Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!!! It's been a short week for me at work, and I haven't hated it :)  hahaha
I am most definitely for some relaxing time with my little crew this weekend.

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Up first is dinner on Tuesday night with some of my FAVORITE people.  We had dinner with Dave's parents, grandmas, brother and his brother's girlfriend to celebrate my birthday and (as always) had so much fun!


 And yes... GG is wearing one of Luke's old t-shirts. It's one of my best "mom tricks" becuase she refuses to wear a bib and it covers a lot of her pants as well :)

A month or so ago, Art by Brandis got in touch with me about doing a series of sketches of Griffin.  Her work is so fun and unique and original and I love that you can totally tell that it's Griffin even without facial features.  I emailed her a bunch of pictures and she picked which ones she wanted to sketch...

I mean - my word!!!  How crazy fun is that?!?!?!

 And I'm so excited to have this one to remember her Halloween costume this year :)

She emailed me the digital files and the prints are in the mail.  I can't wait to get them framed and ready for her big girl room. I have a feeling they're going to be a FAVORITE feature in her new space!

My FAVORITE Jack Bauer picture from the week :)

I've said it before, but one of my FAVORITE parts of my job is getting to randomly see Luke throughout the day.  Yesterday, I was walking to a meeting in our Student Life Center and I saw him and his friend Lucy at recess...

And today on my way to lunch I got to see him doing JumpRope for Heart.

When I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, the stylist used MoroccanOil on my hair and I looooooooooooved it!  My hair is naturally pretty dry and I put this on my hair after I blow dry it and it totally takes away the frizz without it feeling heavy or greasy.  This is by far my FAVORITE hair product!

Mason had his PreK Visitation Day yesterday morning and when he was done he hung out in my classroom during one of my PreAlgebra class for a few minutes while I wrapped up a review before I drove him to Miss Lisa's.  My middle schoolers TOTALLY dote on him (note the special seat with pillows and snacks) and he ate up all the attention. 

Can you tell he hated it??? :) hahaha
And yes.... that one kids has a mustache drawn on his face.  Because that's totally normal. hahaha
Welcome to my life, girls.   #middleschool 

He participated in circle time and they did a couple of centers including making this Very Hungry Caterpillar.  So proud!!!  So excited!!!  The only problem is he REALLY thinks that now he gets to come to school every day.  Pray for me. hahaha
School is his FAVORITE :)


Every morning Dave sends me a pic of the kiddos before the sitter, and this one was my FAVORITE from the week...

And speaking of FAVORITE pictures...

Kindergarten Humor at it's finest. :)

And since we're talking humor...

This has made me laugh soooooo hard this week!  Like uncontrollable giggling every time I see it.

We all know that Mason's FAVORITE is undivided attention, and Wednesday night, a trip to the grocery store with just me was exactly what this sweet boy needed.  He pushed the cart (blindly) and then we RAN back to the car with him hanging on the cart.  He's easy to please :)

My FAVORITE text thread from this week went down on Monday when Dave took the boys to the Country Club to hang out in the "teen room" and play X-Box for a little while.  As of right now we don't have plans for video games in our house, but heading up there and playing for 30 minutes is a real treat :)  While Luke was playing, Mason was getting antsy and so this happened...

Anything to make our little smile, right??? :)

Last weekend, Jordan from Griffin and Grace brought by some sweet surprises for G and I...

She has a variety of shirt colors and the sparkly monograms are HUGE and awesome!  Her prices are super reasonable as well - which is just a bonus.

And she's giving away one monogrammed t-shirt of your choice! Kids or adults!  Enter below for a chance to win!  She has TONS of cute shirt, monogram and vinyl options - so be sure to email for more info!

Enter above and enjoy your weekend, friends!!!



  1. I still feel bad that after all of these years, you somehow missed the Moroccan Oil memo (sorry!). And listen, the thread between you and Mason is priceless! I love it :)!

  2. So your kids are super cute as usual but Jack Bauer is giving them a run for their money in that picture of him on his back! And I have to now steal that genius idea of using the older sibling's old tshirt as a bib because my 18 month old rips his bibs of the instant they are on. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting the link up!

  3. Those sketches are amazing! Love your monogram tee! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Doused In Pink

  4. those sketches of Griffin are too die for!!! Oh my gracious! I love them..they will be precious in her room!

  5. 1) I need to try the Moroccan oil immediately. 2) Those sketches of Griffin are amazing! 3) I'd like to request that you start texting me random faces during the day as well.

  6. My favorite has to be those text messages!! Hilarious!!

  7. Those pictures of you texting with Mason are so cute!! Love!! ❤️

  8. I love the artwork by Brandis. That's awesome. She's creative....definitely talented.

  9. OMG! Those sketches are AMAZING!! Very cool. Your selfies are cracking me up! My friends and I send funny selfies when we are having a bad day, and it cheers us up pretty quickly!
    Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  10. I can't believe I'm the first comment...usually Shay beats everyone to it with her early rising ; )
    Love, love, love the monogrammed shirt and the sketches of Griffin are priceless! I might just have to send her a pic of my 3 boys and have one made. Happy weekend to you!

    1. Bummer! I just realized I wasn't the first just hadn't moderated yet. I should have known 6:34 wasn't early enough to beat Shay-ha! ; )

  11. Those sketches of Griffin are so beautiful! I also want tacos and a hot hard to have both!!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  12. What a treasure those sketches of Griffin will be as she gets older! They are only this little once (as you know already)! I am loving those monogram shirts. I may have to get me and my little girl matching ones for this spring. Also very good gift ideas. I am happy you like the morrocan oil. I know I can't use it because my skins/scalp make their own Caucasian oils. Enough for me and a couple of friends. LOL

  13. The Moroccan oil has been one of my favorites for a long time! But I put it on my hair before drying. I absolutely love it!

  14. I love so many things about this post: Jack Bauer, the monogrammed shirts, the funny face texts! Teaching at the same school as my kids gives me the same happiness as you. I LOVE it when I randomly see my two boys at school walking down the hall or enjoying a particular activity. Sometimes I just like to stare at them through the window when they don't know I'm looking. It's fun to see them in their element.

  15. The the grocery cart....I want, I need a tote like that! Can you tell me please?

    1. She posted about it here: It's a Barrington tote bag, St. Anne style, found here: You pick your color and pattern.

  16. The sketches are fabulous! Morrocan oil is the best ever and mason is going to OWN pre-k

  17. I think your hair looks so cute, especially in the picture with the monogram shirt. I thought it was fun long because you styled it well, but I really like the length of it in that picture--and the way it's styled, it just looks really good!

  18. That oil is seriously a lifesaver with my hair too! Love it! Those stetches of GG are amazing! And I love seeing the text thread of you and Mason! As always I love everything in this post :) Happy Weekend!

  19. You're such a fun mom--love the texts with Mason. Jack Bauer is just too cute!!

  20. Morroccan Oil is my favorite... seriously, I'm never without it! I always use mine when my hair is wet... I'll have to give it a try using it when it's dry instead and see how I like it!

  21. I do not usually comment, however, I just had to today, the picture of Griffin in the Halloween costume is PRECIOUS!!! She just looks so sweet!

  22. These sketches are amazing! Love it!

  23. what a great halloween costume!!


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