Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello, Lovely - Release Two

Girls - Matilda Jane released the second part of their Spring Collection yesterday and it is
FABULOUS!!!  If you'red interested in ordering - check out and click "Browse the collection".  Add items to your "wishlist" and then email the wishlist to me ( and to the Trunk Keeper, Kat ( Put Andrea M. in as your Jane and click Send!  Easy!

Kat will cart items when the system opens this afternoon and then she or I will be in touch to collect payment info.  We're asking for lists by noon today (there can be sell outs - so we want to have everyone's list ahead of time), but you can always send them later as well.  Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!!!  

And now I'll leave you with a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces...


  1. My soon to be 20 year old is a bit too old for MJ, but totally would have dressed her in this particular collection. Adorable.

  2. Everything I wanted sold out! Really hope they restock with the next release.Do you know if Jane perks have to be used on the same trunk order or if they can be saved? I am hosting a show April 2 but in the evening and I'm so worried my sizes will be gone.

    1. You have to use your Jane perks on the same show that you earned them.... :( And they don't restock. Once items are gone, they're gone.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me! Looks like I need to move up my show. I really wanted the pretty pattern Sara and tulip festival, they sold out first release and had more the second so crossing my fingers they come back for the 3rd!


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