Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Birthentines Weekend Edition

Yes, I made up a word... Valentines Day and my birthday fell on a weekend together and I officially dubbed it "Birthentines" weekend :)  It technically started on Friday with a day off of school/work.

The littles had their Valentines party at Miss Lisa's house and they were dressed and more than ready :)

Baptist hand-raising goin' on up in here :) hahaha

Jack Bauer even got some V-Day love before they headed out the door :)

Luke and I watched some Lego Chima (hahaha - his pick, not mine) and then we made an exciting trip to Sam's.  Luke added up the groceries as we checked out...

... wanted to send a picture to Dave of our giant cart...

... and talked me into buying some specialty pimento cheese (and then lovingly held it all the way home). hahaha

After lunch we picked up Luke's BFF and came back home where they played in the sandbox and I met their snack demands with homemade chocolate chip cookies and popcorn.

When the Littles got home, Jack Bauer gave Griffin lots of kisses...

... and Griffin gave Jack Bauer lots of stickers :)

The rest of Friday night involved bath time and lots of snuggles.  Saturday morning these two were in our bed (along with cheerios) bright and early!

I knew the way straight to my Valentine's heart and prepped some soup for lunch (recipe coming soon - so easy!)...

... and then Griffin and I headed out to meet Mallory and Lucy for brunch and shopping on the square.  It was GORGEOUS out and we had the best time.

G on my lap, Lucy napping and lots of sunshine.  Perfect view!

GG LOVES her some Lucy!!!

We shopped around an Griffin picked out a new pink piggy for Valentine's Day. ;)

Love girl time!!!

I snapped a couple pics of G before we headed back to the car :)

Holding hands with my sweet girl...

When we got home more kisses for GG! :) hahaha

Everyone took naps...

... and then the boys got to open their little Valentines surprises from Dave and I.
They each got a PEZ dispenser as part of their gift and I was DYING because Mason kept calling it neck candy (since it popped out of Batman's neck.) 

 Gibi and Haha came by with a surpsise for the boys...

and of course we had to take them out for a spin before dinner!

Love my little motley crew :)

Apparently the long walk wore this little man out...

Sunday was my birthday and we kicked it off at church where these cuties had a small love fest :)


They hugged so hard they fell over. Those are the best kind of hugs!

After church we headed to brunch at the Country Club.  This girl was READY for brunch!!!

Birthday kisses!!!

Told y'all... she loves brunch!!!

Every time we go to the club we have to stop and look at this digital photo frame... it's been scrolling through the same small set of photos for YEARS and there's a picture of baby Mason! hahaha

 YAY for a pic where we're all (kind of) looking!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!

 I spent the rest of the afternoon getting things ready for my What Griffin Wore sale and scored this super cute Pottery Barn kitchen set on Craigslist.... 

I need to fix it up a bit, but so far the kiddos are LOVING it!

 Sunday night I wore my new earrings (that my sweet sweet Anna Grace gave me earlier in the afternoon) to our Sunday School's girls social.

We at at Spoons on the square...

... and a "grown up grilled cheese", tomato soup and girl talk was the perfect addition to "Birthentines weekend".

I got home, we watched part of a movie with the boys and then I put on these ADORABLE pjs that Erika got me (ummmmmm....... how awesome are friends who get you flannels for your bday?!?!?!), washed my face and am about to head to bed.  Perfection.

I'm off work again today (hallelujah!) and we lots of family time planned.  It's supposed to be rainy and cold (maybe "wintry mix") and I saw this on Facebook and cracked up...

Stay warm and Happy Monday!!!  Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing our "how we met/got engaged/etc" stories!


  1. What a perfect weekend!!! So glad it was a good one!

  2. You always find the best stuff on Craig's List. Enjoy your day off!

  3. I love that our girls love each other :). XO

  4. So glad you had a great birthday, Andrea!! That picture of Griffin and Ashby hugging so hard they fell over.... LOVE!! :)

  5. I'm a teacher on a long weekend,too. I love them! Sundays are so much more relaxing when we don't work on Mondays :) Happy Birthday!!!

  6. What a fun weekend!!! Enjoy your day today! Xoxo ❤️

  7. What a fun weekend! And we are supposed to get a wintry mix tonight so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the potential of a 5 day weekend with no school tmw ;)

  8. Ahh just the cutest pictures! Love the falling over hug

  9. First and foremost, I must known what is on your plate in your breakfast photo and where it's from. It looks divine, but I didn't recognize where it's from or what it is?!? DO TELL! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Andrea! The last photo cracked me up. We got about 18 inches in Ipswich yesterday! Snuggled up with my littles and made your potato soup. So good!

  11. Aww, looks like a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday!! :)

  12. Happy Birthday. You manage to fit a lot into a weekend, I'm tired just reading it! Have a Happy President's Day!

  13. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!! Enjoy the day off today :)

  14. That last picture is hysterical! We live in the Bootheel of Missouri, which is basically Arkansas, and yesterday there was no bread, toilet paper, or milk left in Wal-Mart! People were going nuts!!!

  15. I laughed so hard at that last picture. In northern Indiana we were in a blizzard warning - and we grilled turkey burgers outside! haha. We have to at least think spring!! It's the only thing getting us through!

  16. Hope this is the best year yet for you...Happy belated birthday! Everyone was looking extra fabulous at brunch..and I love brunch just as much as Griffin. :)

  17. Glad you had such a great birthday and Valentine's! Can't wait for the link up tomorrow!

  18. Glad you had a great birthday and Valentines Day. Hope this week goes well for you too! Can't wait for show and tell Tuesday tomorrow. I know it will be a good one :)

  19. We are working on a couple inches of ice, and a couple of snow here in NW Tennessee and I can assure you we have all but shut down the area! Happy belated birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a wonderful long weekend for you and your family!

  21. Your baby is TOO precious. I can't get over it!!
    Also - please post the recipe for your choc chip cookies! Mine always turn out flat...any tips??

  22. I love a girl with a February birthday. Mine was last Saturday. I need to know more about the box on the wall, in the family picture at the club. Is it planted with pansies?

  23. I loved every single picture from this weekend. But the Griffin and Ashby one actually made me LOL. Those girls are going to be so cute together!

  24. Love love love the PJ Salvage pjs! I have the moose ones and I wear them alllllllll the time…like whenever I get home! ha! Happy Belated Birthday!

  25. Happy Birthday, Andrea! So glad you had a fun weekend! :-)

  26. Happy birthday! Shorts, sun, grass, leaves on trees.... I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Here in NY it is 11 degrees. And last night it was -10!! NEGATIVE 10 DEGREES!! I am officially ready for Spring! Or a vacation!

  27. Happy belated birthday! Yeah, I'm cracking up at all of these Southern bloggers talking about an inch or two of snow. We've gotten around 18 inches over the past two weeks in Indiana! And yeah, we do still grill outside in it ;) Looking forward to reading all the love stories tomorrow! -Jess


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