Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap - Grandparents Day Edition

Friday morning we were up bright and early and geared up for Grandparent's Day at school.  Mason's class had to wear a button down shirt with a bow tie and we threw on a vest to complete the look.   I'm not sure he's ever looked cuter!!!

Luke was WAY too cool for a before school picture, but I managed to grab one of his and a friend before the program started.

Mason's class performed "It's A Small World" and it was the SWEETEST!  See his little wave in the picture below??? :)

Luke's class performed a song in Spanish and he told me the name about 6 times just now and I have no clue what he is saying.  OOOPS! hahaha 

I snapped the picture below as they were coming in and I"m glad I did because it was the only one where you can actually see him.

Luke's "Easter Island" art was also on display and it was awesome!  His art teacher is AMAZING and they always produce really unique and elaborate pieces.

Later that afternoon his teacher sent out a Prezi presentation that their class had put together and this was Luke's slide :) 

Gram (Dave's mom), Grandma (Dave's Grandma), Granny (Dave's other Grandma), Gibi, Haha and Dave all got to come and see the boys - but I have zero pictures of that  because I ran up to the SLC to watch them perform and then ran back down to finish off my classes for the week.  Griffin did WONDERFULLY during the program and then Dave dropped her off at Miss Lisa's.  SO CUTE!!!

After I was done with my classes, my mom and I took the boys to lunch at the country club. 

And when we got home the boys spent the rest of the day outside.  They were NASTY when they came inside and so this happened...

... and when Dave got home for a quick break before dinner craziness we celebrated the official start of Thanksgiving break :)

Mason actually fell asleep before dinner, but these two had a sweet little dinner for two and then snuggled up in the tee pee :)

Saturday morning I cooked breakfast for Erika's DNOW group and ran that over and then Griffin and I headed to her dance class - she was looking super festive and extra cute :)


This was her last rehearsal before her class performs Jingle Bells at the Home for the Holidays festival this Friday.  We can't wait!!!

The rest of Saturday I took zero pictures - mainly because we were doing a whole lot of nothing notable :) I cooked and brought over lunch to Erika's group and then the rest of the day was comprised of loads and loads of laundry.  Loads and loads of puzzles.  And then loads and loads of UNO.  Luke got a new bike from my parents and he got to try that out and we ended the night with some Monsters, Inc.

Sunday morning was HECTIC for no real reason. hahaha  And the only picture from the day was this one that Dave snapped before he headed in to work in the late afternoon.  I feel like we're all catching up on sleep from the past few weeks.

After everyone woke up from naps I feel like all we did was get out all the toys and scatter them all over the house :)  We picked up some dinner and had a picnic on the floor of the family room and when Dave got home around 8:00 I settled in with some tea and the BEST little view :)

We ended the week with snuggles and some "baby time" with Griffin and it was PERFECT!

Today, hopefully, I'm spending the day putting up our Christmas decorations.  Our cleaning ladies come tomorrow and I really want everything up before they come.  We have a couple birthday parties in the next day or so and have a few fun family things planned before Thanksgiving.  Mainly, we're just looking forward to hanging out together.

Safe travels and happy times to all of you this week!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great week with your sweet family. I'm just curious what you took for Erika' s dNow group to eat? We have a similar weekend with our church youth and I always feel like I cook the same things.

  2. Mason in the bow tie. Griffin in the green scarf. My heart just melted into a huge puddle. xo

  3. Can't wait to see your house decorated for Christmas!!!

  4. Mason looks so dapper in his vest and tie and he looks soo cute in the pic with your gorgeous mother! Luke is soo talented with his artwork - oh my!! And Griffin's lil Christmas ballerina accessories are just adorable!! Where did you get them ? Or are they part of her costume for the show? What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for the delicious meals AND for washing my dishes!! :)

  6. I just love all Griffin's headbands! I am still hoping to get our Christmas decorations up within the next few days! Even though it's still early, I feel like I am getting it done late!

  7. What a great start to your Thanksgiving break:) Mason is adorable in that vest and I love his little wave from the stage:) Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations, your home is always so festive. Have a great Monday, Andrea!

  8. I'm thinking a bow tie could just be Mason's signature look!!!!

  9. Great post!
    Quick question: How often do your cleaning ladies come and what do they do? We are looking into getting some help while our house is on the market.

  10. I love all the little girls in their dance costumes!! I forgot their cute little legs and bellies at that age!!

  11. Would love to know what you fixed for a large group like that. I will need ideas for next year. Mason and the bow tie!! Perfection!!!

  12. Mason, the best, the bow tie...cutest thing I have ever seen ! Enjoy your week off !!!

  13. Oops darn auto correct...the vest not best ;)

  14. That little poinsettia headband is darling!

  15. I need to know where Griffins giant flower headband and green knit scarf are from!!!

  16. Can you tell me where you found the teepee?? Thanks!!

  17. That bow adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!


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