Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Recap: Trick-Or-Treat Edition

 Friday started off with some BIG rain for pajama day. Both boys wanted to wear solid blue shirts with their PJ pants and since they didn't have any solid blue, they opted for a backwards "Ladies, I have arrived" shirt...

... and a shirt turned inside out. ;)  #makeitwork

Luke REALLY wanted Griffin to walk in the parade with him and Griffin REALLY didn't want to :)  hahaha


He was ready to parade!

 There he goes!

The picture I snapped of Luke was blurry (darn dark skies!), so I'm hoping someone else grabbed one and I'll get it this week.

Another blurry pic, but I couldn't resist posting since you can pretty much see the JOY through the blur :)

While the lower school was wearing PJS, I wore something equally comfy :)
(The poncho I"m wearing a small and it's oversized as is the design, these jeans run a little loose as they have a lot of stretch)

Saturday morning Dave had to be up at the club EARLY, so it was just me and these three.  We started Halloween off right - at the donut shop :)

We had some sweet conversation and enjoyed more than our fair of sprinkles.

It was wear your costume to dance day and when I pulled out her cupcake costume that morning there was NO WAY she was going to wear it.  "I dance! I dance! I dance, Mommy!!!"  Since she insisted on her leotard, I improvised and cut a heart-eye emoji out of cardstock I had on hand and safety pinned it to her.  Done.  

What's cuter than a group of tiny dancers?  Tiny dancers in COSTUME!  I die.

They're getting ready for a post-Thanksgiving performance on a big stage at our towns Home for the Holidays event and they got to rehearse their Jingle Bells number in the big studio :)

And then this happened!  TOO MUCH!!!

Random story, but Dave was on drumline with a guy in high school and they hung out all the time (read: got into a lot of trouble. hahaha) and now their daughters are in dance class together!  Who would have thought that they would be watching their toddler girls dance to Jingle Bells when they were drag racing cars at the airport together in high school :) 

Dave got home after lunch and we got to the business of carving pumpkins.

We were laughing so hard because Mason HATES the pumpkin guts and he insisted on wearing one black glove to scoop out the insides. :)  

The kids helped get them all cleaned out and then somehow the carving responsibilities all fell on me. hahaha  Griffin requested a kitty cat, Mason drew out his own scary face and Luke asked for a Minecraft creeper.

Naps ended and I had the BRILLIANT idea to get pictures of the kids before dinner and trick-or-treat craziness.  Mason didn't think it was so brilliant :)

After dinner everyone was much more cooperative :)

Before all of our friends came over we had a few minutes to visit a few of our super sweet neighbors.

And then our Anna Grace stopped by!!!

How cute are they?!?!?!  

And just for fun, let's look at how much everyone has grown up in just two years!

Our crew!!!

And this was before another 7 kiddos joined our crowd. hahaha  #gobigorgohome

We had so much fun trick-or-treating for an hour or so and when we got home everyone immediately went into the bathtub and soaped up super quickly on the promise that they would get to sort their candy after :)

I mean!  These boys were sooooooo excited!!!

Luke tallied and graphed his candy intake before it all got put into the "Family Bowl".  He is SUCH an engineer! hahaha

Sunday morning we were ready to usher in November with some sweater weather :)

And this was our one and only attempt at a group pic. hahaha

Mommy makes it all better :)  Heaven FORBID her brothers tell her to sit on a pumpkin!

The afternoon was really rainy and pretty blah, so we snuggled up inside for paper grading, laundry folding and napping.  Well, except for Luke.  He got to go get snow cones with Carter :)

Boys went to AWANAS, I worked on Christmas cards and Griffin carted this crew of stuffed animals all around the house doting on them, making them food and wrapping them up in blankets.  It was the  perfect day!

I hope that you all had a fun and sweet weekend - don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell: A Day in the Life!  I am super nosy and love reading these kinds of posts and can't wait to read yours!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. We had the best time trick or treating with you guys!! And I'm crazy impressed you had a big piece of yellow poster board just lying around to make G a costume!! Crazy impressed!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Too many cute pics! Griffin at dance just melted my heart! And listen, one of my very favorite nights of the year is trick or treating with your family. I love it more than words can say!

  3. Such a great weekend! Love how mason hates the pumpkin guts !!!

  4. Love the weekend recaps! You guys really know how to to get the most out of a weekend:) I am with Mason, gloves are essential when dealing with pumpkin guts and Luke tallying the candy made me laugh. Classic Luke:)

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! We were in Dallas this weekend and I was so over all of the rain!

  6. Such fun!! Love all the kids lined up before trick-or-treating!!

  7. Only you can crank out a darling costume in like 23 seconds! Well done mama! Super cute pics as always!

  8. They really racked up on the candy! Yumm!

  9. That Free People poncho is amazing! It looks so cozy. I think it might need to go into my cart.

  10. Oh my goodness that sweet little cupcake costume! Absolutely perfect!

  11. I'm having a tough crisis to deal with at my household... now that Halloween is over.. when do I take down the fall/halloween decor and put up Christmas Decorations!!!!! Advice please!

  12. Such cute costumes...and Anna Grace is so beautiful! I thought your teens were supposed to be your awkward years! ;)

  13. Love the backward/inside out shirts. Creative! Halloween is always one of the best memory-making days of the entire year!

  14. You are "Johnny on the spot" I tell ya!!! No way would've thought that quick on my feet. I want some of that creativity! In fact, I have been in Greer's room all day trying to make her mirror I brought down on the wall to her size...look as cute as you did Griffin's. It messes with my OCD😂😂😂. Your blog just is happy, happy , happy!! Always brings JOY to our day!!! Greer says "who's Griffin, Mama"


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