Thursday, July 30, 2015

Roadfessionals Recap - Part 2 - Day 4

After a full day of exploring Vail Village and the Racquet Club, we ventured a little farther out on Friday and headed to Breckenridge.  

Our first stop was the Country Boy Mine.  Luke wants to be a geologist and he was PUMPED about getting to see a real life mine!

We were there early which meant we had lots of time to check out the animals.

Sweetest.  Dog.  Ever.

Look at how excited and cooperative they were to take a picture :)

Obsessed.  It's too bad I'm allergic to cats ;)

The boys went down the ore shoot slide at least a dozen times and it was crazy because they had to run up a GIANT hill to get back to the top.  They were WORN OUT!

The boys bought mining helmets and I attempted another group pic.  #fail

It was seriously like they'd never seen a cat before :)

Getting some quick info from our tour guide before it started.

Everyone on the tour had to wear a real helmet, but the jackets were optional.  My boys were the only ones who opted to wear them and I couldn't stop smiling at how stinkin' adorable they looked!

They were adult size jackets and so on Mason's I had to snap the bottom snaps to the top so that he wouldn't trip. :)

We went about 1300 feet back into the mine.  It was cold and wet and my boys LOVED it!

They each got picked to hammer as part of the demonstration...


Each of the groups stood in this little area and the guide snapped pictures.  I DIED laughing at ours!!!

There were donkeys roaming around which she wasn't super sure about - but eventually mustered up the courage to pet.

Meanwhile Luke was DETERMINED to strike it rich while panning for gold.

He went up and down the creek panning and we had to bribe him away from panning with the promise of lunch :)

We headed to Main Street in Breckenridge for crepes.  I waited in the crazy line while Dave walked around with Luke and GG and Mason chatted up the poor people who were trapped in line by us :)

This guy was sooooooooo sweet to Mason and I swear he had a conversation with him for at least 20 minutes.

Finally crepe time!!!!  And they were TOTALLY worth the wait.

Smores crepe for the win!

We explored downtown a bit...

... and then hit up the little playground.

The boys checked out the creek and Griffin hung with me.... 


Griffin passed out in the stroller but woke up just in time for the gondola ride.

Luke has never liked heights and his faces on the gondola were cracking me up.  He was so excited and so hesitant all at the same time.

He was a fan :)

We walked around for a bit, took a picture and then headed back down.

Dave was taking a picture of me and Mason right as we saw a guy climbing up a ladder on one of the Gondola supports. hahahaha

Apparently the gondola ride warranted a short dance break :)

We drove back to Vail and decided to walk to the park.  On our way we stopped by the creek to throw rocks.

Best.  Park.  Ever.

The kids had to slide into the playground!

Again with the swinging!

In the middle of our playground time a wedding rehearsal was taking place at the top of the slide.  All the kids at the park kept running up there, taking a peek and then sliding down.

Griffin made a friend :)

And yet another dog!

Another exhausting day!

In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of our trip HERE.


  1. Yay!! I love, love, love vacation pics!!! Miss G looks so stinkin' cute in her yellow boots and scarf! I wish you could have brought that weather home with you :).

  2. Andrea!!! These pictures make me want to book a trip to Colorado STAT!!! That mining picture with G'a leg tilted melts me. Is she 7? :)

  3. You definitely need to add a few more animals to your family. Your kiddos seem to love them! What a fun vacation!!!!

  4. The yellow boots, the crepes and the playground look AMAZING, but the mine would totally have freaked me out!!! I get claustrophobic and I think I might have had to breathe in a bag to get through that tour. So glad y'all had such a great time!

  5. Gosh, Colorado is so beautiful!! And, you like you had the best time!! :)

  6. G knows hot to rock a pair of Wellies and a scarf. Such great pics of the whole fam!

  7. So cute! Traveling with littles is hard work but it sure looks fun. :)

  8. So glad you got to enjoy the fun at Breckenridge, it is our family favourite in Colorado!

  9. Poor Griffin is crying because she is wearing a huge scarfs and is so uncomfortable, she couldn't even eat her sucker with that big fuzzy thing right in her mouth!

    1. Oh, Anonymous. You must not be familiar with two year olds, because if you were you would know that if she didn't want to wear that scarf it would be off in a hot minute. And to clarify, she was crying because I wouldn't let her drink my hot drink, not because of the scarf. Thanks for your concern!

    2. And don't you worry about the sucker, she had no issues eating that :)

  10. AHHH so many cute pictures!! Looks like such a fun trip!

  11. SO. MUCH. FUN! I want to be a kid again and go 'sploring. Yum on the crepes...

  12. I LOVE all of Griffin's emotions, and her sweet smile. I just want to hug her like a teddy bear. Luke's reactions to the gondola, priceless :0 :) I would DIE for your kids. Yes, they have there moments, but i would have such a hard time getting mad at them because they are sooooooo cute.

  13. G posing in your family pics is amazing! I love it, and Luke's faces on the gondola, what a sweetie! So glad yall got to get away for a bit, have a great day! :)

  14. This looks like the best trip for kids! I need to take some notes. My husband and I are pretty big kids so we may love it ourselves!

    not a mom

  15. Love Luke's faces on the gondola. GG is adorable as always. I love Masons dance moves. All of your kids seem like they have the best personalities. What a blessed momma you are!

  16. How fun! We just got back from a full week in Breck, was wonderful!

  17. Annnnnnnnd now I am scouring etsy for a toddler knit scarf! :)

  18. How fun! Where is the park you guys played at with the slide entrance? We go to Beaver Creek/Vail every summer with my husband's family and we've never found that one! My nieces pink puffy heart love the pirate ship playground, though! :)

  19. Greetings from Australia. Your vacation looks fabulous and the scenery beautiful. Happy days

  20. Ok, I totally want to take a trip to CO with my little family (hubby and two boys - ages 4 & 2)! And we will stay where y'all stayed & visit all of these same places! Those parks look SO fun!! Love the pics! :)


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