Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap - Harvest Party Edition

Friday afternoon I took Luke to a pottery painting birthday party on the square and Mason and got to have an hour and a half to spend together.  His love language is definitely quality time and I knew that when he found out that it was going to be just me and him that he would be over the moon.  We dropped Luke off and I told him that what we did next was totally up to him and he picked ice cream :)  #smartboy

We picked up our giant cookie cone of Blue Bell Dutch chocolate (Praise JESUS!) and found a shady spot to sit and enjoy.

In between licks of ice cream he talked me ear off :)  He has lots to say most of the time, but when he has your undivided attention the number of stories and questions goes up exponentially :)

Why does he look so stinkin' big in this picture?!?!?!

We walked a bit and he wanted to take a pit stop on the old courthouse steps.  Go for it ;)

A quick stop in the candy store...

... and we were on to our next stop.  This building was a pharmacy for years and years and the floors are original to the building and some of my absolute favorite.

Before we stopped in at the antique book store Mason wanted to climb the spiral stairs.  He's never asked this before and  Luke has gone up 10 or 12 stairs many times I wasn't expecting him to go any more than that.  

About 20 seconds later and there he is!  Absolutely no fear.  I was breathing quick enough for the both of us :) hahaha

So proud!

After a stop in the magic shop to look around and see a few tricks, we picked up Luke from the party and Mason told me he had "the best time EVER!"

While we were walking around, I stopped in one of my favorite stores and picked up this cute top.  I took a picture to send a friend and when I went back to look at it I noticed Mason in the background ;)  Classic!!!

Mason actually fell asleep in the car on the way home and managed to stay asleep during the car to bed transfer.  He slept until Saturday morning so Luke, Griffin and I had an extra quiet Pizza Friday.  Griffin painted her toes in the sink :)

 And we called it an early night.

Saturday morning we decided to go to dance extra festive...

And Mason joined us to watch his sister practice.

After dance we came home and had the sweetest morning out back.  The weather was perfection and we raked, played and jumped until well past lunch.

Saturday afternoon we watched Luke play soccer...

 ... and by watch I mean run around the sidelines like crazy people.

There may have been wrestling :)

Saturday night was Bubble Guppies and snuggles :)

... and Sunday morning went a little like this...

Sunday afternoon was our Bible Fellowship Group's (Sunday School class) annual Harvest Party.  Every year we dress up our kids, break out our crock pots and get together to celebrate Fall.  It used to be babies in infant carriers while we sat around a fire and ate s'mores in someones backyard and now it's 50+ kids in a bounce house.  We'll be back around that fire soon enough, so right now I'm treasuring the mass chaos and pandemonium :)

My boys have been DYING to get into their costumes!

and since there was going to be a bounce house, and a full on cupcake outfit isn't conducive to an evening of jumping, I decided Griffin needed to go in the theme and be Rosie the Riveter :)  #nailedit

The posterboard background I made out of a piece of foam board.  I freehanded the text bubble and text and then poked four holes and put ribbon through.  Easy peasy!

They're the best!

Since our class has grown so much in recent years, I started renting this open air barn.  It's one of my favorite places.  The weather was gorgeous and there's lots of room for the kids to run around.

I'm the social director for our class and I have the best time planning these class events.  A "perk" is that we met the bounce house guy there 30 minutes early so he could set up and my kids had the place to themselves :)

The party really started when our friends started rolling in all in costume.  SO CUTE!!!

The real star of the show is the food.  Everyone brings something to share and it's one of my favorite meals of the year.

Yes ma'am. 

The crew :)

And just for fun, here was our group in 2009 :)

And of course a pic of the parents taking the pic (and Narci doing her signature photographer move.  LOVE YOU, NARCI!!!)

Goofy guys :) 

The cutest little tinkerbell EVER!

Griffin and Owen.  PRESH!

She and I share the same feelings about cookies :)

There are very few pictures of the boys because they were in constant motion. The only time they got out of the bounce house was to run back in and/or grab a juice.  And I love that Luke awkward waved at me :)

The night ended like this... and I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.  Ebby Lee's face in the background is the best.  ;)

It was a great weekend and now I need another one to recover.  I hope y'all had a fantastic and fun weekend and have great weeks ahead of you.  

Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be talking costumes!  I can't wait!!!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. Best party EVER!!!! Oh my goodness, we had so much fun!! Loved every single minute of it friend!

  2. Love mason at the top of the steps. Adorable !

  3. What a fun weekend! I love the pictures from Sunday morning. Ha ha!! Their costumes for the party awesome! Love Rosie the Riveter! So creative.

  4. Harvest Party FUN! I am loving the line of crockpots!!!

  5. Cutest sibling costume ever! Love the creativity. Great job, mama!

  6. Those Sunday morning pictures have me rolling! And oh my goodness Griffin's costume...adorable! You are so stinkin' creative.

  7. those red shoes! they may be the cutest thing ive ever seen!

  8. Love your jeans! Where are they from?

  9. I swear, any pic you ever post of Jack Bauer, it looks like he's posing.

  10. How fun that you guys all get together like that! And what an adorable costume!! It was perfect!

  11. That's my very favorite BFG party we have all year long!! Thanks for taking on that social job and rock in' it. ;)

  12. What a great weekend, from start to finish. I was dying over those Sunday morning pics on instagram:) The boys' faces when GG was crying, oh. my. goodness.

  13. I'm pretty sure Rosie the Riveter is the best costume EVER! Love it...and may steal it...for myself!

  14. What an amazing party you guys threw!! It looks like so much fun!! Your kids' costumes were most definitely the stars of the show IMO. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking...what are those sticks in the Halloween buckets? Are they cherries with chocolate chips? They look like something I would love to make with my preschool class. And that top you are wearing. I need it. Can you buy it online? You and I have the same taste in clothes. :) Thank you for sharing your weekend with us!

  15. Awww I miss this!! Looks like a fun party.

  16. Times like those don't get any better!
    Your creativity is outrageous and fun, and your children will never forget that!
    P.s. You and your hubby obviously have a great recipe....haha.. those children are perfect-o! ;)
    pp.s. Did you draw on the Freedoutfitters bracelet that I looove and I just don't see the results?
    Have a great Week!!!!!
    Renee Isley!

  17. Whenever my boys are being particularly naughty, I know they need one on one time. Mason's photobomb is epic! Gotta love kids in costumes. So cute!

  18. I love the costumes! easy, and cute ideas for siblings. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  19. Love those costumes! And now I think I figured out what I am going to dress up as for this weekend's party --- All thanks to GG! :)
    That Harvest party sounds wonderful! We have a Fall Festival to attend at Xavier's school tomorrow night and I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing his little friends, meet some of the parents, etc.


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