Monday, March 23, 2015

All Things Easter

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm postponing my normal "Weekend Recap" post for a day because I have lots of important Easter related things to talk about because Easter is now less than two weeks away!  TWO WEEKS!!! 

I have always pined after the gorgeous Easter Baskets from Pottery Barn Kids.  They're so sweet and festive, but when it comes time to bite the bullet and buy three of them I've never been able to pull the trigger.  My kids are the ones at the egg hunt with Kroger bags :) hahaha

I found some cute ones at Home Goods this year, but I wasn't in love and now I can't find any reasonably priced ones... so this weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I started with three Amazon boxes (we HEART Amazon Prime at our house!) some tape, craft paper and a box full of that crinkley paper stuff that my latest Julep order came packed in.

I cut the sides of the boxes down (actually, I started the cut and then just ripped it)...

And then wrapped the box in craft paper...

I can't say enough great things about having a giant roll of brown craft paper at home.  My mom bought this roll YEARS ago and it has done EVERYTHING! I've wrapped countless presents, used it for tons of craft projects and even "wall papered" the bathroom in our old house with it... and it still has TONS on it!  You can click here for a roll that's 765 feet long and costs $35 with free shipping!!!

After the boxes were wrapped, I wrote the kids names on them and put on these cute little "press ons" I picked up at Hobby Lobby...

Next up I filled the boxes with the paper shreds from my Julep box (you can also pick it up at a craft store, but I had this on hand - so I made it work) and then I put all the kids fun Easter goodies in them :)

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE FAN of personalized plates.  I have this weird fantasy that my kids will come home from college, make a sandwich and eat off their monster plate and reminisce about that one year we had a big birthday party for all three of them :)  I know - I'm weird.  If you need personalized plates of your own, these are from Lima Bean Kids and the quality is AMAZING!!!

My boys LOVE them some Skippyjon Jones and so I grabbed Skippyjon in Mummy Trouble and Skippyjon in the Dog House.  If you've never read Skippyjon Jones before - I'd recommend starting with this one.... so cute!!!

I also picked up a Snackeez cup for each of the kids :)  Shay has raved about them and my kids have mentioned them before so I thought we'd try them out!  I'm oddly pumped about them. hahaha

Griffin's "basket" includes this sweet Jellycat Bunny (so soft!) who's sporting a clip from Sweet T (use code MOMFESSIONALS for 20% off through Wednesday!), her Snackeez cup and plate as well as the sweetest pjs ever I ordered from Crystal Faye, some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a toothbrush, and Llama Llama Easter Egg.

 The boys are similar, except instead of a bunny and pjs, they have a container full of army men and a minecraft keychain thing that they've been talking about (that I still haven't picked up from Target yet. hahaha).

I also picked up these confetti eggs that I forgot to put in their boxes, but I think they'll be so much fun!!!

We'll probably end up at the egg hunt with a random assortment of bags again this year, but at least our "boxes" look semi-cute AND I am waaaaaaaaaay ahead of the game! These are assembled, covered and in my linen closet ready to be pulled out on Easter morning.  Typically, we do Easter baskets from Dave and I before church and then Dave heads in to work (yes.... when everyone likes to go out to eat (i.e. Easter, Mother's Day, etc.) he's working) and then the Easter Bunny hides eggs while we eat Easter dinner :)

And since we're talking about Easter church, let's talk about what we'll be wearing!  I don't put a TON of emphasis on it - but I do like to get a family picture of us before we head to Church/work and I typically like for us to coordinate - because why not!!?!?!

This year I ordered this gorgeous dress by SweetHoney for Griffin.  It's sold out, but I am so so so excited to get it in and try it on her!  (PS  - Narci took this GORGEOUS shot!  How awesome is she?!?!?!)

This week I'm picking up these polos for the boys and am hoping I can find shorts similar to this chambray and khaki pair at our local GAP outlet.


I'm not sure what I'll wear to church, but this soft pink tunic top would look great with white linen pants and this white dress would be a staple piece all summer long.


The colors in this button down would be a PERFECT match for Dave!

'Delridge' Traditional Fit Check Sport Shirt

We love a theme around here and Tessa from Sweet T sent G the CUTEST pair of bunny ears EVER!!!  She thinks they're super funny and I think we'll see a lot of these over the next two weeks :)
 (use code MOMFESSIONALS for 20% off through Wednesday!)

Her super sweet shirt is from MoonPie Designs and I'm LOVING the madras!

Another festive piece I am pumped about is this striped bunny sweater...

It's bright and fun and unexpected...

and it's the PERFECT match with these neon pink Freshly Picked moccasins

I've bragged about Freshly Picked several times before and my love for them is just as strong.  GG wears them in and out of the house and the leather is top quality.

They stay on her feet even while she's climbing, sliding, running and being her normal, crazy self.

And SURPRISE!!! You can enter to win a pair JUST in time for Easter!  Because how cute would they be stuck inside of an Easter basket!!!  The drawing will end on Thursday night so I can announce the winner on Friday and don't forget to click HERE to enter to win a monogrammed burlap table runner and a set of Easter books!

PS - Big thank you to Freshly Picked, Lima Bean Kids, Moon Pie Design and Sweet T!!!  Also, this post contains a few affiliate links - which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.


  1. Um, those Easter boxes are FABULOUS!!! I love, love, love them! I'm going to need three ;).

  2. Those boxes are just fabulous!!!!

  3. Love the color you picked for Griffin's mocs!! And, those boxes are adorable!

  4. 1. Griffin in the bunny ears!!! 2. You are so sweet!! Thank you!! 3. I want a pair of those shoes in my size?? Ha! :)

  5. I love those easter boxes! And love the cute shoes too. Would love them for my daughter!

  6. Way to go on those Easter boxes!! You're so ahead of the game!

  7. Love those Easter boxes. Brilliant! I'm also going to steal a couple of your "boy" ideas to fill my 4 year old's basket.

  8. Love that box idea! Finally something to do with the eleventy billion amazon boxes we receive every day!

  9. The box idea is great and also so wonderful to use things you already have.

  10. I love love love your Easter baskets! Such a cute resourceful momma you are! Hoppy Easter!!

  11. I got my two baskets done this week during nap time and feel so accomplished! I dont think Ive bought Easter grass in years, reuse that stuff, ha. Love the coordinated outfits, alas that is the one thing I havent done yet ;)

  12. I adore you! I will say I am surprised that you spend $$ on Matilda Jane clothing but then don't get nice Easter baskets. This just seems unlike you!

    1. I haven't bitten the bullet on the easter baskets because it seems silly when they use them once or twice and then you pack them up for the whole year. I am all about seasonal plates and decorations because you get to enjoy them for several weeks at a time... but so far the baskets haven't been as big of a priority to me. And the MJ reference??? G wears her MJ every day and so I guess I see a different value to that. Hope that makes sense.

    2. Totally valid points :) We all have our priorities! On another note I love how down to earth you are. You are one of my favorite bloggers.

  13. What if you thought about the easter baskets like christmas stockings?!?! Both are really used for one day (the easter baskets would at least get used twice, on easter and for the egg hunt). Just trying to help you justify the pottery barn baskets ;-)

    1. Love it! Valid points - I guess I always think of stockings as decor since they hang up all season. I'm going to need to just cave and get the baskets :)

  14. LOL...I just put my boys' Easter baskets together on Friday and wondered if I was the only one! Glad to see I'm not! I've gotten some really cute personalized ones off Etsy the past 2 years that they can use in their rooms for storage afterwards.

  15. Hi, Andrea! I have never commented, but I think that you are absolutely precious! Love your blog! I bought my boys monogrammed mini market totes (in solid colors) last year as their Easter baskets, thinking that they could use them for other things throughout the year. We have used them soooo many times! They have used them for trick or treating, church activities, to bring home stocking stuffers from the grandparents' houses (kept everyone's things separate), etc. They have been very multifunctional, and the liners come off to wash. I bought them on Etsy. I hope that helps!

  16. Hey, maybe in your spare time you can start making Easter boxes on the side. YES?
    And that madras Easter shirt? I die.

  17. I'm so with you on baskets! Stockings are up in my house for almost two months...baskets, 1 day! You can even buy cheaper baskets at a craft store and still order pbk liners. Love the bunny sweater!!


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