Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap - Love Bugs Edition

Friday morning Dave dropped Mason off for his last day of music camp and then Griffin and Luke and I headed to the mall.  Griffin INSISTED on bringing her "ack pack" (filled with nothing) and was giving me the craziest poses/faces when I tried to snap a picture.

On our way out of the neighborhood I spotted the shullmobile full of cuteness headed to the airport! 

These cuties and I hit up the Nordstrom Sale, GAP and the Lego store quickly before running back to get Mason.

Sassafrass did NOT want to leave the store.  She kept shooting me her "stank face" like, "don't you dare say it's time to go" :)

When we went to pick up Mason they were doing a dress rehearsal for that night's performance and it was so sweet to see Luke and GG (hand-in-hand) waving at him :)

Mason had THE best teachers this week (shoutout to Miss Alyson and Miss Christie!) and I loved seeing the pictures that they posted throughout the week.  I think Christie's description is pretty on point and made my heart smile BIG ;)

Mason felt SO SPECIAL Friday night.  It's rare for him to do something "just him" and he was pumped to have everyone come watch him (and just him!) perform.

Then I got a preview of his dance moves :)

I have had both of Alyson's boys in 7th and 8th grades (they're a freshman and junior now) and we LOVE the Lee's!!!  

Griffin was enthralled. She danced and clapped and I have a feeling she's ready for the stage.

 Nothing sweeter!!!

Can you spot my little love bug??? :)

He insisted on wearing his antennae on his forehead.  #trendsetter

Mason Lee and Mason McAnally - both crazy ;)

Look who came to watch Mason perform?!?!  OUR Anna Grace!!!  He was so excited that she came - I'm not sure what the crazy face is about, but I'll take it because how cute is AG?!?!?!

Possibly two of the worst pictures of me ever - but, oh well :)

When we got home Griffin SCREECHED across the street at our neighbors.  They're about to have their second baby and I think she may lose her mind when we get to meet the new little guy.

Saturday morning she picked out boots and wanted to drive the power wheels to the library.

And then she got super annoyed when she looked over and saw her brother holding her baby in the van :)  This face KILLS me!

I spent the majority of the afternoon doing laundry and attempting to start thinking of packing :)  

Jack Bauer hung around while I snapped pictures for my Show and Tell House Tour post scheduled for next Tuesday.

And this sweet boy got up from his nap and then fell back asleep on the couch.

Saturday night we met up with Erika and her kids at the pool.  These cuties rocked their new bathing suits from Crystal Faye.

Mason and Ebby Lee:

Bowen and GG:

We swam, ate dinner, swam some more, had ice cream and then swam one more time :)

No GG's were harmed in the making of this photo :) hahaha
Nixon cracks me up and he was so funny pretending to "get" Griffin and she was SQUEALING! 

I was cracking up because Mason is 18 months older than Bowen, but they're the same size :)  

We got home wiped out and smelling like chlorine and everyone was asleep within minutes of being home.  FABULOUS!

Sunday morning I kept it simple for church and yes, that's a new blardigan on the floor.  When I'm not wearing it, one of the kids is wrapped up it :)  (note about the blardigan... I have the original one and this one is even better!!!  It's warm and cozy and on sale for a crazy good price!)

Also... I have a feeling that I'll be wearing these glitter studs ALL the time!  They go with everything!

We attempted a Sunday Morning Picture after church and this was the best we got :)  #mamatried

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some crafts, packing and doing laundry and after dinner the boys went and played tennis.


We hit the road for our trip to Colorado this week and are so excited!!!

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you have the glitter studs. Aren't they the best !!!!

  2. Oh gosh, your little ones just crack me up!! Griffin's little facial expressions are just precious. I'm so glad you share them....I'm not saying this in a stalker kind of way. :)

  3. That picture of Jack Bauer! That picture of Jack Bauer! THAT PICTURE OF JACK BAUER! I just died. The cuteness killed me dead. So stinkin' cute!!! (And the Love Bugs were so cute too!!!)

  4. We had a blast swimming with you guys on Saturday! We need to do it again soon!!

  5. The pics of G and B in their puddle jumpers is precious.
    Go Mason!
    And how sweet is Anna Grace?!? And she looks GORGEOUS in that pic!!!

  6. Love that pic of your puppy! We just got a puppy and he cries all night! Any advice?

  7. What a fun weekend! G is looking like such a big girl!

  8. Your sweet puppy - that picture is too much!!

  9. Mason is adorable and looks so proud and excited to have y'all come watch him!!

  10. where is your cute iphone case from?

  11. Your leopard rug that Jack Bauer is on...Where did it come from!?


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