Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites - Dad is Fat Edition ;)

On Monday of this week it was overcast and nice out in the morning so all of us headed out to back to do some of our FAVORITE things.  

Well, the kids did their favorite things, Dave and I did yard work :)

Later in the morning ,one of our FAVORITE guys (a former student of mine) came by to help us out in the yard.  Dave and I laughed so hard because the kids talked to and at him the entire few hours he was over. Sam had been at strength and conditioning at school for several hours before coming over and we joked that talking to 3 little kids for two uninterrupted hours may have been more exhausting :)

When I did my post about the Perot Museum on Wednesday, I forgot to include a couple of my FAVORITE pictures from my phone.

Griffin wasn't so sure what to think of the elevator, but she refused to hold on.  #wildwoman

My van was getting serviced earlier this week to make sure we were good to go for our Colorado trip and while it was at Honda we were driving around in what Luke lovingly referred to as "the tank" :)

Their FAVORITE part??  All being on the same row.  The hitting, touching, grabbing, taking, etc. of having everyone so close was not my favorite :)

I'm not sure where/how I heard about Jim Gaffigan's book "Dad is Fat", but I ordered it on Amazon after reading the reviews on Amazon and I am LOVING it!  It is SO FUNNY!  I was reading it last night and was laughing out loud.  Dave asked me what was so funny and when I tried reading it to him I couldn't get through the passage because I was giggling so hard.

It is a super light, hysterical read and my cheeks hurt from laughing - which is my FAVORITE.
(sidenote: Dave thought that it was just a case of "ten stupid thirty", but he thought it was just as funny as I did.  What is "ten stupid thirty"???  It's been a joke since I was about 15 when we would go out with friends and at 10:30 I would get giggly)

Griffin is a girl after my own heart :)  She and I have a few of the same FAVORITE things.
Hot tea and a baseball cap.

Last week Luke went to a friends house for a play date and came home with a dozen fresh eggs from their coop.  Ummmm, best play date ever.  I used a couple to make our FAVORITE cookies.
(PS - I always use the original Nestle tollhouse cookie recipe and I chill the dough before scooping it onto the cookie sheet)  

Mason has been attending a preschool music camp at church this week and I've been enjoying some sweet time with my biggest and smallest.

And then yesterday we got to hang out with one of our FAVORITE big boys as well while his mama took down the Nordstrom Sale :)

And speaking of sale, a few of the Anthro items that I mentioned earlier arrived this week and I was so excited to show y'all I threw them on with my jeans and baseball cap.  #priorities #momlife

This blue blouse is GORGEOUS!  The light in my bedroom is awful, but you can see the true color in the foreground of the pick where I'm showing the cute back.

I LOVE the floral on this poncho so so so much!  It's a really lightweight knit and will be great for going back to school.

And I am ecstatic about this henley.  Yes, I realize that that is dramatic - but it's true.  I love the fabric, fit and how easy it will be to transition into cooler weather.  I read that it was "tight" across the back and doesn't have any stretch, so I ordered up a size.

Cute with a scarf and flats as well!

Luke's new FAVORITE thing is taking pictures with my camera and he took these the other day while we were working on our Eric Carle crafts.  He instructed me to make silly faces and act like I was trying to grab him :) hahaha  

Little photographer in the making?  Maybe!
Model in the making?  Heck, no :)

And speaking of cameras, how awesome is my new camera strap!  I snagged it on Fourth of July when she was doing an extra 30% off her sale items and free shipping.  

In case you've been living under a rock and didn't know - there's a big sale happening right now at Nordstrom.  Check out my FAVORITE picks so far HERE.

'Blanket at Brunch' Scarf (Online Only)Floral Print Cover Up'World Traveler' Cowl Neck Pullover Southwestern Scarf

When I was approached by Tabitha on Instagram about picking out a Keep Collective bracelet to share, I immediately knew what I wanted it to say.  When I told Tabitha about Ashleigh and why I picked "Light and Momentary" as my saying, she emailed me right back to let me know that not only was she sending me one - but was including one for Ashleigh as well.  I've been wearing it every day and I love looking down and having a reminder of her amazing perspective and strength.  My next plan is for a #mandastrong bracelet! 

And last, but CERTAINLY not least is the best diaper bag there ever was.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my Elizabeth in Brandy full leather diaper bag.  It's stylish, but CRAZY functional at the same time.

I never like to brag on things unless I've fully tried them out and, let me tell you, I've put bag through the ringer the past couple of months and I keep reaching for it because it's a total winner :)

I notoriously carry around way too much junk.  If there's a crisis and you need sunscreen and snacks, I'm your girl (or if we ever find ourselves on Let's Make a Deal you'll be glad you have me with you). 

I've kind of moved on from the "baby bag" phase that I have been in for a full on SEVEN YEARS, but find myself carrying just as much (if not more!) stuff than I ever have.  Because we need things to keep us hydrated and fed and entertained and everyone wants to bring a toy as we're walking out the door, but no one wants to lug it through the museum like they promised they would :)

I present to you, my haul...

Yes, this is for real.  Welcome to the glamorous life of a mom of three. 

Just the essentials :)

The best part is that all of this fit, without being crammed or disorganized, and I don't feel like I'm going to dislocate my shoulder carrying it all around because BACKPACK STRAPS!

And all the moms say Amen.

I can quickly change the strap from crossbody to backpack and then remove it just as quickly if I want to "disguise" that I'm carrying anything other than a super stylish handbag :)

Now everyone who wants to hold a hand can! (can we pause for a minute and mourn that Luke doesn't want to hold my hand 100% of the time anymore?!?!?!  #insertuglycry)

I have toted it everywhere and with everything and I can 100% vouch for it's awesomeness.  If you're thinking it's pricey, let me assure you that it's worth every single penny.  It's a bag that you'll carry YEARS beyond the diaper bag phase and after carrying mine almost exclusively it still looks almost brand new... in fact, it's almost gotten better over time. 

Happy Friday, friends!!! This weekend I'll be scrambling around getting ready to hit the road and head to the mountains with my crew.  Any road trip tips from some seasoned travelers?  We have movies, snacks and wireless headphones.... what else do I need to pack for my kids in the car?

PS - Shoutout to Tabitha at Keep Collective for providing me and Ashleigh with wrap bracelets.  It was SUCH a kind and generous gift and I appreciate it so much and to Lily Jade for the AMAZING bag!  This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission. 


  1. I leave for the beach next week and I think I'm gonna have to get that book, thanks for letting us know how great it was!

    not a mom

  2. When we take road trips with our kids, I go to the target dollar section and have "checkpoint" toys. I wrap up little coloring books or toys that I find there and they can open one every time they get to the next "checkpoint" which is either another state, a certain exit, or a specific time, depending on how long the trip is. It's super fun for them to get a little something new here and there, and it keeps the need for gas station toys at bay! Have a fun trip!

  3. I love your Anthro picks! I went in there last week but nothing was quite right on me so I left empty handed. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  4. Carter had so much fun with y'all as always. And he keeps saying, "Gosh, they sure do have a lot of fun stuff at their house." ;)

  5. What do you mean?? Looks like a model in the making to me! :). Happy Friday!!

  6. i give each child their own binder filled with blank lined paper and then I print off a few worksheets of word puzzles, or math facts, etc. I buy zipper pouches that also go in the binder to keep their pencils and crayons. They grab that when ever we are having a tech free time during the trip.

  7. Um, so can I read that book when your done? His new show starts this week on TV Land and it looks hysterical! Also...Griffin. When did she get so big? She looks like a big girl now in every pic you post! xo

  8. I read parts of Dad is Fat online the other day...HILARIOUS!! I'll have to get the book!! :)

  9. Those anthro pieces are amazing!! Also, the pictures of Griffin and Luke are so cute!! :)

  10. We travel to Connecticut yearly. I always stop at rest areas in the morning and afternoon to let my daughter run around. I also pack her an activity bag, dollar store has great games for car, but I am sure you have got that covered.

  11. One idea we use on long road trips that might work for Luke (since he is a bit older than Griffin and Mason) is a rubix cube. We usually tell our daughter that if she completes the rubix cube before we arrive she gets a special prize. Just an idea!

  12. I have to add that book to my list of to-reads! I love to laugh and it sounds hilarious!

  13. Oh I am adding that book to my to be read list! Love Jim Gaffigan! Have a great weekend!

  14. My husband and I got the audio book of My Dad is Fat from the library and we thought it was hilarious! Like can't breathe we are laughing so hard kind of funny. Plus w/ the audio version it felt like we were watching one of his stand up sets. :)

  15. Your kids are just too cute, I definitely have to check out the Jim Gaffigan book, my husband loves Jim Gaffigan.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  16. I'm not sure where you are going in Colorado...but we go every summer and spring break for the past 10 years. We leave around 4:00 in the morning kids sleep till Amarillo. Then it is a constant stream of movies and iPads. I did the fun games off Pinterest and other activities but to be honest EVERYONE is happier when their brain is mush:). Then we do not do devices until we get back into the car. My kids have been traveling here since they were infants. Where are you guys going?

  17. love your nordstrom picks (I want those jeans!!), that camera strap and your bracelet! All so fun!

  18. LOVE your Anthro picks and those Kate Spade earrings!!!

  19. Have fun on your trip to Colorado!!

    I know you were born in Canada, but make sure to pack a sweatshirt for everyone. Sometimes it's hard to remember when it's hot outside. I'm just south of Denver and it was really cold last night! :)

  20. Love those photos of your kiddos playing! Looks like you all have had a great week :) Love that blue Anthro blouse you ordered!

  21. We just traveled a 14 hour trip, and even though my kids are younger than yours (1 & 2), we took cheap cookie sheets with magnets, coloring sheets, etc. It kept my kids entertained the most! We were going to the aquarium when we got there, so I printed a bunch of flash cards off of animals we were going to see and laminated them for them to magnet on and off the cookie sheet. I also printed out a fish with different color circles as the scales and attached the same colors to magnets so it was like a matching game. That sounds kind of confusing, but it was seriously a lifesaver for us! Not to mention, we used the cookie sheets as a tray for snack time, etc. Pipe cleaners, pom balls and a container to take them in and out of. Little hands on activities were the best! You are so creative, I am sure you already have a bag of tricks packed, but that is what worked the best for us! Happy traveling!

  22. I love your Anthro finds! Allowing Like to take pics of sweet and to post them, lol you had me rolling...too cute! Found you here while linking up. Thanks for hosting. ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

  23. You seem like such a sweet and caring person, and completely real! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I work for a magazine publication, and two of my coworkers and I have stopped reading another blog to come over and read yours every day instead of hers during our 3 minutes of spare time in the afternoon. Your creativity regarding your book club with your children is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  24. Your style is so comfy and cute!

  25. That camera strap!!! Its gorgeous!

  26. Its so cool to see how interactive you are with your kids! I'm going to order one of those bracelets! so awesome

  27. Jim Gaffigan is HILARIOUS! I love his comedy specials, I think at least one is on Netflix. I also saw him live once, and he was amazing. I haven't read his book but I am planning on it!

    True story, when my brother and I made my mom watch on of his specials, she had an asthma attack from laughing so hard. (We paused and she caught her breath...and we dove right back in!)

  28. I have 3 children as we road trip every summer! My middle son has a severe peanut allergy so flying for us is out of the question! Make sure to pack some plastic grocery never know when someone might get car sick. Great for trash, too! :) Also, pack some extra Ziploc bags. They come in very handy for open unfinished snacks, broken toys, etc. Something else that is fun is to buy some cheap items that the kids can use on the trip (think swim goggles, journals/ to documents their trip, stickers, etc.) and pass these items out at each state line that you cross. Enjoy your trip and safe travels~!


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