The Royal We

  101. We have done this for our kids before and loved it! For me:
    Want: new chair for our living room
    Need: new skillet or winter coat
    Wear: cute maternity clothes :)
    Read: Sally Clarksons new book The Lifegiving Home
    This is fun!

  102. I do this with my kids too! I would want a portable speaker for my phone, need a blardigan (that's a need right?), some booties to wear, and For The Love to read!

  103. Want: New dishes and silverware
    Need: a new dryer. It just broke yesterday. Doing laundry with 4 kids without a dryer is UGGH!
    Wear: new duck boots
    Read: Teaching Gifted Students

  104. ohhh fun idea!!

    I want one of those handwriting bracelets that is made from a picture of handwriting you send them. one from my husbands writing and one from my daughters. and then eventually from my little boy. :)
    neeeeeeed a steam mop. all tile floors and i'm such a germaphobe. I never even knew about steam mops until recently.
    wear? a blardigan duh. ;)
    read? of course the book about Scientology. nosy minds wanna know the scoop!!

  105. Ok, super fun idea!

    Here's mine:
    Wear: new slimmer style Ugg boots
    Need: Starbucks gift card (I'm s kindergarten teacher and it's December. Haha!)
    Want: religious graphic tee
    Read: book two of the Ken F. trilogy (Book one was soooo good!)

  106. We totally are doing this, this year!

    Want: a hair straightener
    Need: a new dishwasher- ours broke :(
    Wear: snow boots
    Read: what Alice forgot

  107. Want: a blardigan
    Need: new flatware
    Wear: back flats
    Read: a new study bible

  108. I just first heard of this concept recently. Love it!

    Want: Michael Buble concert tickets
    Need: dishes
    Wear: grey Ugg slippers
    Read: Jen Hatmaker's For The Love

  109. You are awesome! I would love a housekeeper. I'm an adult, and if my parents offered to pay for me one, I would gladly accept!

  110. My mom does this with our kids!
    Want: the baby blardigan (or something equally as cozy); that lovely yellow dress you posted is coming in a close second though!
    Need: a handheld vacuum, much like the one you posted
    Wear: some new booties
    Read: The new Leah Remini book is high on my list, along with Drew Barrymore's new book



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