Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend Recap - Long Weekend Edition

So today was supposed to be my Teacher Tuesday Classroom Tours... BUT Dave worked yesterday and by the time he got home I didn't have time to run up to school and grab some pictures, SO I'm bumping the link up to Thursday.  If you blogged about your classroom today, come back on Thursday to add  your link and if you forgot about the link up, now you have time to get your act together ;) 

Our weekend started on Friday with our first pep rally of the school year.  I sported my blue and gold and the boys were so excited to get to watch with their friends.

LOVED this picture from the school website... Luke is back there somewhere, but I did mange to spot my little pre-k'er on the front row with his friends :)  

Their first fight song!!! :)  After school I asked him how his day was and he told me all about the "pepper rally", oh wait, "pepperoni"! hahaha  He loved that he knew several of the kids participating (cheerleaders and members of the sports teams that were being announced) and said he screamed really really loud.  I don't doubt it!

Friday night Mason CRASHED when we got home which gave me a few minutes to try Griffin's leotard on her for dance class in the morning.  She clearly hated it :)  Also.... I feel like she's already starting to lose some of her "baby chub" which makes me so sad!  I'm making a point to squeeze her chunky little thighs while I still can.

 Saturday morning we got to dance class a few minutes early and she had a chance to watch the big girls rehearsed.  She was mesmerized!

 My sweet little ballerina :)

 After dance she and I hit up the grocery store, pink balloon in tow.

Nothing makes me happier than a full bag of washed grapes perfect for snacking.
Mason and I are grape OBSESSED!

We spent the rest of the afternoon pretty much just running amok and making messes. 
In case you ever thought I have it "all together" please see the picture below.  Luke has his shirt on backwards, Griffin has torn apart a magazine (it was a junk mail one that I knew she was destroying... it was a solid 5 minutes of toddler entertainment and when she was done tearing it up we played trash man and she cleaned it up! win! win!), she's dressed like an octopus and they're wrestling.  #sigh

 He can't stand being left out of ANYTHING, so he had to try on the pink octopus costume too.  He wore it WAY longer than I thought he would. hahaha

Sunday morning we went to church and then came home for an afternoon of Lego building and puppy kisses.

After nap time Griffin helped me make brownies and then do the dishes... 


And the boys hung out at Gibi and Haha's house washing cars and getting hair cuts.

 Now that's service! hahaha

I'm telling you, the love between these two is STRONG!!! I can't tell whether he really likes her or if he just follows her around for crumbs :)  But either way, it's cute!

 We gave Griffin this cute flower garden set for her birthday and she really wasn't super interested in it, but this weekend she was ALL ABOUT the flowers!

 After I put Griffin to bed I gave the boys some time on their Kindles while I cleaned up the kitchen and put in some laundry.  They play Minecraft together and earlier in the weekend Luke informed me that he and Mason were "great friends on Minecraft".  I asked them if they were great friends in real life and Mason replied with, "not so much". hahaha  I love seeing their friendship develop as Mason grows out of the toddler stage.  Brothers are the best!

I browsed Zulily and got suckered into some cute Christmas pillows... because I can't get enough :)  I'm not ready for Christmas to be here yet, but I'm ready to stockpile decor. hahaha

Dave had to work all day on Monday, so my mom came with me and the kids to the Perot Museum.  We divided and conquered in the kids area and I was on GG duty :)  That girl moves FAST! hahaha

Fruit snack break.

After riding the escalator up to the fourth floor we stopped for a picture and at first I was bummed I only got one out of three... and then I saw that they were all waving and I about died I was laughing so hard.  I'm a notoriously awkward waver and this picture is one of my favorites EVER!

The boys "flew" in the bird simulator and we had a blast on the engineering and technology floor.

But we ended the trip with their favorite part... running through the water :)

I've smartened up over the years and now I pack extra clothes so they have the freedom to splash, run, roll, etc. without my worrying about them riding home all wet.  They take full advantage :)

It was a fun morning and a great way to spend our Labor Day.

The rest of the afternoon I graded papers, the kids took naps and we enjoyed some family game time.  This week we have soccer practice, Wednesday night church, a scarf exchange, birthday party, soccer game, etc., etc., etc.  It's going to be a wild one, but we're looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I have a VERY special update for you!  I can't WAIT for this guest post :)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!

PS - This post contained an affiliate link, which means that if you clicked on the link and purchased the item, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you!!! :)


  1. As a friend who has experienced the awkward wave, I no doubt loved that picture of your kids waving. They got the gene!!! :)

  2. We love the Perot museum!! So fun!! :) also, Griffin in the leotard is pure precious!! Love!

  3. Andrea...Griffin in that ballet outfit...I about died. She is just so cute!! And then Mason in that costume...CRACKS ME UP! Happy Tuesday friend! I can't wait to see you tonight!!

  4. GG looks so grown up in her leotard! I love how all your children have their own distinct personalities and you nurture each one:). Laughing at GG rolling in the water at the Perot museum, always reminds me of dear Mason holding Shay's hand, pantless, and the ladies behind them taking pictures. Too funny!!;)

  5. What a fun weekend. And there is NOTHING sweeter than a little girl in a leotard !

  6. What a fun weekend - a sign of a great mama - one who lets there kids roll in the water!!! So cute!


  7. Oh my goodness, Griffin looks like a teenager in that picture with her hair down in the leotard. Too cute!

  8. My Olivia started ballet this week. Nothing cuter than chubby little legs in a ballet outfit!

  9. The waving picture about did me in! Too funny! Looks like you all had a great time :)

  10. Where is your bag from in the fruit snack pic? I think I need it in my life:)

  11. Aww that picture of your boys together is sweet!


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