Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This and That

Here's a random roundup of this and that from the past week or so.

Dave volunteered at Mason's Happy Birthday, Jesus party last week and this picture from the end of the party is the best.  His teacher is AMAZING and so sweet and patient and loving and she totally "gets" Pre-K kids. We are blessed to have Mrs.Anderson!

Mason brought this little snowman ornament home and I thought it was super cute!  If you could find the little top hats somewhere they would be fun Christmas eve crafts.

Did anyone else's house blow up Friday afternoon?  With the Christmas parties and sweet teacher gifts I felt like a Christmas bomb went off.

Sweet babies snuggling before bed!!!

Saturday was filled with GG's dance recital (post and pics coming later) and our little adventure at Top Fun Ranch. 

Sunday we spent lots of time outside doing this...

.. and lots of time inside doing this...

Later that night, the natives were getting restless and so I printed off some ornaments (I googled black and white ornament clipart and then just cut and pasted it into a word document) and got out the watercolors.  We ended up getting out paint and glitter as well :)

Monday Mason made this awesome candy cane while wearing Gibi's readers :)

 My dad bought Griffin a kitty cat "stuffie" and it took her about 30 seconds to figure out what it was all about ;)

We found Buddy the elf sporting a bomber jacket and taking a rest with the baby Jesus Mason made out of a sock. hahaha  He told me it had a sad face because a cow mooed and woke him up in the manger.

Like everywhere, the weather has been unseasonably warm, and even though I've kind of felt like pouting about how "un-Christmas" it feels, I decided to suck it up and we've been enjoying the super mild temperatures.

 While the kids ran amok outside, I got busy baking.  I busted out my mom's food processor that my dad bought for her in 1977.  It's still going strong!

My mom has a top secret shortbread recipe that she perfected when we were kids.  Most of my Christmas memories involve eating way too many of these ;)

The boys also requested monster cookies, so I made those as well and swapped out the regular M&Ms for Christmas colors :)

After spending all afternoon in the kitchen, we headed out for pizza instead of cooking.  Hallelujah!

We love Mellow Mushroom for lots of reasons - one being that the kids get to watch their pretzels and pizzas being made.  So fun!

Dave and I are HUGE fans of the red potato pizza - which is hard to describe - but trust me - it's amazing.

 After pizza we headed out to look at lights.  We sang Christmas songs and picked our favorites and ate way too many cookies.

Yesterday morning we had to run a few errands and I was DREADING heading to HomeGoods.  But, much to my surprise it was virtually empty!  Granted, we were there before 9 am, but still.  WIN!

Then I took these yahoos to Target ;)  

And after that we headed to the park for lunch and playing.  Griffin must have slid at least 100 times :) 

After the park we needed ice cream.  So that's exactly what we did.

After naps we broke out a few little toys I've had put away for a long afternoon.  This bead sequencing set was a huge hit with the boys.  You put the cards in and then have to make the sequences with the beads.

And GG worked on her fine motor skills with this lacing kit.

 We also had to get out the flower garden set which is Griffin's absolute favorite toy right now.

Today we have zero plans other than to enjoy the weather and probably make a mess (or two).

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


  1. Isn't being home for Christmas break the best?!?! It looks like y'all have had tons of fun already!

  2. Ahhhh! So much fun on this and that!! You guys look cozy and happy! xo

  3. I can't get over how warm it has been everywhere ! Crazy for December ! Have a great day!!!

  4. Making the most of the Christmas break, I see:) Such fun days! I appreciate your linking the toys that your kids currently love. They go directly into my amazon cart for my grandchildren:)

  5. What a busy day!! Griffin on the slide: cutest thing EVER!

  6. Looks like you are having a great break! I'm with you, I had to suck up this weather and just embrace it! (Although, I'm from Chicago, where we almost always have snow for Christmas!)

  7. So many cute pictures of your kids and I'm thinking about that pizza!!! Hahahaha! We need a date where I can try that pizza. Looks so delish!

  8. I love the reason why Baby Jesus was sad... those darn cows!!! Haha! Good idea about having some long afternoon (in our case in Oregon- rainy day) toys tucked away... I might have to do that!

  9. Yes, Christmas blew up at our house too! But I just love all the school creations. The that mashed potatoes on it? Not sure on that one....

  10. We were in McKinney this summer and ate at the Mellow Mushroom. It was delicious. Our weather is opposite of yours. We live in Southern California and it's been cold and rainy here. Merry Christmas!


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