Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites - WEEK OFF Edition!!!

Well, girls... we made it!  Today marks the end of a hectic week and the start of a wonderful week at home! WOO HOO!!!  The boys are performing at school for Grandparent's Day and they're both super excited.

First up on the list of FAVORITES today is Luke's soccer pictures.  When did he start to look so flipping big?!?!?  Here he was three years ago during his first season and then last weekend.

And then last year at his last game and this year.  

And just in case the soccer pictures weren't enough to tug at my heart strings, these beauties popped up on my Facebook feed from 2013...

... and 2014.  #sigh

It's a good thing she gets cuter every year ;) 

Dave was killing it with the happy  morning pictures this week ;)

And G was killing it in her FAVORITE sunnies ;)

 I try to rock it like GG, but most of the time I end up looking super awkward ;)  But, alas - I will look awkward in the name of showing you the CUTEST coats I picked up!

This one grabbed my attention immediately with the fun, unexpected color.  It's boiled wool and although the sleeves are a little long, I think it fits true to size.  I got the small and I could easily wear a chunky sweater under it and still be comfortable. 

It's not super heavy, which works great for me here in Texas and the next pic is awful, but I feel like it should be noted that it has a cute hood for those extra chilly mornings. 

I think I'll wear it as a coat all the time and open as more of  heavy sweater often as well.

Click HERE to find the coat.

I went in with the intention of picking up the coral coat and left with this one as well - and I think I may like it even more than the coral!

There I go channeling my inner GG again ;) Actually, the wind whipped my hair into my eye and it looked like I was crying, so on with the shades.  It's fun and funky and BOLD and so so so warm!

You can find this coat HERE. (and it's on MAJOR sale!!!)

Also, this is what I actually wore yesterday - my Soshie Poncho from Evy's Tree.  I was concerned about it being HUGE since I'm on the short side, but I really love it with my clogs. I wore it with flats the other day and didn't love it as much.

Speaking of Evy's Tree, they're releasing a new GLAM Holiday collection this morning and between 9 a.m and 1 p.m. PST all of the new items are going to be 40% off with the code GLITTER40 !  

Be sure to check in on my Instagram because I should have a couple to show you this weekend!

Yesterday afternoon my FAVORITE little middle tagged along with my to Anthropologie and he LOVED seeing all of the Christmas decor.  He has great taste. ;)

And his FAVORITE part?  Jumping off the ledge out front with his light saber.

One of my FAVORITE parts about wedding season at the country club is the flowers that get left behind. hahaha  These beauties ended up in my classroom this week and they not only looked GORGEOUS, but they smelled amazing!

On Wednesday Mason got to bring a stuffed animal to school and it was his FAVORITE day of the week ;)  

So.  Much.  Cuteness.

Mason and GG have been each others FAVORITES this week.  Excuse the big pile of clothes I'm getting ready to sell (I'll keep you updated!) and look at them looking at each other! :)

Wrestle Mania all day every day :)

This poncho is on my Christmas list.  I love that it has built in sleeves and the colors are so good! 

I posted this picture on IG earlier this week, but I'm sharing here too because it's my FAVORITE.  He told me that he "drew lines on his face for no reason" :)  You have to love his honesty!

Dave was off on Monday and he and Griffin had important business to take care of - including sending mommy silly selfies...

... and visiting Papa Mac at the flower shop.  And he gave her a flower and balloon - PINK - her FAVORITE!


 I blogged about these clogs last week because they look REALLY similar to the ones I wear all the time, and I'm so excited because they're on SALE!  40% off!!!

And since we're talking shoes, I picked this pair up on Hautelook this week for under $35.  So cute!

Aurora Ankle Strap EspadrilleAurora Ankle Strap Espadrille

Last up, Griffin's FAVORITE camera is the reverse one :)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday and a wonderful weekend!


PS - This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you clicked on a link and purchased an item, I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. I totally misread the "boiled wool" as "boiled wood". I clicked over to learn more! Hahahahaha! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. As always love the favorites! And those coats! Living in Atlanta we rarely need anything super heavy either so those are perfect!

  3. So the pics of you in that coat are gorgeous! Love the color on you! And then those pics of Mason and Griffin are just so cute! Those two are ADORABLE together!

  4. My friend Carly blogged about that Free People poncho, and it is AWESOME!!!!!! And it's totally YOU!!!!!

  5. The coral coat is amazing!!! Love!!

  6. Omgosh those yearly pictures of the kiddos!! So stinkin' cute!!

  7. I tried on the Aztec jacket at Anthro but they didn't have my size! I want it so bad! What size did you get? Are you wearing petite?!

  8. Could you fix the link to the clogs? Right now it's linking to a Free People poncho. I wanted to take a look at them. :)

    Also, where is the sweater from that you wore in your fall family photos (also that was on instagram yesterday)?


    1. FIXED! Thanks so much for letting me know! The sweater is by MOTH and it was from Anthropologie two years ago I think.

    2. No problem! And thanks for the info! :) And one last question lol, in that same picture, are you wearing a dress or a lace top extender? I just love your whole outfit!

  9. I love the coral coat!!
    You have the most incredible wardrobe :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend, Andrea & fam!!

  10. Love and want the black and white coat, but I don't know about sizing. What did you go with?


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