Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Office/Bedroom "Mini" Makeover

So back in September we did "Come On In: Master Bedrooms" and I shared our bedroom at the time as well as some plans/ideas I had for changing it up a bit.  Well, here we are 9 months later and I thought it was time for an update.  ;)

Come on in!!!

My goals were to make it feel lighter and brighter without making huge changes or spending a ton (read: without buying new furniture).  Before and after...


First, I switched out a few of the little frames and such on top of the tall dresser and added a lamp that had been on the longer dresser.

This picture of Mason!!! :)

I would LOVE to have a comfy white and/or flax colored chair in the corner next to my nightstand, but I haven't found anything in my budget that I LOVE so I'm waiting.  And in the meantime, we have all the kids chairs and blankets there ready to go for movies and such.

We scooted the TV over to the left of the dresser and I added several Sid Dickens tiles over the dresser.  I have a large wall of these on display in our family room, and I love getting to see them in our bedroom as well.

My goals were the same in the bathroom, lighter and brighter.


And after!  I switched out the towels and rugs and swapped the darker art on the wall next to the shower for some white matted frames with snapshots of the kids.

I switched out our bedding to something more neutral and then added the throw pillows in for a touch of color.  It's no secret that I LOVE green, so even when I try to make myself go for something else I always come back to it.

I'm still looking for other art options for above the bed, but this is doing the job for now.

Our bedroom is attached to our office with double doors, and my goal has always been to have the two spaces feel "connected".  When I got our family pictures back in May I knew the perfect way to unite the two spaces...

The colors in our pictures were almost the exact colors on the throw pillows I had bought months earlier.  I ordered eight 16x16 canvases from Canvas People (I think that all except for 2 canvases in my house are from Canvas People... they're fantastic quality and they run AMAZING sales!), moved around some decor items I had scattered throughout the house and picked up some pillows to tie in the white from the bedroom.  (excuse the yarn on the floor.... courtesy of Jack Bauer!)

This was our office before the mini makeover (all the Legos have been moved to the boys room now)

The pictures we took this Spring are my favorite EVER and I love that I get to see them every morning when I wake up and every night when I walk through the office to check on my babies.

I found the pillows at Home Goods a few weeks ago and I love the white crewel and natural linen.  I'm a HUGE fan of texture and these make me happy :)

The stripe pillows match the stripe pillow on our bed as well.  

I picked up the galvanized tray at Home Goods as well (for something ridiculous like $8) and I use it all the time.  It's made it's way into the office for now, but I'm sure you'll see it all over my house.

The rug is old, we actually had it in our living room in our first house... I think I got it about 8 years ago at World Market.  I would love to replace it with something a little more neutral, but the colors work perfectly for now.  I'm keeping my eyes open for something fabulous!

I have yarn in this basket underneath the end table that the kids and I use for crafts, but Jack Bauer gets into it, pulls yarn all over the house and exhausts himself in the process :) 

I am a big believer in quiet time in the afternoon.  After full and busy mornings two o'clock is my happy hour :)  Typically Griffin goes down for her nap at 1:00 and then the boys and I will do something for an hour or so.... UNO. Legos, a craft, etc, but at 2:00 it's every man for himself.  Usually Luke will play quietly in his room, either on a Lego project or on his Kindle and Mason will almost always ask to watch a movie in my bed and fall asleep within about 20 minutes.  Griffin normally sleeps until at least 3:00 so this is my golden hour.  And it usually looks like this...

It's me, Pandora, a blanket and a snack.

 This is my time to get out my planner, plan blog posts and kids activities, and make my to-do-lists. 

These is always tea.  Always.

 I snapped these pictures yesterday and I started my own little quiet time later than usual and I was interrupted sooner than usual :)   I swear he can smell a snack from three rooms away.

Sister bear was up early and ready to share a snack... and by share I mean eat it all herself.  And Mason quickly swooped in and took all the apple slices.  Sigh.

 And there goes my quiet time :) 

I hope you enjoyed the mini makeover.  I'm hoping it inspired you to make a few small changes and/or order a few canvas prints of your favorite pictures. 

Back tomorrow with a second edition of Family Book Club!  Yes ma'am!  The first one was so fun I couldn't wait to plan another.  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It looks great! I love how small changes can make such a difference. The canvas gallery wall in the office is my favorite :)


  2. I checked out the crayon book from the library after reading last weeks post and we all loved the book! Can't wait to read tomorrow! Love the makeover and those canvases look great!

  3. I know I say this all the time...but I LOVE YOUR OFFICE! Oh my goodness! That is just my very favorite room in your house! The new canvases you have in your office are so freaking good friend! I love them!! And I also love your lighter and brighter master and bathroom. Love, love, love!

  4. Love the lightness of the bedroom and the small changes. I think the the tiles on the wall are my favorite, love those! I agree with textures and those really make that room. LOVE!

    1. Sid Dickens tiles are amazing and I think part of their appeal is that they're textured as well. Thanks, girly!!!

  5. I love your office space!!! All of the decor is so cute and just the right balance between neutral and pops of color. I am also a firm believer in quiet time...even with my 10 and 7 year old. It's a total necessity in the summer for them and for mama. Finally, as a total sidetone...we have the same phone case ; ) Have a great day!

  6. Your space looks great. I love how light and bright it feels. Thanks for giving us a peek.

  7. The mini-makeover looks amazing! So fresh and clean! I really love the canvases - so cool how the colors work perfectly with the space! Brainstorming my own canvas wall now... :) Have a great day!

  8. I love all your changes! And I never quite realized how amazing your office is. Perfect! Your quiet time looks like mine, interruptions and all :)

  9. I love the layout of this area and how the bedroom & office are connected! Love your style!

  10. You can NEVER move. Never ever. Because your office is just so perfect for what you need and AND JUST SO YOU. The canvases look amazing!

  11. Your room looks great!! It's amazing how much a few small changes can make such a difference. I'm a huge fan of changing things up frequently. And I LOVE your built ins in your office! And....I'm a tea girl too, I love my tea!!

  12. I absolutely love that office space attached to your bedroom. Almost as much as I love your backyard. Almost!! :)

  13. Girl don't get rid of the rug in the office, it goes PERFECT with the new pillows on your bed and helps the rooms have the connected feel you want!

  14. The little changes look great! Love that you have that awesome office space right off your bedroom. I adore that big wall of pictures!!! I love all the touches of green too!

  15. I love the mini makeover! Sometimes small changes can make all the difference.
    I have one question though if you don't mind me asking... I, too, LOVE canvas prints! But I find that I don't have enough room in my (small) house to hang them all all of the time. Do you ever have that problem? What do you do with old canvases? Even though I love the look of the canvas, I've found myself buying prints and switching out pictures frames instead to save wall space.

  16. I love the makeover! Especially, how you did it without buying new furniture. Where are your canvases from?

  17. Thank you for sharing this! I have been wanting to brighten up our master bed and bath without having to buy new furniture or break the bank. Amusingly, we have the same bedroom furniture set as you. I love the changes you've made, and it's definitely inspired me.

  18. I like how your office is connected to your bedroom! And the lighter touches look great. You're right...the white frames really do brighten up the space. I'm always looking for deals on canvases. I'll have to keep an eye out with canvas people.

  19. Love how even the small changes can make such a difference! The canvases are just perfect!! Sorry about your shortened quiet time;( When I had littles, my entire day was orchestrated to get the kids down for naps/quiet time. I lived for it!

  20. I absolutely love your office! The canvases are perfect in there!

  21. I LOVE the lighter and brighter makeover for your room and bathroom!!
    The canvases are BEAUTIFUL and the perfect update for your office!
    I recently ordered my first two canvases from Canvas People, and the second is supposed to get here today, so I'm excited :) :)

  22. I love how you brightened everything up. It's amazing what a few lighter accents will do to the whole room. I went with white towels in our master a few years ago, and I love the clean, "spa" look it gives. Also, thanks for posting "real life" redecorating pictures. I love seeing the pile of kids blankets in the corner. So many blogs put out perfect pictures, and I appreciate seeing life in the real world with three small children. :) Tanya

  23. I think these rooms are my favorite rooms in your house!! Beautiful and cozy! Love! 😍


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