Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites - Bugs Edition :)

On Tuesday I took the kids to the pool - which is their FAVORITE place to be hands down.

We swam, ate, swam some more, ate ice cream and then took one last dip in the water.

Ice cream is their FAVORITE ;)

As we were leaving, GG was in charge of the keys and she was looking SO BIG!  Seeing how big she's getting is not my FAVORITE, but seeing her little personality coming out definitely is.

After some great naps we decided to head back up to the pool for dinner.  Not having to cook is my FAVORITE :)

Some of our FAVORITE peeps were at the pool as well and when it started pouring we ducked under the pergola to eat dinner and try to wait it out.

Impromptu dinner and swimming with friends are our FAVORITE!

And apparently Natives are our FAVORITE as well :)

After the pool we did one of our other FAVORITE things... cruising the golf course.  The kids wanted to walk up this big flight of stairs and somehow Luke spotted this huge, gross, centipede.


I have no idea what kind of bug it is - but it was disturbing.  And awesome.

I drove the cart to the top of the green and got to see this...

They ran up another flight of stairs to get to the cart and then it was off to "the island" where we saw this gorgeous heron...

The boys wanted to catch it.  :)  Good luck with that!

And they're off!!!

Luke has been going to golf camp this week and seeing my little man with his hat and clubs is my FAVORITE.

And when I picked him up yesterday he had just won the putting contest!!!  WOO HOO!

One of my FAVORITE moments from the week was when we were at the pool with friends and all the kids spotted Luke on the putting green.  They were all watching him over the fence and calling his name and he ran over to say hey.  It was just the sweetest!

On Wednesday afternoon we dropped Luke off for a playdate and when the Littles and I got home there were these two huge bugs dead on our driveway (random, I know.  Mason's theory is that they fought to the death. hahaha)

Of course we had to stop, investigate and then put them in a container.  Apparently bugs are their FAVORITE and I love how Ryan Gosling is in the picture :)

This may be my FAVORITE picture of them ever... too bad they're being so sweet over dead bugs :)

This girls FAVORITE?  Waking up from long, post-swimming naps .  My FAVORITE is that she pretty much always wakes up happy happy happy!

This cheesy grin (and red white and blue) are a couple of my FAVORITES...

... and so was hanging out with these cuties and some friends at the mall yesterday.

This weekend we have fun plans for the Fourth and picking out outfits for the festivities is always my FAVORITE.  Mason's shirt and shorts are GAP (several seasons old), Griffin's dress is Old Navy (last year), her shoes are THESE and her bow is from HERE.  I grabbed Luke's shirt yesterday and his shorts can be found HERE

I think Luke's shirt may be my FAVORITE patriotic shirt ever!

While we were at the mall I picked up a few STEALS from GAP (everything is on sale right now!) including this super cute tie dye dress for G.  Red accessories and you have an instantly patriotic outfit!

I grabbed a 3T for Griffin so she can wear it this year and next.  SO CUTE!

Another FAVORITE???  Lots and lots and lots of books for nap time. LOTS!

One of my FAVORITE Fourth of July memories was our very first Independence Day in the US.  It was 1991 and we had JUST moved to North Carolina from Canada.  I remember we got a flyer talking about a neighborhood bike parade that weekend and Mark and I were sooooooo excited!  We didn't put two and two together and decorated our bikes in yellow and orange streamers.  My parents snapped this picture right before we headed to the neighborhood pool and realized that it was a Fourth of July bike parade which meant red, white and blue :) hahahaha

And while I was looking through old pictures, I came across a couple of old FAVORITES.

Dear Summer of 1992, 
I love you.
- Andrea

And my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE from the week has been watching y'all rally around Ashleigh and her family and show support for her by purchasing shirt(s) and raising money for research for metatastic, inflammatory and triple negative breast cancers. 

WOO HOO!!!!  Close to $4000 so far! AMAZING!

You can read my original post with more information HERE or click HERE to order a shirt of your own!  Feel free to blog about it, share it on social media and tell your friends! 

LightAndMomentary Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front

I hope you all have a FUN, festive and safe holiday weekend!!

PS - This pot contains affiliate links - which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. What are those bugs Mason is looking at??? They look giant and mean and I hope we don't have them in NY! Bugs are definitely my LEAST favorite! :) Happy 4th!

  2. One of my FAVORITE things to do each week is to read your lovely blog posts about what you and your gorgeous kids get up to and what amazing outfits G has been wearing!

  3. So MANY sweet moments, Andrea!! Thanks for sharing, and (as always) for hosting this fab party! Wishing you and that precious family of yours a beautiful Independence Day weekend!! Xx

  4. I love the festive outfits! Can you share where you get G's cute bubble necklaces? Thanks!

  5. I love this entire post, everything about it!, but the yellow and orange bike picture is the greatest thing everrrrrr!! 😂😂

  6. It's been a great week with you friend!! I love spending time with your sweet family...speaking of which, I'll see you in the morning :).

  7. You're speaking my love language!! Swimming, not cooking dinner, AND ice cream!!

  8. I so enjoyed getting to see you and your gang twice this weekend!!! And your littles are going to be perfectly coordinated for some super cute photo opps!

  9. Love those pictures of Griffin and Mason!! Adorable!! I love it!! :)

  10. Have a wonderful weekend !

  11. Cute 4th of July outfits! That golf course is picturesque and brings the best pictures! Have a great holiday weekend with your family :)

  12. I saw this on Facebook just after reading your post! That's a scary-looking bug! : )

  13. Such cute fourth of July outfits!! If only they had Griffin's outfit in my size haha! Happy holiday weekend xoxo!

  14. Looks like a cicada and a cicada killer (which can take cicadas out in mid-air!). So Mason was right. :)

  15. Those "dead" bugs bring back memories. It's a cicada (what becomes of a locust) and a cicada killer! They really look like a cross between a wasp and hornet. They used to swarm us at our old house. Very nightmarish! LOL! BTW, your kiddos outifits for the fourth are darling!

  16. I love the adventures you and your babies have, just precious! I'm with you, I love that patriotic shirt, wish I could get me one before tomorrow!

  17. It's so funny how little children love bugs. When I see a bug I run haha! Have a great 4th of July with your sweet family :)

  18. We have those giant centipedes here in Hawaii. They are fast and aggressive! I usually budge on them to death with a metal shovel to keep my kids safe. Ick!!

  19. LOVED reading (seeing the pictures) of your FAVOURITE things!! Your IG photos are some of my favourite and I am sure your Blog will be too!! :)


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