Monday, September 7, 2015

Rest up, Friends!

Happy Labor Day, girls! 

I was going to put together a post for today, but, honestly, I took a fabulous nap, cooked dinner, we did every puzzle in our house, watched a movie and headed to bed early.  The funny thing is that my boys were upset that there isn't school today.  I'm choosing to be appreciative of the fact that they love school rather than ticked that they're not more excited to hang out with me all day.  ;)

We're heading to the museum with my mom in the morning and that's about all that's on the agenda. 

I hope that you get to enjoy some time with your family (and a nap!) today!

Back tomorrow with a Teacher Tuesday: Classroom Tour Link-Up Party!!!


  1. Enjoy the extra day with your babies, Andrea! 💕

  2. How I wish my kindergartener was upset about no school. She was cheering about it last night. Two weeks in! Kindergarten! It is going to be a long year!

  3. Have a great day off with your family! And kudos to you for taking a break! My kids actually have school today and I have work so it's business as usual.

  4. Well I enjoy this day with my beautiful daughter, but on last Labor Day she was in Phoenix kindergarten as a function was there. She enjoyed a lot there and discussed things with me curiously.


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