Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Valentines Edition

Happy Friday, y'all!  I am ending the week with some extra happy brought to you by a day off!  We haven't used any of our bad weather days this year and so we get a four-day weekend! WOO HOO!

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I mentioned yesterday that my house wasn't decked out like it normally is for Valentine's Day... but have no fear... GG is :)  I snapped these pictures of her after school yesterday and she was WAY more into looking at my blank phone screen than at me. hahaha  Is this a glimpse into my life in 12 years??? :)  I think these pics may be my new FAVORITES.

The dress is a size two, so I'm hoping she'll get to wear it again next year - it's on sale and you can find it here.  The bow is from Ruby Blue and if for a giant red sparkly bow she's actually gotten A LOT of wear out of it!  Christmas, Valentine's and I'm sure it will be back out for Fourth of July.  Her pants are a previous season of Matilda Jane, her necklace is from Sprinklings and her shoes are Ultragirl Cats by Mini Melissa.  Seriously - she wants this pair of shoes on every. single. morning.

She is LOVING the playhouse this year.  As in - she screams and pitches a fit when it's time to come inside.  When it starts warming up for good and we clean up the millions and millions of leaves we'll be out here all the time.

On Wednesday night Luke assembled his Valentines and watching him carefully write all his classmates and teachers names was my FAVORITE and I think the fact that I made him Minecraft valentines made me his FAVORITE. :)

He informed me that we needed to use square candy, since everything in Minecraft is square (??? hahaha) and so we settled on Starburst and I think they ended up being so cute!

Masn and G are celebrating at Miss Lisa's today and Mason is giving out Hot Wheels...

... and G is giving out chocolate animal crackers :)

and speaking of Valentines... watching Luke sort throught Valentines that he received in class yesterday totally brought back some of my fondest and FAVORITE memories of childhood Valentines celebrations.  Candy, cupcakes, cards... so fun!

And speaking of Valentines, seeing all the ways y'all used my printable Valentines was totally my FAVORITE part of Social media this week!

This next one is random, but the sky has been AWESOME on our way to school this week!  Mornings aren't my FAVORITE, but getting to see this made it a little bit better :)  And let's keep in mind that these were all at different times!  Crazy, right???

Another FAVORITE from this week are these individual Crystal Light packets in my Tervis water bottle.  Love me some Crystal Light!

Mason's two FAVORITES this week have been his Captain's hat and a whistle.
Yes, a whistle.  Sigh.

G's FAVORITE this week has been this cookie baking set by Melissa and Doug.

And my FAVORITE is seeing her hair look like she has a bump-it in it when her headband pushes her hair back :)

Luke's FAVORITE was seeing himself in the school paper...

TWICE!!! :)

He was also quoted in an article - which he thought was pretty awesome as well.

My FAVORITE this week was getting to hang with my besties and eat tacos (well.... some of ate tacos.... ahem) and take crazy bathroom selfies.  If y'all only knew even half of it.  For reals :) hahaha
These girls are all my FAVORITE!

Dinner the next night was equally as silly...

This week I got to bring out one of my FAVORITE sweaters...

And I loved it even more when I added on a puffer vest...

The following picture may have been my FAVORITE thing I saw all week...

I've blogged about my cousin's amazing family before - but to briefly recap - Brian and Tania had Aleeda in February of 2012.  She was born with HLS and spent almost her entire first two years in the hospital waiting for a new heart.  In July of 2013 Brian and Tania welcomed their second daughter, Britton, and then a few short weeks later Aleeda received her heart!  Aleeda turns three this month and those two sweet girls in the picture above??? Her brand new TWIN SISTERS!  How awesome is that?!?!  FOUR GIRLS UNDER THREE! Can you even imagine how fun?!?! (and crazy and exhausting and amazing)  Along with being an amazing mom, Tania is an incredible writer and you should totally check out her blog HERE.  She doesn't post often (hello, four girls under three!) - but when she does it's thought provoking, inspiring and beautifully written.

Yesterday, GG wore one of my FAVORITE dresses to Miss Lisa's house.... we like to keep it subtle and understated :) hahaha

Last up, this weekend I turn 31 (GASP!!!) which has me thinking about one of my very FAVORITE birthdays ever... last year Dave SHOCKED me with a surprise party!!! Like, genuinely shocked me.  He had dinner, cake, a photo wall and all my best friends and their families!

This weekends birthday plans include lots of relaxing and a birthday brunch on Sunday... I'm also hoping that carrot cake and a nap are involved at some point :)

Have a fabulous Friday, friends!!! ;)


  1. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom. For life.

    And PS: Griffin looks so cute in her Valentine's outfit :).

  2. I have the same heart sweater!!! I got it at a local boutique here in California 2 years ago! Love it!
    Have a great weekend!!!! Woohooo for long weekends! (All the teachers rejoiced!)

  3. I'm cracking up that Tab and I both made that cute picture of you and Dave. I needed to get out of the way!!

    1. and you are wearing the same shirt in the bathroom selfie :)

  4. How are you going to choose yearbooks photos for your kids when they graduate!? You have so many to choose from already! And so many more years to go haha :)

  5. You are SO CUTE in that heart sweater! And mama, Mason needs to "lose" that whistle ASAP. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you! I love reading your happy I found you:-)

  7. Happy Birthday Weekend!!! I hope it's a great day filled with all the people and things you LOVE : )

    My Griffin got the Melissa and Doug cookie set for his bday and I put it back for a rainy day, but watching your G play so sweetly makes me think it will be coming out soon.

  8. Aw! Yay for 31! those pictures of GG in her Vday outfit! So cute! 😍 have a great weekend!!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Loved that heart sweater on you:)

  10. My favorite part of the day yesterday was watching Olivia and AJ sort their valentines and inhale ridiculous amounts of fun! And now I want some carrot cake for breakfast. Have a great Valentine's Day and a fabulous birthday!

  11. Lots of good favorites!!! G and her cat shoes are beyond cute!!! I wish I had a little girl because she would totally have cat shoes! ;)

  12. Happy Friday! GG looks adorable in her festive wear! Your Valentine's came out great, and loving that heart sweater you have! Thank you for hosting the linkup. Have a great Valentine's Day with your family :) Winks and Eyerolls

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have a great weekend that includes lots of carrot cake and naps :)

  14. Have a Happy Birthday!

    So many cute pictures! Love them all!

  15. I love your fun sweater! You're always so festive :) Happy birthday!!

  16. What a fun week! Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating you! :)

  17. Melissa and Doug have the greatest toys! Have a wonderful Birthday weekend!!!

  18. I love G's outfit in the first few pics. So cute! The Melissa & Doug Cookie Set is a huge favorite in my house!
    I hope you have a happy Birthday!

  19. Totally loving all those gorgeous Valentine's photos. She is so cute and can rock a headband like nobody's business!!

  20. I loved reading this post! I'm new here...I joined up with the FF link and wanted to say hello. Let me just say that your kids are so adorable! And second, I am dying that you guys have an extra day off because of good weather- we are currently on Snow Day #27. Ok, not really, but it seems like it. Maybe we'll get out by July 4th at this rate!
    I hope you have a great birthday! =)

  21. Your kids are precious, you and your girls are so cute, your outfits are rockin' and your birthday this weekend....girl, your life can't get any better!!! :)
    p.s, i'm hosting a Taralynn's giveaway on my blog. Love working with that boutique!

  22. I'm obsessed with your heart sweater! It's so adorable with the shirt underneath and with the vest!

  23. Griffin looks SO cute with all the little hearts. But then again she is always so cute! Have a great birthday!

  24. Where did you get that awesome playhouse?

  25. Your kids are adorable. My daughter Chloe has the same little purple tea cups :) And your heart shirt is cute. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Happy birthday, Andrea!!


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